486 Shocking Uproar!

    Throughout the auditorium, multiple large screens showed Teresa in her glamorous dress, suiting the reputation of the host of the beauty pageant.


    The audience looked at the glistening swells of her breasts and thighs with wide eyes and jaw dropped. She was a sight to behold and the audience marveled at her beauty with ridiculous expressions.

    Teresa knew the effect she held on the audience. This was the reason she was the host. With a smile, she started the opening ceremony.

    "After an extensive search through the Delta City, we have selected thirty contestants who would compete for the title of Miss Delta," Teresa said. "Each contestant is a feast to eyes, absolutely gorgeous. Yet, only one would be the winner."

    Teresa took a short pause to build the momentum among the mesmerized audience.

    "Can you imagine how difficult it is to decide who qualifies for Miss Delta among the sea of beauties?" Teresa asked.

    "Yes!" The audience exclaimed and nodded with their eyes glued on her.

    Usually, beauty was to the eyes of the beholder but not in a competition like Miss Delta Pageant. Here, every contestant was ridiculously beautiful, for they were chosen among the best of the best genetic pool.

    And to decide who was the most beautiful meant heavy pressure.

    "Thankfully, as the citizens of Delta City, you could enjoy the competition and root for your favorite contestant without the burden of this difficult task."

    Teresa lifted a finger and pointed at the exclusive row in front of the stage.

    "Because this task would be handled by our three amazing judges!"

    The screens flashed with images of the three judges before focusing on the first judge. It was a woman with chocolate brown hair, sitting in a short red dress.

    "Our first judge is Rivera! The Miss Delta of Year 2023!" Teresa announced.

    As the screen locked on the beautiful twenty-eight years' old judge, the audience cheered and whistled.


    "My idol!"

    "You are gorgeous!"

    "We love you!"

    "Marry me!"

    In response, Rivera smiled and blew an air kiss to the excited audience.

    On the stage, Teresa allowed the audience to express their excitement and gave them ample time to settle down.

    A minute later, she brought the mike near her lips and the screen focused on the second judge.

    "We are blessed to have the pioneer of fashion in Delta City as our second judge! Ladies and gentlemen, please cheer up for Lager Kestone!"

    Compared to the cheers for Rivera, he didn't receive much but that was to be expected as he was a male and that too over seventy. Still, many in the audience knew of his contributions and his status as the patron of fashion so they clapped excitedly.

    As the claps faded, the screens focused on the final judge.

    Even before Teresa started the introduction, a heavy commotion broke out among the audience.

    The rich male patrons gnashed their teeth and clenched their fists in anger while the inexperienced young males cried in envy and fear they couldn't express.

    But the response of the female audience was shockingly opposite!

    The rich female patrons blushed with a dreamy look in their eyes. The young females felt their heartbeats increasing as they saw the source of their uncountable fantasies on the screens.

    "Our final judge needs no introduction!" Teresa started with a smile.  "Not only he is known for his great strength as a mutant, but also for his philanthropical endeavors benefitting women. He empathizes with the needs of others and helps them in every possible way."

    In the audience, as Teresa's words rang, the eyes of many married men and boyfriends turned bloodshot. While for the females with dreamy looks, a tingling sensation erupted between their thighs.

    "Please welcome Kiba!" Teresa completed.

    The moment her words faded, the female audience rose with cheers and claps. Their sound made the entire auditorium echo with his name.


    "Please look at me!" A nineteen-years old teen begged.

    Girls of her age usually fantasize about handsome movie stars but not her. And how could she not when the devilishly handsome man stayed in her city?!

    "I'm single!" A barely eighteen-years old blonde teen shouted much to the dismay of her new boyfriend.

    "Girl, you don't stand a chance!"

    A gorgeous woman in mid-thirties said while raising her left hand, showcasing her wedding ring.

    "Kiba! I'm married!"

    The woman shouted, her voice filled with confidence and anticipation.

    For years, she has been envious of her married friends who got to spend quality time with Kiba. Now, she wanted the same chance and experience the ultimate erotic fantasy of being filled by him. Just the thought made her erupt with wetness.

    Nearby, her husband's jaw slacked and eyes popped out. The words he heard were simple and not at all inappropriate, but for him, they were no less than the horrifying experience of seeing a ghost...

    Many other married women learned from her and they too showcased their wedding rings, much to the terror of their partners.

    "I married a few months ago!"

    "I'm also married!"

    "Me too!"

    "Most of you were only married once! It is my fourth marriage and every divorce is thanks to Kiba!"

    A woman in the early forties declared proudly.

    Her husband shivered with a gut-wrenching feeling. For a second, he wondered if he should be grateful to Kiba for breaking her earlier marriages and giving him the opportunity of becoming the fourth husband, but then the gravity of the situation struck him.

    "No! There was nothing to be grateful for! I could be the next ex-husband!"

    The husband's face turned pale as he imagined the only way he could become the ex!

    "No! That won't happen!"

    He prayed as despair engulfed him...

    The more women declared their married status, the stronger the gut-wrenching feeling developed in their husbands.

    "So what if you old bitches are married?! We are single, younger and beautiful!"

    The single women especially young refused to back down. They shouted, exclaimed, and some of them even flashed their twin assets!

    "What the hell is going on here?!"

    The cameramen were shocked by the situation. Their duty was to catch the reaction of the live audience and broadcast it for the consumption of the online viewers, but they never witnessed a situation like this.

    The excitement showed by the audience, especially by the females even before the parade of the contestants was of epic proportions... it was no less than the uproar and excitement showed by frenzy fans for their favorite sports players.

    But this excitement wasn't for players or players but a judge... to compare this situation with sports, the audience was cheering for the referee instead of the star players!

    "This is beyond our scope of understanding!"

    Getting their senses back, the cameramen moved the camera's focus from the women flashing to others due to the censorship laws. They did admire the sight for a few seconds before cursing Kiba for being so lucky.

    "Why is he getting all the love?! We are also healthy males!"

    Just like the male audience, the cameramen were having a hard time restraining themselves. They wished they could strangle Kiba, shapeshift into his figure and enjoy all the divine attention.

    Sadly, they lacked the guts and powers. All they could do was pray for the gods to take mercy and hope their combined prayers would result in something...

    On the stage, Teresa almost stumbled down. She steadied her heels before looking at the audience in disbelief.


    She has associated Kiba with infamy so the reactions of the audience made her dumbstruck.

    "You got to be kidding me! I knew his charm has an effect on me! But even on the masses and that too, to such an extent?!"

    Months ago, when she was informed of Kiba being one of the judges, she felt the task of introducing Kiba was difficult. After all, he was known for affairs with single and married women, both young and mature.

    Besides, there was no way she could tell the viewers that he was chosen as the judge... because he has experience in tasting a variety of beautiful women!

    Just when she was at her wits' end, she came across a popular web portal named Wife Hunter Society - The Records of The Lord.

    It introduced Kiba as the messiah that was prophesized by the sages of the past and boasted of claims that made her tongue-tied.

    Getting over her amazement, she borrowed a few lines from there as an introduction; though secretly worried the crowd might boo at her.

    But now, looking at the shocking reaction of the crowd, she felt her decision was right and chided herself for doubting the web portal.Wife Hunter Society was founded by Erone - the loyal devotee of Lord Kiba. It was introduced in Chapter 137.
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