487 Preliminary Round

    In the judge row, Rivera was amazed by the response Kiba received.

    As the reigning Miss Delta, she was used to being the center of attention and enjoying the awe of the audience. Now, hearing the cheers for Kiba and seeing women flashing him their tits, her self-confidence took a big hit. She instantly knew she hasn't inspired awe to the extent he could, and that too despite being a man!

    "He is cheered for all the wrong reasons!"

    Rivera thought with disdain.

    "The stupid crowd is mistaking notoriety for fame! They are oblivious idiots who don't know how beauty is admired or judged!"

    Despite her thoughts of disdain, her expression didn't change. She continued to smile, giving the cheerful look the audience loved. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    As a fashion model, this was the display of her talent. To handle any situation without carrying the emotions on the face.

    As she thought of this, she snorted inside and eyed Teresa. The latter has looked like a deer in headlight for the briefest moment of the time.

    "Hmm! I will take the sponsorships from that talentless bitch!" Rivera thought before glancing at Kiba. "So what if you are handsome and popular? I will show you the right place, under my heel!"

    She looked forward to seeing Kiba begging for her affections...

    At the same time, as the final introduction of the judge finished, the large screens focused on Kiba.

    Kiba joined his hands together in the form of a heart. From the open gap between the two hands, strands of red light appeared and converged together to turn into real emojis of heart❤️.

    One after another, hundreds of heart emojis flew to the women who have cheered for him.

    The woman who showed her wedding ring first smiled as she saw the heart in front of her. She touched it with a finger and an arrow shot through it, turning it into the heart with an arrow 💘

    "Thank you for your love!"

    The words rang in her ears and the heart burst into glittering sparks. She was delighted as the sparks fell on her lap, a business card appeared.

    Wife Pleasuring Service Pvt. Ltd.

    She gasped in pleasant surprise while threads of blood snaked through her husband's eyes. He couldn't believe Kiba was sending a **ing invitation card to his wife, in front of him, and that too so openly.

    Similiar things played throughout the auditorium.

    The wife with the fourth husband clapped her hands excitedly as she saw the sparks turning into an exclusive voucher for Mistress' Massage Center.

    "Thank god! It isn't related to Kiba!"

    Her current husband sighed in relief. He has researched before, and based on it, Kiba has only connections with Wife Pleasuring Service Pvt. Ltd and Naughty Bunny Corporation.

    If only he knew the truth...

    The young maidens who flashed Kiba their beautiful breasts were rewarded with multiple cards and vouchers; giving them ample opportunities to enjoy Kiba's time.

    Rivera continued to smile for the cameras while thinking, "What a showoff! He will be begging to give me one of those virtual hearts! And I will break his heart!"

    The smile on her lips spread further at the thought.

    Lager unblinkingly stared at the sights of virtual hearts bursting into sparks.

    "Fucking bastard! He isn't satisfied by screwing my daughter-in-law and now....! He is even using the simple introduction for his benefit!"

    A row behind him, unknown to him, a virtual card appeared on the lap of his trophy wife, Sandra. She was startled since she hasn't cheered for Kiba, and yet, she was directly receiving a card without any heart.

    Controlling her surprise and making sure no one was focusing on her, she grabbed the card and read the message on it.

    [Call me in the night. We need to bring those lovely lips in the right place.]

    Sandra breathed hard.

    Meanwhile, the cameramen focused on the stage.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your heartstrings for our beautiful contestants are coming!" Teresa announced. "To introduce themselves!"

    The stage was built for the catwalk and it stretched through half the auditorium. As Teresa left, a group of five women appeared, their age between 20-25.


    The audience toppled over at the sight of beautiful women, in short, exposing clothes. Two in skirts, one in a bikini and the last in a revealing dress.


    With one foot in front of the other, the women walked with long strides, one behind the other. They tilted their shoulders and used their hips to sashay down the catwalk, making the audience spellbound.

    Kiba looked on as the five women bounced their bodies up and down as they neared the end of the stage... right in front of the judge's row. He observed their poise, rhythm, makeup and finally, their slender bodies; analyzing every portion in detail.

    "Not bad," Kiba observed.

    After arriving at the end of the stage, the women spread out and stood with hands on their hips. One after another, they began introducing themselves.






    Kiba analyzed the confidence they displayed while introducing themselves.

    "On basic parameters, Viivi stands out," Kiba thought while giving the 5 ft 11-inch contestant a detailed look. She has light brown hair and blue sultry eyes with a 'C' cup bust.

    "Athina is the second best," Kiba noted. "Her stomach has no flab and her thighs are well molded."

    He jolted down a few points and remarks on the tablet provided to him.

    A few seconds, the five contestants turned around and continued the catwalk effortlessly, returning in one line.

    Five more gorgeous contestants appeared, walking on the catwalk, looking relaxed and bursting with confidence.






    They introduced themselves in similar fashion and returned.


    The introductions completed with six rounds. In the end, the thirty contestants appeared on the stage, walking straight and doing their best to catch the eyes of the judges.

    Kiba studied the figure of every contestant in detail. He didn't want to seem biased so he reconfirmed every parameter, and unlike others, he didn't mind correcting his points if he has made a mistake.

    "Viivi, Athina, Janine, Debora, Abena, and Renae have the best potential among the thirty."
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