485 Blackmail?!

    By the time Lager Kestone regained clarity, he saw Kiba slipping out of his daughter-in-law's cunt. The sight of cum dripping down her cunt made Lager wince.

    "Well, Lager, thanks for waiting."

    Kiba said while searching for his pants and shirt. He noticed them behind stunned Sandra, so, he requested her, "Excuse me, lady, could you pass my clothes?"


    Sandra nodded before grabbing his pants from the floor. Kiba walked towards her, as naked as the day he was born, displaying his glorious body without any shyness.

    Sandra felt tantalized as he neared her. His sculpted physique, chiseled abs and the spicy scent of arousal he radiated made her blush red.

    "How dare you screw Katy?!" Lager shouted just as his wife entered a trance.

    Kiba was surprised by the outburst.

    "Old man, there is no need to react like that," Kiba said while wearing his pants. "What happened was between consensual adults. Why should it matter to you?"

    Lager clenched his wrinkled hands into fists before replying, "Katy is my daughter-in-law! You still think it shouldn't matter to me?!"

    "Of course, it shouldn't," Kiba replied as a matter-of-factly.

    He slowly buttoned his chest, giving ample time for women in the room to admire his chest.

    "Why should you care what your daughter-in-law does in her free time? It isn't like her getting a couple of orgasms is affecting you or harming your family."

    Kiba said with a smile.

    "Besides, her being happy would make your son happy and in turn, your entire family. It is something many studies have proved. "

    "[email protected]#%$"

    Lager cursed in his heart.

    "I must calm down! No matter what happens, I can't let my plan affected!"

    Lager told himself. He took a deep breath and calmed himself.

    He then gave a glance at his slutty daughter-in-law before turning around to leave the room.

    "Sandra, we are leaving!" Lager commanded his young trophy wife.

    "Yes, honey," Sandra followed her hubby.

    Behind, Katy's senses awakened from the mind-blowing orgasm.

    A few hours, barely after meeting Kiba, she was seduced. In an hour, under his playful words and charm, she gave herself to him...

    Now, as she gained clarity, she realized she was in a deep mess.

    "Relax, everything would be alright," Kiba said while buttoning his sleeves. "Next time, we will have ** without time constraints."

    Without looking at her, he left the room. She was a good ** and he wanted to have her again.

    Maybe others would be shocked by him seducing her in a few hours, he wasn't. Of many seduction techniques, one was focused on 'Situational Forces'. It explained how in the right conditions one could cheat despite having no intention to do so before.


    Kiba quickly caught up with Lager.

    "Hey, no need to rush," Kiba said, "We will start the first round in time."

    "...." Lager didn't reply.

    His face pretty much said he wasn't thinking of the pageant. Instead, it clearly said he planned to rat out his loving daughter-in-law. So, it was only a matter of minutes before Katy's husband learned of this episode.

    "That's something I couldn't allow," Kiba thought with a smile.

    As the rake, it was his responsibility to protect the marriage of Katy and ensure her husband remains clueless of his cuckold status.

    Kiba arrived next to Lager and with a smile, slipped an arm around his shoulders like a close friend. Sandra on the other side was surprised by his action.

    "How could he act like a close friend after screwing Katy?!" Sandra wondered in her heart. Technically, Kandra was her step daughter-in-law but age-wise, she was younger.

    As she tried to think, Kiba started easing up Lager.

    "Come on, old man, you are old enough to know people always shoot the messenger," Kiba said.

    Lager's body stiffened. He was aware of that.

    "Not to mention, you introduced your daughter-in-law and bragged so much about her beauty and achievements," Kiba further added.

    "What?!" Lager felt his ears ringing.

    'Could he be implying I'm responsible for him **ing Katy?! What sort of absurd logic is that!? I bragged so that he could be envious and I could show off! And not so that he can screw that slutty whore!'

    Lager then thought of Kiba's reputation as playboy and rake. He obviously knew Kiba loved to ** other's wives... so, in a way, by introducing a man like him to the family was no less than showcasing sheep to the sly fox!


    'I never wanted this to happen!'

    As the top corporate, he never considered the possibility of Kiba trying to put green hats on his family members. After all, he was the organizer of this pageant and one of the most influential names in the fashion industry! Not to mention, Kiba has been respectful and even established a good rapport with him!

    [email protected]#$%

    Lager cursed under his breath. He realized he was another classic example of a man believing nothing bad could ever happen to him.

    Kiba gave a long pause for Lager to contemplate before continuing, "While you did no wrong, angry husbands are prone to act without any logic. Trust me, I'm speaking from experience."

    "..." Lager and his wife blindly believed Kiba on this.

    "Not to mention, with the pageant starting, we don't want a scandal for all the wrong reasons," Kiba reminded him.

    "Ahh!" Sandra gasped for it was obvious to her what he meant. The press would have a field day in digging dirt and scandalizing the Kestone Family for the dirty pleasure of masses.

    Furthermore, not knowing how Katy's husband would react to the fling... the present situation was a perfect recipe for disaster!

    Lager unblinkingly stared at Kiba in shock.

    Bloody hell! This **ing bastard is blackmailing me!

    Lager couldn't believe reality. Usually, it was the one caught in a compromising situation that was blackmailed... now it was the opposite!

    This couldn't be happening to me!

    Lager tried to awaken himself from this nightmare but didn't succeed.

    "Besides, do you really want to break your son's happy marriage for a fling?" Kiba asked.


    "Come on, old man, sometimes the devil makes us give to temptation," Kiba tightly held Lager before continuing. "By not forgiving a mistake, we are making the devil win and the god lose."

    Lager felt faint and weak. He could only swallow what he saw and respond, "You are right. There is no need for me to overreact to a one-time mistake."

    Kiba heard Lager emphasizing the last part but he didn't care.

    Furthermore, he wasn't stupid to think Lager has forgiven his daughter-in-law. Lager has only delayed the conflict for time being, for a month or so, but what Lager didn't know was that it was what Kiba wanted.

    "Promise me one thing though," Lager said while continuing to walk towards the auditorium where the first round would start.

    "Hmm?" Kiba looked at him.

    "You wouldn't ** my remaining three daughters-in-law!" Lager demanded.

    "..." Kiba was amazed and so was Sandra.

    Before Kiba could reply, a spark flashed in Lager's mind and he remembered something. He turned towards his beautiful wife, and observed her gorgeous face.

    She has a figure to-die-for and this was the reason he chose her as his sixth wife.

    "Pomise you wouldn't try to screw my wife either!"

    Kiba: "..."

    Sandra: "...."

    Lager stared at Kiba with a demanding look.

    If his loving daughter-in-law could be screwed within a few hours, who was to guarantee his wife wouldn't?!

    It was better to be safe than sorry!

    "Well, of course," Kiba replied with a straight face. "You could trust me."

    Lager flinched.

    Like hell, you could be trusted! I will be keeping tabs on my wife and my daughters-in-law!

    "Honey! How could you even say such a thing?!" Sandra thundered. "You think I could cheat on a loving husband like you?!"

    Lager didn't reply for he no longer trusted women, especially a young woman like her. He stepped into the auditorium; leaving behind his fuming wife and Kiba in the corridor.

    "Well, your husband is a good man," Kiba said with a warm smile. "He is always thinking of his family."

    "...." Sandra turned silent.

    "I look forward to knowing you," Kiba leaned forward and lifted her chin. "Without the restrictions of clothes."

    Sandra was dumbfounded. Before she could respond, she found her lips locked by his.

    A chill passed through her spine and a tantalizing sensation bloomed throughout her body.

    The feeling left her heart beating rapidly and her face flushed with warm blood. Before she knew it, he slipped his tongue into the kiss...


    He gave her the best kissing experience.

    "Take care."

    Kiba said as he broke the kiss and left.

    "Next time I want those lips somewhere else."

    Sandra stood dumbstruck. She never expected Kiba would kiss her so openly just after promising her husband.


    Claudia has already hacked the security apparatus of the building, which was why he openly kissed Sandra, not worried about their privacy being invaded.

    A minute later, Kiba stepped into the auditorium and sat in the row reserved for the judges.

    Behind, two cameramen from SBC News adjusted their cameras.

    "We are ready," One of the cameramen said.

    The cameras could be rotated for 360° view to catch the reactions of anyone. Now, the cameras focused on the stage.

    The curtains opened up to reveal Teresa standing with a mike in her hand.

    "Wow!" Everyone in the auditorium looked at her with mouth agape.

    She was dressed in a seductive black velvet dress that exposed the swells of her breasts and her glistening thighs. The diamond necklace around her neck further amplified her charm.

    "A warm welcome and a very good evening to all of you," Teresa started with a crowd-pleasing smile. "I'm Teresa, your host for today!"

    Kiba's demeanor changed as she announced the start of the first round.

    He would judge the contestants on their talent, beauty, and performance! He wouldn't be biased!


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