493 What Would You Tell Your Daughter?

    Love Heart Beach.

    Agatha rested her head on Kiba's shoulder and closed her eyes. Kiba smiled and took her into his embrace.

    They both remained silent, enjoying the presence of each other.

    After an hour, Agatha opened her eyes and stared at the night sky. The stars were beautiful just like the beach water in front of her.

    "There is something I want to ask," Agatha said.

    "Sure, go ahead," Kiba replied.

    "Zed was the name either your parents gave you... or the caretaker, " Agatha paused.

    The name was something he had for all his life.

    "But what about Kiba?"

    Agatha asked curiously.

    The second name was something he only used after he fused with Cosmic Spark... a little over four years ago.

    Kiba lifted his head towards the sky.

    Maybe it was his imagination... but the stars were patterned together to form the face of a woman.


    The woman who gave him the greatest gift the world has ever known: The Eternal Wisdom of Dream.

    "Veronica?" Agatha looked at him in confusion.

    "My name was something she conferred me with when I used to beg for alms... long before I earned the right to use it," Kiba explained.

    "Conferred?" Agatha was bewildered.

    Kiba brought his eyes on hers and lifted her chin.

    "Yes, conferred," Kiba answered.

    "What does it means?" She further asked, her eyes locked on his.

    "In a language that is long forgotten... it means the seeker of dreams."

    "Seeker of dreams... Dream Seeker..." Agatha's eyes brightened as she realized the title he was conferred to.

    "When I gained these powers, I knew the time has come for me to be true to my name..."

    Kiba trailed off in between as Agatha locked her lips with his for a brief kiss.

    "I know," Agatha said with a smile. "When you gained your powers, you believed it was the time to seek your dreams, at the cost of poor husbands."


    Kiba turned silent, his expression awkward.

    "People often say dream job doesn't exist... you must create it!"

    Agatha observed the beach water and her lips curved up into a teasing smile.

    "When Hope becomes a teenager, I'm sure she would be proud to know her father has achieved what very few could... living the dream job!"


    Kiba broke out in cold sweat.

    Oh No!

    What would I do if my daughter asks me about my dreams?!

    Kiba trembled as he imagined the future scenario. For the first time, he was truly afraid...

    Agatha observed his face and felt his worries. She couldn't help but laugh at his expense.

    "Hehe, don't worry, we will think of a new dream job for you by then!"



    A few miles away.

    Through the highway, a white hovercraft passed by at the speed of 160km/h. Inside, Morgan sat with a smile plastered on his face.

    "Suzane is so happy nowadays!"

    Morgan thought happily.

    "Women are strange creatures! Despite being a reputed investigator, even I can't understand them!"

    Morgan thought as he recalled his wife's behavior. For two months, she was pissed and in a bad mood, but lately, she was happy... it was like she was earning lottery every day!

    "Her face is always glowing! Especially after the gym and massage sessions!"

    Morgan thought while taking a turn and moving to a desolate road.

    "Some credit for her happiness must also go to those flavored lipsticks! She loves them!"

    Morgan knew how unhappy she was when they were out of stock.

    "I must ask her about the manufacturer! So, whenever the lipsticks are out of stocks... I can directly request the manufacturer and make her happy!"

    "Wait... now that I think about it... I don't even know the brand name of those lipsticks!"

    Morgan gasped at this thought.

    "No wonder wives are often pissed at their husbands! We, husbands, are clueless!"

    Morgan wryly smiled.

    "Hopefully when Olly marries, he wouldn't be as clueless!"

    "God, please give my son the talent to be a good husband!"

    Morgan prayed just as he reached his destination.

    Delta Military Base.

    Morgan stopped his hovercar before the checkpoint. A military guard greeted him before pressing on a switch.

    A stream of light flashed out and enveloped the hovercar. The light checked his DNA and body heat to make sure no one was impersonating him. It then scanned the car for any hidden explosives.


    The sensors confirmed everything normal and the guard nodded in acknowledgment. He then passed a signal and four guards stepped forward.

    "I know this is the new protocol but it still pisses me off!"

    Morgan voiced his disappointment as the guards physically checked him. Two guards had abilities related to body manipulation and they studied him in detail.

    "Once bitten, twice shy!"

    One of the guards remarked as they checked his body.

    "The nanite attack destroyed the base so we can't take any chances."

    Another guard added.

    When the revolutionaries attacked the city with nanite blasts, one of the targets was the military base. The revolutionaries had spies among the military units, injected with nanites, catching the base by surprise.

    "Haah! I know that! I'm just pissed!"

    Morgan replied as he was allowed to enter the base...

    He passed by multiple building blocks before stepping into the restricted zone of the military base.

    A military-grade bunker.

    It was the only area that remained safe during the nanite attack. After undergoing another body scan, he walked into the bunker.

    A few minutes later, he arrived in front of a sealed door.

    "The city is rapidly changing... the golden lightning phenomenon, the nanite attack, and now the beast attack."

    Morgan tapped on the control panel and the door slide open.

    "The time for using it seems near..."

    He looked at a thirty meters wide machine, resembling a generator. The circuits on its surface streamed with bright light, emitting a numbing presence.

    "To overpower whatever that caused the golden-lightning phenomenon," Morgan muttered.

    "You are right on that."

    A voice came from behind, catching Morgan off-guard. He hastily turned around and noticed three figures.

    "You are...!"

    Morgan focused on the first figure. He was a muscular blond-haired man, naked above his torso, revealing his hirsute physique and red markings resembling stripes.

    "Marlon! The chief bodyguard of the World President!"

    Morgan's expression changed.

    "It seems you know me," Marlon observed coldly. "Then you should also know my presence here denotes the President is disappointed by your lackluster performance."

    Morgan's heart sank.

    He swallowed deeply before replying, "Almost the entire investigation team died in the nanite attack and the golden-lightning phenomenon... Even the chief investigator, Liam, was killed."

    "And that gives you a nice excuse to hide your incompetence, doesn't it?"

    A feminine cold voice mocked. Morgan looked at the female mutant and closed his eyes hastily.

    She has a pale skin tone and great physique but her face... it was strange. Her eyes were stitched shut and cuts stretched between her lips, extending to her cheeks.

    "Amora! The grotesque killer!"

    Morgan was taken aback.

    "Aren't you being rude by closing your eyes?"

    The third mutant, male, asked.

    He has spiky red hair and yellow eyes with slightly pale skin. Below his eyes, there were black-discolored marks that gave him an odd look.

    Morgan might have his eyes closed and not identified the third mutant, but if Kiba was here, he would have identified him instantly.

    Goten Whiteskins!

    Someone Kiba neither knew nor was acquainted with but the one he has to kill, no matter the price. Because Goten's very existence violated the only code Kiba religiously followed.

    Morgan opened his eyes and focused on Goten Whiteskins. His pupils dilated as he remembered classified information he has access to.

    "How could you be here?!"

    Morgan wondered aloud in terror.

    "Weren't you imprisoned in Stormseal Island!?"

    Morgan asked in disbelief.

    Stormseal Island!

    The greatest, maximum-security prison on Earth!  The home to the most dangerous criminals!

    Anyone imprisoned there never returns back! The imprisonment was always for life!

    "Fufu, you can thank the government for that."

    Goten Whiteskins licked his lips and grinned.

    "They are in need of my talent."


    Marlon ignored the shocked Morgan and sadistic Goten Whitskins. He stepped into the hidden room and arrived before the generator-like device.

    "Keep it on standby so that we can activate it whenever we are in need!"

    The citizens of Delta City has believed it was time for relaxation and enjoyment with the start of Miss Delta Pageant. Sadly, fate wasn't on their side... Veronica has been mentioned various times by Zed/Kiba. Her first physical appearance was in a flashback - Chapter 105.Chapter 149Goten Whiteskins was introduced in Chapter 284 - Events of Future Past. He was one of the mercenaries who tried to kill the newborn Zed but stopped by Red Fox.
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