490 Extra Points - II R-18

    On the sofa, Rima sat on Kiba's lap, with her mouth agape as his cock slide into her.

    "Oh god! It is big!"

    Rima cried as more of his cock eased into her young pussy. Kiba stopped half-way to give her time to grow used to him.

    "Answer me!" Kiba demanded.

    As she finally gained clarity and realized what has happened, she didn't know what to say. His cock was in her and yet he was asking...

    If he - the judge-  could be bribed by her hot body?

    "No, sir... you are a fair judge! We wouldn't dare bribe you!"

    Rima replied while holding his shoulders. She felt her pussy dripping with wet juices, glistening her passage for him.

    "My body desires him!"

    She thought as her juices dripped down.

    Kiba felt her aroused state. He pumped his hips up to slid further into her.

    "Ohh god! It hurts!" Rima gasped.

    "You have the tightest pussy I had!" Kiba said before closing his lips with hers for a kiss. He savored and made love with them by a gentle probing of tongue.


    His lips then slipped down to caress her chin and her neck. Her shoulders relaxed and he gently moved up into her cunt.

    She unconsciously wiggled her hips as his first thrust completed.

    "Relax and enjoy."

    Kiba continued to kiss he started pumping his hips to ** her, with gentle strokes. His hands sensually traced her torso and stopped on her breasts.

    He caressed them slowly, exploring every inch of her breasts.

    "Yesss! This feels good!"

    Rima squealed ecstatically from the strokes.

    Kiba leaned below to bring his face close to her breasts. He licked her cleavage before taking her right nipple between his lips, teasing it.

    Below, between his knees, Natalya looked with absolute fascination. She didn't know how long it took before his cock emerged out of Rima's cunt... glistened with slippery juices and precum.

    Natalya swallowed at the sight.

    "Show your competitive spirit!" Kiba commanded as he left Rima's breasts and eyed her.

    Natalya opened her mouth to ask what he meant, but before she could, he stuffed it between her open lips.


    She gasped as he thrust his hips to pump his cock further into her mouth. She tasted her friend's sweet juices mixed with the salty but spicy precum.

    "That's the spirit!"

    Kiba praised as he plunged in and out of her mouth, almost as if he was **ing her mouth.

    "It tastes great!"

    Natalya thought as she started sucking him out of her own violation. The pulsing warmth and the extraordinary grith made her further wet from desires.

    Slowly, she took him out of her mouth and guided back to Rima's cunt. Kiba resumed **ing Rima with considerably faster strokes.

    Natalya spread Rima's ass cheeks and leaned her face up. She circled her tongue around Rima's pussy as Kiba thrust into her.

    Her nimble tongue massaged the soft flesh for a minute before moving up to lick the hard meat. Every time Kiba emerged out of her friend's cunt, she licked his throbbing hardness.

    "Ohhhh! Yesssss!"

    Rima shuddered and squealed as she climaxed under his cock. Gently, he pulled out of her to allow her to savor the climax and then made her sit on the corner of the sofa.

    Kiba yanked Natalya up and pushed her on the sofa.  Grabbing her legs, he made her lie on her back before plunging his tongue between her cunt.


    Natalya gasped as he ate her like a hungry child. He licked her pussy lips, kissed her clit and sucked her quivering flesh till she climaxed.


    "Let's start!"

    Kiba jumped to his feet and positioned himself to her wet entrance.

    "Straddle her face!"

    Kiba instructed Rima.

    "Yes!" Rima squatted on Natalya's face while placing her knees on either side of the face. She grabbed the backrest of the sofa for support.


    Natalya let out a delightful moan as Kiba slipped into her cunt. Her wet moist juices made his entry easy, allowing her to slowly accustom to him and appreciate his thickness.

    "Don't be a greedy bitch! Show camaraderie and eat Rima!"

    Kiba commanded as he slammed his hips forward, shoving his cock deep into her tight, hungry cunt.

    "Ahh... yes!"

    Natalya could barely let out an agreement as Rima lined her mouth with the gateway to the heavens. The musky scent of arousal and the sweet-salty taste of precum greeted her nose, making her cheeks flush with excitement.

    Natalya rolled her tongue out to pleasure the pussy of her friend. She licked along the pussy lips before flicking on the clit.

    "Ohh yessss!"

    Rima arched her hips as Natalya dove into her with her tongue.

    "You are also tight!" Kiba remarked as he grabbed Natalya's slim hips and started **ing her harder with long, powerful strokes.

    Rima leaned forward and placed her hands on Kiba's shoulders. Her lips moved to his for a wanton kiss, exchanging saliva and exploring each other's mouth.


    Natalya continued to eat her friend's spasming cunt. She licked the wet pink flesh and sucked the slippery juices before pressing her tongue against the clit, pushing Rima to the edge.


    Rima let out a moan in Kiba's mouth as waves of pleasure swept through her cunt.

    Kiba continued to hammer into Natalya with long thrusts. With each thrust, her cunt muscles contracting around him, rippling with delightful currents.

    "Oooh, that feels so **ing good!"

    Natalya shuddered as the crest of orgasm began to build inside her. She licked her friend more excitedly, wanting her to climax together.

    "Give it to me!"

    Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head and she thrust her hips forward to meet the onslaught of Kiba.


    As her excited pussy clenched his cock, she climaxed. She felt liberated and weightless as if she was a free soul in the heavens.


    Above her, Rima climaxed by exploding a river of juices on Natalya's face. She collapsed on Kiba's chest with her breathing heavy.

    Kiba slipped out of Natalya, still hard. She was sensitive and needed time before she could take him back in.


    Kiba lowered his eyes on the figure resting against his chest.

    "Please... I'm sensitive! My pussy can't handle another round now!" Rima begged as she writhed in sheer ecstasy.

    "Me too!" Natalya added. "Give us time to recover!"

    "Don't worry, we can still have fun while you recover!"

    Kiba grinned.

    "Let's try something different!"

    He lifted Natalya and Rima in each hand, without any trouble, as if they were as light as feather. He then stepped forward while taking a turn nuzzling their necks, tasting their sweet-tasting skin.

    Even though his hands were holding them by their ass, his fingers caressed them sensually, further adding to their pleasure as evident in their squeals.

    Kiba stepped on the carpet and dropped the women down. With indescribable speed, he pushed their forearms behind their backs while spread their legs, scissoring into each other.

    In between them, he sat with their pussies locking on either side of his cock. Even without his guidance, they started grinding the pussies into his cock.


    Natalya felt continuous spasms in her cunt as she rubbed it against his throbbing cock, feeling the slippery pussy of Rima alongside.


    Rima moaned as her hungry cunt slapped against Kiba's cock, almost as if they were **ing, but instead of one partner, he was **ing two together.

    As the process continued, Kiba grabbed their breasts and squeezed them.

    He enjoyed the heavenly sensation of two pussies pleasuring his cock. Each pussy bathed him with their slick juices, moisturizing him with their delicious warmth.

    This feeling was beyond heavens...

    They all got into a tantalizing rhythm, and the only sound besides the moans of pleasure was the sound of flesh meeting flesh.

    A few minutes later, the rhythm slowed down as waves of ecstasy swept into them.

    "Get your lips here!"

    Kiba moved his hand from Nataly's tits to her neck. He then pulled her face to his glistening cock. With his other hand, he brought Rima on his balls.

    Natalya opened her lips and took the starting three inches of his cock into her mouth. She tasted the mix of slick juices and precum.


    She closed her lips and began bobbing up and down.

    "You are good!"

    Kiba shut his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her mouth sucking him. Her mouth was like her pussy - wet, slippery and made to please.

    Natalya placed her hands on his thighs and started trying to deepthroat him.

    Rima caressed his balls with her soft, wet lips. She sensuously kissed, licked, and bathed them with her saliva.


    As Natalya tried to deepthroat him, Rima took his balls in her mouth. She caressed and massaged them by giving a gentle squeeze through her mouth.

    Strands of precum and saliva oozed down on her from her friend's lips

    With her mouth filled, she lifted her eyes up to discover Natalya gagging.


    Natalya slipped the cock out of her mouth and gasped for air.

    "I'm sure you both have recovered!" Kiba said as he jumped to his feet.

    "We have!" Rima couldn't wait for him to fill her.

    Kiba smirked and guided them.

    With Natalya lying on her back on the carpet, he made Rima lie on the top of Natalya. Rima placed her hands on either side of Natalya's head and stared into her eyes.

    "This is one time I don't mind kneeling!"

    Kiba thought as he kneeled between their legs and admired the two sets of fascinating ass. He traced Rima's tailbone before slapping her ass cheeks and observed the flesh rippling.

    He then grabbed her by her hips and thrust into her yearning pussy.

    "Oh my god! You are ripping me apart!"

    Rima cried even though she has been impaled by his cock before. He stretched her to her limits as he started the onslaught on her tight pussy.

    Below, as Natalya heard the cries of pain and pleasure, she decided to ease her friend's pain.

    "Let's kiss!"

    She whispered as she leaned up to kiss her friend. Rima eagerly responded to the kiss while Kiba hammered his cock into her.


    As Natalya and Rima made out, their breasts mashed together while their nipples rubbed against each other.

    Behind, Kiba pulled out of Rima, and without any warning, dived into Natalya!


    Natalya's eyes widened as he thrust into her. Each stroke worked in her dripping cunt, making her see stars.

    Rima returned the favor and started kissing Natalya on her own; enjoying the delightful lips from which she could feel the lingering warmth of the pulsing cock.

    Kiba alternated between the two pussies. He **ed them senseless with a mixture of strokes and pace, never repeating the pattern again.

    When he pumped his cock into Natalya, he shoved two fingers into Rima and fingered her... and then vice versa.

    "Oh, yes!"

    Rima moaned as his cock moved back and forth into her cunt.

    "Right there!"

    Natalya exclaimed as he penetrated her unknown depths...

    A few minutes later, Natalya and Rima squealed together as they climaxed. Kiba sank into Natalya and her pussy muscles jammed him deep inside.


    Kiba reached his limit. He grabbed Rima's dangling tits before exploding into Natalya...

    "You both were equally competitive!"

    Kiba remarked as he slipped out.

    "And equally good!"

    Natalya and Rima heard his praise with the orgasmic glow on their faces.

    "So it's a tie?"

    Rima asked as she lifted her body and planted her face between the thighs of Natalya. She looked with sparkling eyes as the load of cum dribbled down her friend's cunt.

    "It is, but you could break the tie," Kiba observed.

    "Can I?"

    Rima wondered as she sucked the cum into her mouth and swallowed it down.

    "I could break the tie as well, right?" Natalya asked as she kneeled in front of Kiba and took his softening cock between her lips.

    She bobbed up and down the entire length, cleaning him up.

    Kiba closed his eyes and said, "It doesn't seem like we have a winner."
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