494 Slipping into The Bed!

    A few hours ago.

    Kestone Family House.

    Lager stepped into the luxurious bedroom and found his trophy wife in front of the mirror.

    Dressed in an erotic babydoll nightgown, with her thongs visible, she was a sight to behold.

    Lager might be old but even he could visually appreciate her beauty, her sultry curves, and her worth-dying-for lips. If not for his old age and lack of sexual appetite, he would have jumped on her, pinned her to the wall, and do unmentionable things.

    Sandra turned around as she noticed her husband. In a sweet tone, she asked, "Honey, how was your day?"

    "It was fine, but could have been better," Lager answered with a bitter sigh.

    Sandra could understand his bitterness.

    Kiba has **ed his daughter-in-law and made him withheld information from his son. This must be the most humiliating experience for him.

    "I could turn your bitterness into sweetness!"

    Sandra pulled her dress straps down off of her shoulders and cupped her tits.

    "Not today, I'm tired."

    Lager replied and stepped towards the bed.

    "Ah!" Sandra gasped in disappointment, but internally, she sighed in relief.

    It has been over a month since he touched her and she was grateful for it. For her, making out with was a chore instead of recreational. But it was a price she paid for enjoying this lavish lifestyle.

    "Forget about that," Lager said as he sat on the bed and handed her a small red box. "And focus here."


    Sandra's eyes sparkled as she grabbed the box. She opened it hastily to find a solitaire ring. Made from white gold and adorned with diamonds, the ring was effortlessly elegant and perfect.

    "Oh god! Honey! Thank you!"

    Sandra excitedly donned it on her right hand, oblivious to the smirk of her husband.

    "All these bitches are the same... give them gold and they would salivate."

    Lager thought coldly as he saw the glint of diamond in his wife's eyes.

    "There is no way she would remove the ring... this would make it so easy."

    With age comes wisdom and Lager has gained plenty of that in his over seventy-years of life.

    While Kiba has promised he wouldn't ** his trophy wife, Lager wanted to be sure. If Kiba could ** his daughter-in-law and cuckold his eldest son and then blackmail him for silence, what were the chances of Kiba staying true to his promise?

    "Trust, but verify."

    The ring he gave her was embedded with nanotechnology. It would examine her body stats 24*7! So, whenever her physical activity levels spiked when it shouldn't, he would know!

    "And if this bitch dares cheat...hehe."

    Lager coldly smirked as he laid down on the king-size bed and fell asleep, eagerly awaiting the start of the next day.


    A few hours later.

    Love Heart Beech.

    Deep in the night, Kiba lifted Agatha into his arms. The beech water crashed onto his feet and the salty but fresh burst of winds brushed past them.

    "You should have proper rest," Kiba said while observing her pregnancy bump.

    "Yes, I should," Agatha replied with a warm smile. "Let's return to our home."

    Kiba's heart melted.

    Dream Rise House was now her home as much as his and in less than a week, it would be of their daughter.

    "This was something I should have done long ago."

    Kiba thought as he teleported them into their home. He gently placed her on the bed and put a blanket on her.

    She looked at him as he sat near her. With a gentle smile, she said, "I had a great time! In fact, it was the best time I have ever had!"

    "That makes two of us!" Kiba replied.

    Agatha lifted her hand and traced the outline of his face. Her smile changed to a grin as she remarked:

    "Really? I thought the only time you have great time is when you turn someone into a cuckold!"


    The corners of his mouth twitched.

    "How could she always find the opportunity to make me speechless?" Kiba wondered in his heart.

    Agatha giggled before adding, "I was kidding. I know you loved what we did."

    She was relieved that he finally realized happiness was not limited to sex and cuckolding.

    "It is getting late," Agatha said as she noticed the time. "I'm going to sleep."

    Kiba nodded. He proceeded to sleep alongside her but she stopped him by saying, "Don't waste time sleeping!"

    "?" Kiba was bewildered.

    "You should use it to do what you are good in!" Agatha explained with a wink. "Because in a week, you wouldn't have the time!"


    "Make hay while the sun shines!"



    Kestone Family House.

    Dim orange light enveloped the bedroom as Sandra slept alongside her husband, covered by the soft blanket.

    She felt hands seeping in her nightgown, moving up her smooth thighs and stopping on her hips. They caressed her while warm lips kissed and sucked on her neck.

    She imagined this was a wet dream but it felt really great! The hands and lips knew how to work on her, excite her!


    She gasped as the lips nuzzled on her earlobe, making her shudder in a tantalizing sensation. Her hips wriggled on their own and moans started rising up from the back of her throat.

    "Oh god! This feels so good!"

    She unconsciously lifted her hands up to wrap around the imaginary neck. She pulled the face to hers and felt the warm lips close to hers.

    Her lips sought them and they kissed passionately.

    "The lips feels so familiar!"

    She momentarily thought before she felt the hands moving up on her breasts, caressing them as her nipples stiffened.

    She relaxed and her lips parted as his tongue sought hers. The kiss turned open mouth as their tongues met and started playing.


    She let out a moan into his mouth as the hands pinched her nipples. The momentary pain made her eyes flew open and her expression changed in deep shock.


    Even though their mouths were locked with each other and she couldn't see much, just his spellbinding eyes were enough for her to identify him.

    "This isn't a dream?!"

    She gasped at this thought and freed her tongue from his. Only now she realized he was laying on top of her, but without pressing his weight.

    She pulled away his hands from her breasts and asked, "What are you doing?!"

    Kiba smiled and pointed to her husband.

    "Let's keep it low unless you wish to awaken him," Kiba said telepathically.


    Sandra flinched as she remembered her husband was sleeping next to her. He might be a heavy sleeper but even he could awaken if she didn't keep her voice low.

    "What are you doing here?"

    Sandra whispered.

    "I assume it is a rhetorical question," Kiba replied. "But if it isn't... I'm here to complete what we started in the afternoon."

    Sandra gulped down.

    More than twelve hours ago, before the start of the pageant, he has kissed her! It was a sneaky kiss... and only moments after promising her husband he wouldn't make a move on her!

    Before leaving, he has told her...the next time, he wanted her lips to be somewhere else, in their right place!

    As she thought of this, her cheeks flushed and her heart stirred.

    He wasn't kidding!

    "So if you got the answer, shall we start?" Kiba asked as he cupped her breasts and nuzzled on her neck.


    Sandra almost shouted while pulling away.

    "My husband is here! No! Even if he wasn't, there was no way I would cheat!" Sandra added. "I love him!"

    Kiba looked at her face and then smiled.

    "Why are you smiling! I really love him!" Sandra creased her eyebrows in anger.

    "I never doubted that," Kiba smirked and lay next to her. He grabbed the pillow under her husband's head and placed it under his own head.

    "........." Sandra was dumbstruck by his actions.

    He was in her husband's bedroom, sleeping next to his wife, and now even taking his pillow! He was treating everything as his own!

    "Thankfully Lager is still asleep otherwise....!"

    Sandra didn't know what to do. She was in the middle of the bed, between her husband and Kiba.

    Should she scream and awaken her husband to warn him about Kiba?

    But then she thought of the business card he gave her... she hasn't told her husband nor threw it away!

    Would her husband misunderstand her actions?

    "You know, there are many places I could be," Kiba said while turning his head towards her.

    "...." She didn't doubt him on this. With his reputation and skills, there were many women who would open their legs for him.

    "But I came here," Kiba continued with a sigh. "Do you know why?"

    "...I'm beautiful!" Sandra whispered her answer confidently. If she wasn't, there was no way her husband would choose her as his trophy wife!

    "You are indeed beautiful," Kiba agreed. "But I came here because you are in need."

    "Need?" Sandra was puzzled.

    Kiba responded by caressing her neck with his face.

    He slipped a hand under her gown and sought her cunt. His hand moved without guidance as if he has done it countless times before.

    In no time, she felt his fingers between her thongs and bare skin.


    Sandra gasped and her heart began to race. His fingers ran over the delicate foldings, sensually touching them.

    Then there was his face nuzzling on her neck! She shivered in excitement and wet moisture seeped out of her delicate foldings.

    Kiba rubbed the index finger on the wetness before retracing his hand. Sandra tensed as his hand moved out of her gown and his face leaned back.

    "A week ago, I told your husband... I would consider his family like my own! He said he would like that!"

    Kiba pressed the wet finger on her rosy lips.


    She tasted the musky scent of her arousal... of her need!

    "Now, that you are in need, I'm doing what I told your husband!" Kiba concluded on why he was here.


    Sandra has a feeling.... her husband wouldn't like this family arrangements! He definitely wouldn't like Kiba treating his wife as his own!

    Kiba lowered his finger and smiled. The next she knew, he planted his lips on hers for a passionate kiss.

    Everything happened so quickly that she couldn't even stop.

    From her lips, he moved on her earlobe, and then back. Every time she tried of stopping him, he moved to another place, caressing her face with his lips.

    Her hips automatically grind against his and she felt herself turning on. She gasped, groaned, and in between, she noticed her sleeping husband.

    "No! If I cheat, I would lose everything!"

    She freed herself of Kiba and overpowered the lust.

    "...I can't!" She said with her cheeks flushed.

    "Sure," Kiba smiled.

    Sandra sighed in both relief and disappointment. She grabbed the blanket by both her hands and lifted it up.

    As she did, the glimmer of her new diamond ring flashed in his eyes.

    "Ah! So he doesn't trust you!"
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