492 Hyperion

    BSE79 Meteorite.

    Inside the hidden space: Zone - 5 of The Ancient Spaceship.

    Out of nowhere, a column of blue light landed on the floor.


    The indestructible floor that has survived millions of years sank and violent cracks erupted throughout.

    An enormous being emerged of the column of light.

    The Titan Hyperion.

    It was not his physical body but the projection made of astral energy. In simple words, it was what people considered spirit.

    Even though the spirit has no physical presence, the appearance of the astral projection made the zone tremble with violent fluctuations.

    "I need an audience with you."

    Hyperion said to nothing in general.

    In response to his words, the light dimmed and the space twisted. A burst of terrifying force ripped through space; creating an enormous rift through which a dimension came in sight.

    The Hall of Legacies!

    From the endless lake, the incorporeal figure of Enchantia emerged. Hyperion stepped into the dimension and floated among the countless glowing orbs.

    [[Sky Fiend, you must have awakened recently]] Enchantia said.

    "Yes, a few days ago," Hyperion replied humbly.

    [[False humility doesn't suit you.]] Enchantia said, amused. [[We both know what type of creature you are.]]


    [[But then again, anyone who needs something from me tries to be humble... no matter the status and power]]


    [[And the only thing that could make you act like that is what humans call Cosmic Spark.]]

    "... Yes," Hyperion replied. "It has many names, for all the wrong reasons."

    [[Indeed, ever since Genesis, the natives of our world forgot its real name."

    "Seed of Destiny, Will of the Creator, Devil's Essence, The Lord of Chaos, Herald of Tragedy..."

    Hyperion remembered the days of the past...


    Countless years ago.

    Chaos spread through the infinite Celestial Elysian Plane.

    The vast oceans turned upside down, the seas dried, and apocalyptic fumes filled the air. The power centers crumbled to pieces while the plane split into fragments...

    The forever glorious De Rose Empire began to turn into ruins...

    "The Cosmic Emperor has been slain!"

    In the royal palace of the empire, the crown prince announced sadly. The vassals of the empire jumped to their feet, their faces turning deadly pale.

    A creature with the mouth of an octopus muttered, "Impossible! The Emperor couldn't leave us!"

    "You have to be mistaken!" A creature with red skin and six arms added.

    "Yes! The Cosmic Emperor is the strongest!"

    "He can't be slain!"

    The crown prince heard the shouts of disbelief but he didn't do anything to stop them. He knew how devastating the news was.

    The Cosmic Emperor was their last hope... their final chance to save this dying world.

    In the corner of the palace, the greatest scientist of the plane - Lord Xeced lowered his head.

    "The Eternal Darkness has corrupted everything."

    Lord Xeced sighed out of regret and desperation.

    "Even the all-powerful Emperor couldn't survive against it."

    He turned around and started walking out of the palace.

    "Where are you going?" The crown prince asked.

    "To save those I could," Lord Xeced answered. "By activating a plan I didn't want to."


    Among the endless chain of crumbling mountains masked by temporal mist, the surviving Great Titans retraced their vision from the palace.

    "The end is near," Crius observed. "Lord Xeced is activating desperate measures."

    "I never thought a day would come when we would have to rip our world... to save lifeforms from being exterminated."

    Ophion seethed in despair.

    "We don't have time to waste!"

    Pallas warned as he dived into the crumbling plane to complete his task.

    "If we survive... let's meet in a new world."

    The other titans followed the suit and left to carry out Lord Xeced's task.

    Hyperion arrived before a fragment that was the size of a small planet. He grabbed the fragment and lifted it up.


    A blanket of absolute light wrapped the fragment and turned it into a small meteorite - World Fragment.

    He placed the meteorite down and the moment he did, the space around it wrapped with technological inscriptions, similar to that of a space shuttle.

    One after another, Hyperion changed other fragments into meteorites and left into other areas to continue his duty.

    Suddenly, he stopped as a terrifying powerwave swept through the area. Wherever it passed, everything turned gray.


    Hyperion paralyzed as the colorful World Fragments around him lost their colors, replaced by a dreadful gray.

    He then observed his own body. Wisps of colors trailed out of his body like smoke, leaving behind nothing but an absolute gray.

    "Life has poisoned the universe. The wrath of this poison... shall end."

    "None shall die for Genesis is the beginning."

    Strange voices whispered into his ears.

    "The serenity of darkness would return."

    Despite his overpowering strength, Hyperion trembled and retreated.

    While doing so, he transformed into the embodiment of light and purified his body. Liquid light dripped off his body like molten wax and landed on the ground. The moment it did, the light turned into skin and body parts.

    There were ears, eyes, bones, limbs... with every part sharing one commonality: grayness.

    "Thou shall not escape..."

    Hyperion did escape by ripping out more than half his body and jumping into a surviving World Fragment. He activated the features designed by Lord Xeced and the World Fragment jumped into the outer space...

    Along with the World Fragment, he shot into space...


    In the present, Hyperion looked at Enchantia.

    "This World Fragment should have had Cosmic Spark," Hyperion started. "My slaves have tried to discover it but without any success..."

    [[You desire what others of our world have desired from eternity.]]

    Enchantia said with a sly smile.

    [[And just like them, I'm sure you will want to use the greater good as the justification.]]

    "....." Hyperion's six eyes flickered.

    [[Come on, say it... tell me you wish to acquire Cosmic Spark for the glory of Celestial Elysian Plane.]] Enchantia goaded.

    Ever since Kiba left the core region in Desolate Blood Forest, she has been bored. Now seeing a titan here, she wanted to have some fun.

    Hyperion wasn't affected by her provocation.

    "You wouldn't believe it, but my reason is to help the surviving lifeforms of our homeworld."

    Hyperion said without any emotions.

    "I wish to use the Power Cosmic to accelerate what Lord Xeced wanted..."

    Enchantia laughed aloud before replying, [[No, you don't. None of you want to help our homeworld... if you had, the Hall of Legacies would never have been needed.]]


    [[If even one of you were completely loyal to your homeworld... then the Cosmic Emperor wouldn't have been alone against the Eternal Darkness... nor Princess Scarlet Leila De Rose would face what she did.]]


    [[You all are just like the humans I love so much.]]

    "You love humans?" Hyperion asked, surprised.

    [[Of course. They are greedy, selfish, corrupt... and label themselves with noble titles. What's not there to love about a hypocritical race similar to the great races of our homeworld?]]


    [[Let me tell you a story.]]

    The Legacy Orbs started revolving with Enchantia as the center.

    "Story?" Hyperion was surprised by the sudden change in topic.

    [[Yes. A story.]]

    As she replied, the space around them warped with the scenery of the entrance of BSE79. Hundreds of people walked through it, guided by men with weapons.

    "Projection of the past."

    Hyperion thought.

    In the projection, an eighteen-year-old teenager came in prominence. When Hyperion tried to focus on the teenager,  the teenager's figure blurred completely, making him unidentifiable.

    Hyperion could guess Enchantia was hiding the identity of the youth. He became curious as to why...

    The teenager passed through countless obstacles, surviving those older than him couldn't, by using wits. He survived the attacks of his teammates, supervisors, the aliens, and finally a scientist who was the main mastermind.

    And by a twist of fate, he slipped unconsciously into the Hall of Legacies. When he awakened, he looked at the orbs with fascination... with desire and lust.

    Yet, much to Hyperion's surprise, the youth resisted the temptation offered by the Legacy Orbs! When the temptation turned stronger, he jumped into the lake and used the pain to regain clarity.

    "Who is that youth?" Hyperion was amazed by the youth's ability to resist the charm of Legacy Orbs.

    [[I can't tell you what he was known back then.]]

    Enchantia replied with a playful smile.

    [[But I could tell you the title he was conferred with... the title which became his new name.]]


    [[Dream Seeker.]]Lord Xeced has been first shown in Chapter 293.
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