488 Could We Change Here?

    An hour later, the preliminaries finished and Teresa shared important details with the audience.

    The judges would get a day to choose the qualified contestants for the next round. Out of thirty, only fifteen would qualify for the next round. The competition was throat-cutting and every contestant knew it. No matter how beautiful or alluring they were, they were fully aware of who controlled their fates.

    All they could do was pray...


    Kiba walked out through the exclusive door and stepped into the posh VIP zone. He took short strides as he walked, lost in thoughts of performing his duty.


    A soft, sultry voice called from behind.

    "Hmm?" Kiba turned around to see Rivera approaching.

    "Are you going to the guest lounge for grading the contestants?" She caught up with him and asked.

    "Yes," Kiba nodded and turned around to resume walking forward.

    Rivera was surprised by his response and so were the staff members in the corridor.

    "Has he turned stupid?!"

    "He has to be!"

    "Right! Otherwise what type of man would leave the sexy Miss Delta!"

    The present Miss Delta has approached him, giving him the chance to fawn upon her! Something every man and woman in the city could only dream of! And yet, instead of appreciating the chance, like a stupid idiot, he was leaving!

    Rivera didn't pay attention to the chatter among the staff but she noticed the odd looks she got. Ever since she became Miss Delta, every man and woman would practically look at her with awe and subtly beg to be in her presence.

    Yet, for the first time, she approached a man and he left her like she was some ordinary citizen! No, not only here, but even in the preliminaries, he didn't pay her any attention even though they were sitting next to each other! He has flirted with the female audience, but towards her, he has shown no appreciation!

    "Dammit! I was only thinking of pressing him under him my heels, but now I would humiliate him!"

    She swore in her heart. Still smiling and sporting the loving expression, she once again caught up with him.

    "Kiba, we should judge together," Rivera said softly. "This would benefit the contestants."

    As the most popular model in the city, her saying this was practically giving him another chance to get back in her good graces and learn about judging. After all, what would a playboy know about judging models?

    Kiba turned his head at her. He examined her gorgeous face, her seductive lips, and her beautiful eyes.

    Rivera internally smiled for she knew he was hooked on her looks.

    "You are annoying and narcissistic, bitch," Kiba replied. "So, ** off."

    Rivera froze in shock. No matter how trained she was in hiding her emotions, his words made her face twist into anger for the flicker of a second.

    Still, she tried her best to recover and make her expression turn into that of hurt. Her eyes turned misty and she asked, "How could you say that!?"

    Kiba smiled and his body turned blurry.

    All Rivera felt was a gust of wind before she found herself pinned to the wall. His head leaned on hers while his hands pressed her to the wall.

    Rivera felt her face flush as his breathing fell on her lips, making her shudder.

    "Narrcistic bitch, you are trying to work on the wrong man with no skills."

    Kiba said, his smile spreading to a grin.

    "Your little tricks of subtly teasing with a cute approach and making others fall for your charm are something I stopped using years ago."

    As he said, his lips approached hers, barely separated by an inch.

    "So, bitch, stop believing you have the skills to make me do your bindings."

    She expected now his lips to lock on hers for a kiss, but much to her shock, he lifted his hands and freed her. The sudden shock made her stumble and land on her tight, little ass.

    "Be a good little bitch and I might pay you some attention," Kiba said as he left. "But till then, let alone a kiss, you don't even deserve touch."

    Rivera was stunned. In her entire life, she has never been treated like this.


    Not even the rich and powerful of the city spoke to her in such a manner.


    Seduction didn't always mean enticing for sex.

    Most often, for women, it meant using their feminine charm to make the men astray and persuade them to do things they wouldn't. And women achieved that by not giving men what they want the most... sex.

    Because the moment the men got sex, the women would lose their bargaining power.

    So, the sign of an ultimate female seducer was bending men to her will without least of body contact.

    Rivera and most sly women tried to follow this path of the ultimate seduction. Charming men with their cute approach, teasing them, getting what they want and then leave them.

    But contrary to their beliefs, there was another step above this ultimate seduction!

    It was seducing the seducer by resisting seduction!

    [[And that's what master is doing.]]

    Claudia observed through the monitoring system in the building.

    [[When seduction fails, the reverse psychology comes in picture. The woman becomes self-conscious, doubtful, and...]]

    This not only applied to female seducers but males as well.


    Kiba stepped into the guest lounge reserved for him.  It has lime green chairs, sofas, coffee tables, and linoleum flooring.

    Kiba walked to the private bar cabinet where a quality selection of beers and fine whiskey was available. He picked a chilled beer bottle and laid down on the sofa while checking the lounge.

    On the opposite end of him, there was a vanity room, something most women in the buildings needed.

    "Good environment for working."

    He brought the tablet given to him and started working.


    "Excuse me, sir."

    A few minutes later, Kiba heard the sound of knocking. He lowered the tablet and made a twisting motion.

    The knob twisted and the door opened up.

    "Come in," Kiba said.

    "Thank you, sir."

    Two women stepped in and to Kiba's surprise, they were contestants. One was a twenty-five-years old model - with amber hair - named Natalya. The other was twenty-four-old Rima who has beeline honey hair.

    "What could I do for you?" Kiba asked as Natalya closed the door.

    "We need to change," Rima replied. "But our room is undergoing maintenance due to a leak."

    "So, we were wondering if we could change here if you don't mind," Natalya completed.

    Kiba raised an eyebrow before nodding and pointing to the vanity room, "Sure, go ahead."

    He then brought his attention back on the tablet.

    Natalya and Rima exchanged glances before stepping towards the vanity room. But instead of entering it, they stopped outside.

    Natalya tossed her bag. She was donned in a sweater pencil skirt and slowly, she pulled the sweater off her shoulders and threw it behind.

    Perhaps by some coincidence, the sweater fell on Kiba's feet.


    Kiba turned his head and noticed Natalya putting her hands on the hem of the skirt. She seemed oblivious to the fact she was visible to him... or that she has positioned herself to give him the best possible view.

    She lifted the skirt and her black G-string thong panties came in sight, hidden between the creamy white ass cheeks.

    With one hand lifting the skirt, she put the other hand on the sides of the thong. She inserted a thumb into the string and began to peel it down her smooth ass.


    Natalya exclaimed and slide the thong back up.

    "I need to change my bra first!"

    She gasped at her obvious mistake and freed her hands off the skirt.

    From behind, Kiba saw nothing but the straps of the sexy black bra on her back. He watched with some surprise as she placed her hands on her tailbone and then traced them up, bringing them to the hook and eye closure.

    Natalya arched her back and unhooked the bra. She then brought a hand on her right shoulder and slid down off the black strap. She did the same with her other shoulder, and after dragging the straps almost half her shoulders,  she pulled the bra off her breasts.

    Kiba heard the soft sound of the bra falling to the floor as Natalya turned completely backless...
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