491 Thank You For Loving Me

    "You can now leave."

    Kiba said as he retraced his hands and rested back on the sofa. Natalya and Rima nodded while wiping the traces of cums from each other's bodies. The two beauties kissed and sucked while wiping the traces, and for a moment, Kiba thought he should have another round with them, but then he decided to go easy on them. They should be in a condition to walk...

    Natalya and Rima quickly dressed up and took their leave.

    A few minutes later, they rushed into the washroom and locked themselves. The orgasmic glow on their faces sparkled and enhanced their mental clarity like a drug.

    "We have succeeded!"

    Natalya shivered as she placed the bag near the sink. She was happy not just because of the amazing orgasms she and Rima got, but for another reason.

    She shuffled through the bag until she retrieved a button-sized recording device embedded at the corner of the bag.

    "Check the footage!" Rima could barely suppress her excitement.

    Earlier, in the guest lounge, they placed the bag before the vanity room. The device inside it has the ability to records in 360° view with HD quality and superior sound quality.

    Now, the footage the device recorded held their future. It would ensure they would have one judge permanently on their side!

    "Patience, honey!"

    Even though Natalya said this, even she could barely control her excitement. The chances of being in the top 5 didn't seem far off.

    "Hehe, not only we got such mind-blowing orgasms, we are now going to be successful! This has been our lucky day!"

    Natalya thought as she tapped on the device and a virtual projection flashed above the sink.

    The moment the footage began, Natalya's eyes widened and Rima stumbled back in shock. They felt as if the floor below them has been pulled away...

    "Am I imagining things!?" Rima wondered aloud.

    "You too?!" Natalya replied. "I thought I was the only one seeing things!"

    The footage showed a scene that was completely different from their memories!


    In the footage, when they stepped into the lounge and requested Kiba if they could change here, he politely nodded and left the sofa.

    "Please feel free to use the room as you see fit and take your time," Kiba grabbed his tablet and beer bottle. "I will wait outside."

    "Outside?!" Natalya and Rima shouted together.

    "Well, I want you lovely ladies to have complete privacy," Kiba replied with a smile. "That's the least could I do as the judge."

    Natalya and Rima looked at each in shock. The former swallowed and said, "S-sir, there is no need. You could rest on the sofa and we will change in the vanity room."

    "Yes, please don't leave because of us," Rima almost begged. "So, please, continue your work while we change."

    "Now, my lovely contestants, if we all remained in the guest lounge... there are bound to be misunderstandings on our conduct," Kiba explained. "I wouldn't mind my reputation stained but I couldn't stand that happening to you."

    After saying this, he left the lounge and shut the door. The women had no choice but to begin changing while openly wondering he was so different from the rumors.

    "He cares about our privacy and comfort despite the status he has!" Natalya said. "He is such a great guy!"

    "Indeed! I couldn't believe we were thinking of blackmailing such an amazing person!" Rima replied.


    In the washroom, as the footage ended, Natalya and Rima stared at each other, completely speechless.

    "Great guy who cares about our privacy and comfort?" Natalya muttered.

    "Amazing person?" Rima muttered.

    If not for the mind-blowing orgasms from before, their heads would have pained to see their schemes crumbling so spectacularly.

    The shock they got was such that they didn't even think how the footage got tampered...


    Inside the guest lounge.

    Kiba grabbed the tablet and opened the scoring profiles of Natalya and Rima.

    "Pageant checks more than physical beauty... it checks personality, courage, comradeship, and the competitive spirit."

    Kiba mused as he rewarded Natalya and Rima extra points for their exemplary courage, comradeship,  and competitive spirit.

    "More contestants need to learn from them."

    Kiba found them the ideal contestants...


    In the penthouse owned by Agatha.

    While resting on the bed, Agatha flipped a guidebook on new moms. She was due in two weeks and this increased her pressure to be a good mother.

    Suddenly, she sensed teleportation fluctuations and her lips spread to form a smile.

    "Well, well, if it isn't the great judge of Miss Delta Pageant!"

    Agatha exclaimed as Kiba appeared next to her.


    Kiba smiled in response and looked at the guidebook.

    "Do you have one for new dads?" Kiba asked.

    "You want one?" Agatha eyed him suspiciously.

    "Umm...yes," Kiba was surprised by her look.

    "Well, the guidebooks are for those who want to follow the trodden path of others."

    Agatha explained her look.

    "And I doubt you want to be a conventional dad."


    Kiba lay down on the bed and looked at the ceiling.

    "The thing I wish to provide Hope the most is freedom... the right to live her life as she desires."

    He placed a hand on Agatha's belly and felt a strong bond with the life inside. The bond resonated with his soul and filled his body with serenity.

    "People talk of love at first sight... but I think I'm in love even without seeing her."

    Agatha was pleased by his remark. He was feeling what she has always felt for their daughter... the unconditional love.



    "Would you like to return to our home?"

    Our home?

    Astonished by his choice of words, she was taken aback.

    "Would you?" Kiba asked again.

    "Why not?" Agatha answered.


    "But are you sure it would be the right thing to do?"

    "Obviously yes... family live together."

    Agatha observed him for a few moments before nodding in agreement.

    Family lives together...


    An hour later.

    Love Heart Beach.

    As the stars replaced the sun, Kiba and Agatha sat down on the shore, their hands joined together.

    "In my life so far... I never realized what I needed the most."

    Kiba said as the tidewater lapped at their feet, bringing along with it the sound of pebbles crunching.

    "And what is that?"

    Agatha asked as she took a deep breath to savor the lingering briny aroma.


    Kiba answered while looking at the retreating tide joining the beach... assimilating in the water that seemed darkened under the night sky.

    "Love?" Agatha was surprised.

    "Yes, love... Even though I still don't know what it means."


    "But I do realize I was always loved ...and I loved those who loved me."


    "I just never had the guts to acknowledge it."




    "Thank you for loving me."

    Agatha didn't reply. She closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulders...
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