489 Extra Points! R-18

    In the guest lounge.

    Completely backless and in nothing but the skirt and panties, Natalya stretched her arms over her head.

    On the sofa, Kiba watched in amazement as to how wonderful her creamy back looked as she stretched. Her muscle movements were spectacular, especially how her ass shook.

    "Now I need to remove my skirt!"

    Natalya said aloud as she bent forward, wriggling her hips in the process. Her hands pulled the skirt up to her hips, and as she did, she thrust her ass back.

    "Natalya! That's not how you remove your skirt!" Rima reminded her dear friend. "Stand straight and pull it down!"

    "Ah! Right!"

    Natalya exclaimed at her obvious mistake.

    She undid the skirt and it began to slip down the beautiful thighs, leaving nothing but the black panties.

    "Let me help you with the panties!" Rima - who was in a cross back dress - decided to volunteer. "You always had issues with skirts and panties!"

    "I would definitely appreciate any help!" Natalya replied.

    Rima kneeled behind Natalya and grabbed the sides of her panties, slowly peeling them off. Down to her knees to her ankles and finally to the floor.

    "Your panties seem rather fresh!"

    Rima remarked as she pulled the panties to her nose and smelled the aroma.

    "Really?" Natalya asked.

    "Yes!" Rima answered while tossing the panties back.

    They landed right on Kiba's chest. Even without trying to take a sniff, her scent entered his nostrils, and he couldn't help but agree with Rima... they were fresh!

    Not only fresh but also aromatic!

    But Kiba wasn't a pervert so he didn't take a sniff. He placed the panties on the coffee table and looked in the front.

    As Natalya's bare ass stuck out, Rima cupped it tightly. She squeezed the ass cheeks, making Natalya gasp.

    Kiba was amazed by the way her ass writhed and rippled under the tight squeeze. The sight made his cock stir.

    "Is it only me or your ass has gained some fat?" Rima wondered aloud.

    "It is only you!" Natalya replied confidently. "I don't have an ounce of extra fat!"

    "Really?" Rima didn't believe her.

    "Well, if you don't believe, we can ask sir," Natalya said confidently. "As the judge, he is the most capable person of judging on this!"


    Still kneeling, Rima turned her head towards Kiba. She slapped Natalya's tight ass and asked, "Sir, what do you think? Is her ass perfect?"

    Kiba didn't reply.

    "Rima! How could he judge from this distance?" Natalya asked.

    "You are right!" Rubie gasped and agreed.

    Slowly, Natalya turned her body around.

    As Kiba's eyes were on her ass, so when she turned around, the first thing he saw was a neat patch of amber pubic hair. Below it, he could see traces of pink flesh hidden between two puffy foldings.

    Kiba lifted his eyes up and arrived on her C-cup, alluring breasts. The pink areolas seemed to form a contrast with her creamy skin tone, making her nipples stand out.

    Natalya took slow strides towards him, giving him plenty of time to examine her slender figure.

    "Sir, please judge my ass on our behalf!" Natalya requested as she came in front of him. She spun around and thrust her ass out.

    Kiba leaned forward and grabbed her ass cheeks. He examined the feeling of the soft, firm ass cheeks in his hands, "No unnecessary fat but then again, I need to check in detail."

    He squeezed and jiggled the ass cheeks up and down, much to the pleasant surprise of Natalya. Her shoulders dropped while her body relaxed.

    "Your ass seems perfect, but I need to check in more depth," Kiba observed.

    "Please do, sir," Natalya requested. "I don't want Rima to have any doubts!"

    "Yes, sir! Please confirm for once and all!" Rima begged while slipping next to him.

    Kiba nodded and slid a hand through the ass crack.

    Natalya shuddered from the feeling of his hand closing into her anal ring and pussy. His simple movement of slipping hand was tantalizing, touching at her all the right spots.

    To give him better access for examination, she spread her legs. Kiba was happy with her active participation as it made his work easier.

    His hand brushed past the end of her pussy and moved up to the anal ring without touching it; sliding in and out of the ass crack for a few times.

    "Your ass is perfect," Kiba made the final observation. "In fact, I would give it a score of 8/10."

    "Really? Thank you!"

    Natalya was on cloud nine. To have an experienced man like him give her such a high score, she could understand how good her ass was.

    Perhaps winning the preliminaries wouldn't be that hard!

    Natalya turned around, and to express her happiness, she pulled him for a kiss. She let out a soft moan as he responded to her kiss and dived between her lips.

    "Sir! What about my ass?"

    Even before the kiss could be completed, Rima pulled her dress up and yanked off her white panties.

    Kiba parted from Natalya's lips and looked at the woman next to him, standing with her naked ass.

    "Check her as well! Let us know who is the best amongst us!" Natalya showed her competitive spirit.

    Kiba once again nodded. He pulled Rima by her long beeline honey hair and made her stand in front of him.

    To her amazement, he didn't use his hands to examine her ass. Instead, he used his lips to trace her soft skin, caressing every corner of her buttery cheeks.

    Her breath slowed down considerably as his lips moved into her ass crack. His face slipped down further and further into the crack for examination, caressing the smooth skin.

    After an eternity, his lips came close to the end of her pink slit and stopped there.

    Rima arched her back and thrust her hips down to make her slit meet his lips. She squealed as they met for a lingering kiss.


    Rima felt a tantalizing spasm in her cunt as she felt his lips retracing.  She turned towards him, waiting for his judgment.

    "Your ass is smooth, firm, and great to squeeze," Kiba stated his expert opinion. "Just as good as Natalya's. Hers is round and a bit larger, but the texture and feel are the same. I would reward you with 8/10 as well."

    Rima was more than happy with the result. Just like her friend did earlier, she planted her lips on his lips for a wet, open kiss. Soon, his tongue slid into her mouth and licked around the insides of her.

    "But that means we are equal!" Natalya said as the kiss broke. "Surely only one of us is superior to the other!"

    Rima agreed with her friend's opinion.

    "For deciding that, we have the pageant," Kiba replied and grabbed the tablet back to resume his work. "Excuse me."

    Natalya and Rima exchanged glances. The former kneeled between his knees and traced her soft hands up his thighs.

    "Surely, you could decide here!" Rima joined in by wandering her hands over his chest. "We are only two and you are the best person to judge us!"

    "And how exactly would I judge you?" Kiba asked while checking the information on the tablet.

    "Besides beauty, the pageant also tests talent, courage, and competitive spirit among other things," Natalya answered as she unsnapped and unzipped his pants.

    "What do you mean?" Kiba asked.

    "She means you could judge us here on all the parameters, without any obstruction!"

    Rima replied on her friend's behalf as she sat down on his stomach. She grabbed the tablet from his hand and tossed it away.

    Below, Natalya wrapped his erection with both her hands and started stroking it. As he turned aroused, she looked in shock at the resulting length and thickness.

    "He is a monster!"

    She thought with her eyes glued to the erect cock. Just the feeling of his cock between her hands brought glistening moisture in her sweet pussy.

    Rima didn't see the erection as she was busy kissing his neck and nibbling at his ears. Finally, she moved her lips to his for another kiss. But before their lips could lock into each other, he stopped hers with a finger.

    "Are you two here trying to seduce me?!" Kiba thundered angrily.

    Both Natalya and Rima were shocked.

    Getting no response, Kiba further asked, "You think you could get a judge in your good grace by seducing him with your hot bodies?!"

    Natalya and Rima swallowed deeply.

    The allure of Miss Delta was not restricted to the popularity of being crowned as the most beautiful. The addition of a $5 million award and the multiple sponsorships were the true temptation.

    Neither Rima not Natalya want to be disqualified, at least not in the first round itself. If they could proceed to the next round, even if they can't win the pageant, they would earn enough fame to earn contracts and few sponsors.

    This left them with no choice but to earn extra points for qualification from the honorable judges.

    Lager was a creepy old man and neither of them wanted to be in his presence, for he made their guts twist.

    Then there was Rivera. She was a woman just like them so it was impossible to charm her unless she was a dyke.

    And finally, there was Kiba. The most desired man in the city. Their option couldn't be more simple especially given his reputation as a ladies man.

    But now, looking at his angry outburst, they regretted their decision.

    "Dammn! We judged him wrongly! He is not the immoral man like the gossip channels claimed!"

    Natalya thought as she unconsciously continued to stroke his throbbing erection.

    "We are going to be disqualified!"

    Rima thought fearfully as she continued to sit on him.

    "No! We have to save ourselves! We need to make him understand this is just a misunderstanding!"

    "Answer me! Do you think I'm the type of person who would be unfair just because you two are hot?!" Kiba asked.

    Rima gulped a mouthful of saliva before responding, "Sir, you are not---"

    The next words died in her throat as she felt thick, throbbing meat slipping into her slit. Her back arched and her eyes widened to the limit.

    "OH MY GOD!"

    She trembled as the mushroom head of Kiba's erection jammed into her tight cunt.

    Below, Natalya was shocked by the turn of events.

    A few seconds ago, she was stroking him, but then he guided Rima's waiting cunt to it without any warning, in the flicker of a second.

    "Answer me, Rima! Do you think I would be unfair just because you have a hot body?!" Kiba asked as he ripped her dress.

    Rima was in no condition to think straight much less answer. All she could think was the feeling of having her little, tight cunt filled...
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