495 Being Passionate! R-18

    On the bed, as Sandra lay next to her sleeping husband, Kiba took her finger with the new diamond ring and remarked:

    "So he doesn't trust you!"

    "Doesn't trust me!?" Sandra's expression flickered.

    "This ring records every physical stats of your body," Kiba explained with a smile. "So, whenever your heart stirs or you are aroused or climax, your old hubby would know."

    Sandra didn't believe him. She guessed he was trying to create discord between her and her husband to get into her pants.

    "How would you know that?" She asked just in case.

    Kiba tapped on the ring and currents of golden energy enveloped it. A barely audible sound of 'click' ringed out and the shell of the ring opened up; exposing the hidden mechanical implants.

    "A shell company of mine sells such items," Kiba answered with proof. "Well, instead of items, I would like to say special gifts."

    Sandra trembled as she saw the hidden implants in the ring and heard his answer.

    "You mean to say... you create gadgets to catch cheating spouses?!" She asked, her eyes wide open in shock.

    Kiba smiled.

    For her, his smile was not at all reassuring. It set her heart into a panic, and that made her heart race as she remembered the ring recording the physical stats.

    "No! I must calm down!"

    She stared at him, waiting for him to respond.

    "Surely I must have misheard, right?"

    She tried to assure herself.

    He was the one who cuckolded the husbands and steal their wives. He was the one who made women cheat...

    So why would he be the one to sell these gadgets... no, gifts to catch women?!

    Wasn't that hypocritical?!

    No, it was not just a case of hypocrisy but also shamelessness!

    She suddenly recalled the popular story of the doctor who secretly spreads the flu virus and then treat the patients.

    "If Kiba is the same... then not only he is shameless, but he also has strong business acumen!"

    Sandra prayed for everything to be an illusion... otherwise, her husband would know about her present 'excitement' state.

    Kiba observed her expression and imagined her thoughts turning wild. So, with a smile, he said, "I sell these gifts so my lovers could have adulterous fun without any worries."

    He caressed her soft thighs and nuzzled on her neck.

    "You sell gadgets that catch adultery to have adulterous pleasure?! You are not making sense!"

    Sandra pushed him away.

    Till now, she has overpowered her lust for him with determination! Now with her knowledge about the ring, she wouldn't dare cheat on her husband! Otherwise, she would definitely lose everything!

    "Sighs~ You worry too much."

    Kiba leaned on her, his face close to hers. His breath fell on her lips and she swallowed her saliva.

    "If I sell these gifts, then obviously I have means to trick them. Otherwise, why do you think I sell them?"


    A chill crawled up her spine as she realized what he meant.

    Whenever a new problem arises, sooner or later, society finds a solution!

    Like in the case of government, whenever new modes of communication and technology developed, it was bad news for the government. Because new technology means the government would have trouble hacking through them and embedding a spying network! This was why now the government heavily invested in all budding networks and technology corporations.

    The government has already prepared a solution for a problem that didn't even arise!

    Kiba was doing the same!

    In Delta City, infidelity was the problem haunting the most.

    Whenever men noticed Kiba near their wives, they turned suspicious. This would naturally result in finding ways to settle their doubts... It would either be a private detective, using supernatural abilities or using high-tech gadgets.

    "He has turned one of the most used solutions useless! No, not only that, but he has made the solution work for him!"

    Sandra gasped in shock.

    "How ingenious!"

    Till this moment, she felt his greatest features were his great looks and strength... but now, she realized it was his brains!

    He was a **ing genius!

    "Well, now that your heart has settled, let's make it stir," Kiba said.


    Sandra was puzzled but only for a moment. His lips sought hers for a tight kiss and his hands caressed her shoulders with deep sensual touches.

    "Let's enjoy ourselves!"

    Kiba's words flashed in her mind.

    Sandra felt her lips melting and her shoulders dropping. She tried to resist lust overpowering her body, but her mind started coming up with excuses to allow her to continue.

    Her elderly husband wasn't getting the job done! Never has! And it wasn't like he never cheated on her! He was known as a sleazy fashion tycoon for a reason!

    Why should she owe fidelity to him just because she was a trophy wife?

    "My husband owes me a lot of enjoyment!"

    She thought as she responded to Kiba's kiss. Her hands clutched at him and her lips dragged on his, moving ever so slowly, passionately.

    After what seemed minutes, Sandra pulled her lips away from him for a second and glanced at her sleeping husband.

    "We should do it somewhere else," She suggested.

    "Well, once your husband sleeps, you can't tell if he is a heavy sleeper or dead," Kiba reassured her.

    "How do you know...."

    Sandra trailed off in between for she didn't care any longer. She wanted him just as much as he did.

    Her elderly husband could go to hell for all she cared!

    Soon their lips locked again.

    Kiba drew his hands along the edge of her breasts and moved down, stopping at hem of her nightgown. His hands slipped under the gown and traced the insides of her thighs.

    Kiba felt her tremble and gasp. She closed her thighs just as he arrived on her thongs, wet from her arousal.

    As if embarrassed by her wetness, she dragged her teeth across his lower lip and dug down. Her bite was hard but sensual.

    Kiba responded by running his tongue against her lips before slipping between them. As his tongue arrived in her mouth, her tongue swiftly sought his, stopping him from the assault he has in plan...

    They started kissing with their mouths joined and tongues entangled...

    Kiba pulled his hands out and moved them behind her back to unzip her nightgown. In the blink of an eye, his hands then moved to pull the gown off her shoulders and arms.

    Sandra shivered when his hands moved on her bra straps. She could feel the bra sliding off her chest and his hands tracing the outline of her breasts, slowly moving to her nipples.

    He broke the kiss and moved down her face, planting small kisses on her. His lips pressed tightly against her soft, sweet skin between her neck and shoulders. He then sucked her skin between his lips, making her squirm.

    "Oh good lord! He knows how to work on a woman!"

    Sandra thought as she ran her hands through his hair. His face slid further below and he kissed across her breasts.

    Sandra erupted with desires. She pressed his head down and planted his face between her thighs.

    Ever so slowly, Kiba teased her by running his fingers on her thongs and tracing her wet spot with his tongue.

    "Please...!" She begged.

    Kiba didn't tease her further. He pulled her thongs out and observed the wettest pussy he has seen.

    Her scent of arousal made blood pump into his erection. His one hand moved on his pants to free his throbbing cock and give it a few gentle strokes.

    "Everything in time!"

    Kiba thought as he started kissing on her soft folds.

    "Kiss me there!"

    Her hands danced wildly in his hair as she begged him to kiss the hidden flesh between her folds. He did that and more.

    He spread her folds and dived on her cunt with his tongue. He licked through her oozing slit and slurped on her juices.

    "Oh, yes, there!"

    She gasped as his tongue slid up her quivering flesh. He tongue **ed her, licking all the right spots.

    Finally, his lips arrived on the little ball of flesh at the top.

    Her clit.

    He kissed it gently, before slipping his tongue out.


    As his tongue circled on her clit, Sandra arched her back and squirmed.

    "Oh god! I have never felt so good! Ahhh!"

    One after another, delightful moans escaped out of her throat.

    "Don't make so many noises!" Kiba warned.

    Sandra knew his warning was for her good, but how was she supposed to keep quiet!?

    That was practically impossible with all the love her cunt was receiving!

    As if understanding her problems, Kiba stated the only possible solution:

    "We need to keep your mouth busy!"

    Sandra's gasping mouth turned into "O" in confusion. But before she could ask to get her doubts cleared, she felt her body spun. She found her vision shrouded by his fat cock as it disappeared between her soft lips!


    Sandra realized having her mouth stuffed with the enormous, throbbing cock was the best solution to her problems!

    Sixty-nine was tailor-made for situations like this!

    After quickly changing his position to bring her on top in sixty-nine, Kiba focused his attention back on her wet cunt. He grabbed her ass cheeks and resumed savoring her like the way she deserved.

    Sandra wrapped a hand on the base of his cock and started bobbing up and down. Her lips stretched and her neck jerked with every movement.


    With every stroke, Sandra slide her tongue up and down the shaft, moving in an erotic rhythm as she drew him deeper into her warm throat.

    Kiba felt close to heaven and he showed his appreciation by sucking her pink flesh between his lips...

    Lager continued to be in dreamland, oblivious to the slurping sounds his wife made as she sucked another's man cock next to him, giving it care and conviction she has given to no one else.

    "I never knew blowing a man could be so pleasurable! And doing it in such a dangerous situation, forgive me God, but it is a huge turn on!"

    Sandra thought as she sucked Kiba with everything she got.


    Suddenly, she let out muffled groans with her mouth filled by his cock. Her hips jerked and her eyes shut on their own.

    She flooded with wet juices!

    Deep in her cunt, an explosion of ecstasy hit her, swallowing her entire body into a sea of pleasure! She felt weak and yet powerful like never before.

    Kiba also felt his own climax approaching.

    It wasn't an everyday occurrence that he sixty-nined a wife next to her oblivious husband. The erotic yet risky situation made his cock throb violently into Sandra's mouth.


    Sandra felt him swelling as he spurted waves of cum into her, shooting to the end of her throat.

    "If I'm caught now, it would be worth it!"

    Sandra thought as she swallowed the load...

    Between her thighs, Kiba let out a sigh of pleasure. He gave her cunt a final lick before freeing himself.

    Sandra wiped the threads of cum from her lips and looked at him.

    "How could you release such a powerful load this soon?"

    Sandra whispered. The sight of him emptying his nuts in her step daughter-in-law some twelve hours ago was still fresh in her mind,

    "It isn't me but the magic of beautiful women like you," Kiba answered telepathically. "Beauties like you could achieve anything."

    Sandra smiled. She slipped off the bed to refresh...


    A few minutes later.

    Kiba left the bed and sat down on the nearby chair.  From the washroom, Sandra appeared. She glanced at her husband and then at the man who was going to fill her like the way a sexy woman like her deserved!

    "No more wasted nights!"

    Sandra mused as she got on all fours and crawled towards him, shaking her cute ass and tits in the process.

    Her movements were erotic, and something Kiba truly appreciated. Sandra could tell from the way his spent cock twitched and hardened, growing back to its former glory.

    She knew he was aching to slip into her tight pussy... stretch her to the limit... and make her experience the most euphoric moment of her life!

    Just the very thought made her sensitive cunt drip with slippery juices.

    "Oh God! I can't wait for that!"

    Kneeling in front of him, she cupped her tits and pinched them together. She then pushed them up to her mouth and started licking them.

    "You are doing good!"

    Kiba felt blood pumping back to his erection as she played with her tits. He grabbed her by her shoulders and brought her on his lap.

    Without further words, he joined her in massaging her tits. He squeezed the flesh through his fingers and then tweaked her erect nipples.

    "Suckle on them!"

    Sandra requested by wrapping her arms around his neck and planting his face between her breasts. Kiba wrapped his lips around her left nipple and suckled on it.

    Sandra felt goosebumps erupting on her body and a spasm coursing through her cunt.

    "Don't stop!"

    Sandra arched her back and snapped her head. She never knew foreplay could feel so good.

    Kiba burrowed his face into her cleavage and gave it a long kiss before moving on her other nipple. She was sensitive and suckling on her hardened nipple was a joy!

    Sandra felt her pussy dripping. She knew she couldn't wait any longer to have him inside her.

    "I want you in!"

    Sandra said as she spread her pussy lips and started landing herself on him. Soon, his cock throbbed against her wet slit and greased down her clit.


    Sandra wiggled her hips to correct her posture and sank further, making the tip of his cock slip into her. An amazing warm wetness wrapped Kiba and he knew this was just the beginning. The best was yet to come!

    "You feel great!"

    Kiba remarked as she further descended, enveloping the starting seven inches deep into her.

    "So do you!"

    Sandra replied between gasps as her slick channel coated him with love juice.

    "And I want to feel more than just great!"

    Sandra added as she started moving her ass back and forth on his cock, riding him cowgirl style.

    She wasn't a trophy wife for nothing and Kiba enjoyed the best of her skills.

    Every rotation of her ass brought amazing vibrations around his cock, squeezing him from all sides. She took him to incredible heights of pleasure...

    "Give me what my good-for-nothing husband could!"

    Sandra begged as she made him place his hands on her tits. Kiba caressed them and amplified the ecstatic sensation building deep into her.

    Sandra changed her style and started pumping in and out of his cock. Her cunt moved up and down at such speed that the sound of flesh smashing against the flesh ringed throughout the room.

    Luckily for her husband, he remained oblivious to how she clamped tightly another man's cock...

    Kiba didn't mind Sandra taking the control. He was more than enjoying her muscle contractions and the way her sensitive breasts felt.

    "It is a safe day! So fill me up!"

    Sandra begged as she felt the crest of climax hit her.

    "Do it!"

    Sandra muttered as her head dropped down on its own. She rested her head on his shoulders and dug her nails into his muscular back.

    "Ohhhh Fuck!"

    She squealed as the most incredible orgasm of her life enveloped her.

    Kiba could go on but he didn't. He exploded deep into her...


    "Phew~ This was the most incredible night I ever had!" Sandra whispered in his ear.

    "Well, then you are in for a surprise," Kiba replied with a grin. "Because we have just started!"

    Sandra was startled as she felt his hard flesh rubbing against her belly. He was ready for another round!

    "Now it is time we start for real!"
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