496 Serves Him Right! R-18

    (A/N: A bit of dark, dirty humour in the chapter. You are warned!)

    As Lager continued to sleep, Kiba and Sandra **ed like a new couple, experimenting with various positions and getting familiar with each other's bodies.

    In the starting, they **ed on the bed, next to Lager. In between, Lager moved and muttered something. This shocked Sandra out of her wits as she thought he was awake and was about to catch her!

    Her heart almost dropped out of her body but Kiba continued to ram his cock deep into her! She wanted to scream at him to stop, and think of the danger they were in!

    But a few seconds later, she knew she was panicking for nothing! Her husband was still sleeping!

    The incredible situation of surviving the danger made her climax right there!

    Afterward, Kiba made her rest her head on her husband's shoulders as he invaded her pussy from behind. She found the situation more than thrilling and enjoyed the best ** of her life.


    After what seemed like hours, they stopped, tired and exhausted.

    "We have turned dirty!"

    Sandra said as she noticed the sweat on their bodies.

    "It would seem so," Kiba agreed. "And something tells me your husband wouldn't appreciate the sweat you have pulled off."

    "You think?" Sandra giggled.

    "You should take a shower!" Kiba advised.

    "Shower?" Sandra repeated.


    Kiba grabbed Sandra and took her to the attached king-size bathroom.

    "You are having a shower with me?" Sandra asked as he started the shower.

    "Well, no, I'm here to help!"

    Kiba said as he stood under the shower alongside her.

    The water dribbled down on them, washing over their hair and envy-worthy bodies.

    If the males in the city saw the water sliding down Sandra's gorgeous curves, they would curse the water droplets for being so lucky!

    They would beg to reincarnate into water droplets and experience what it feels to slid down her breasts and her pussy!

    Sadly for them, the man they hated the most was experiencing what they desired!

    Kiba squeezed the body wash in his palm and applied on her.

    Sandra gasped as he rubbed certain parts with more focus, giving them special attention. Foam leathered on her curves, making them slippery.


    She let out a moan as he squeezed the foam around her breasts. She wanted to remind him this wasn't the right way of helping but all she could voice out were moans.

    Her head snapped and she squirmed.

    His hands fondled her breasts then her butt cheeks, making them shine with foam. The addition of the shower spray hitting her added excitement to her sensitive body,

    "Oh, lord! I love this method of helping!"

    Sandra muttered as she grabbed the body wash bottle and squeezed some liquid in her hand. She then ran her hand along the length of his cock, making it coat with slippery foam.

    "You are going to be there in the pageant!"

    Sandra explained as she stroked his cock while rubbing the foam.

    "We can't let you remain dirty!"

    Kiba smirked at her and nodded in agreement. Soon, he resumed washing her breasts as she cleaned his cock.

    "You do know how to clean a woman!" Sandra noted. "I could get used to it!"

    "Me as well!" Kiba agreed.

    The next movements were a series of blurs as their hands ran across each other's bodies; washing and rubbing every corner.

    The shower cleaned the sweat and foam off their bodies. As the water ran over their clean bodies, their eyes met and their minds clicked.

    They both knew the next step!

    Kiba grabbed her by her shoulders and spun her around. He pressed her against the glass wall, making her breasts squeeze erotically.


    She placed her hands on the wall and spread her legs.

    "We need to clean your internal channel," Kba explained as he placed his cock against her soft moistened pussy.

    "I know!" She gasped in understanding just as he invaded inside her, finding no resistance.

    His slippery cock sank fully into her wet tunnel and he started the procedure of cleaning her with slow, gentle strokes.

    Kiba brushed away the wet hair from her neck before lining his lips on her soft skin and thrust into her.

    "Damnnn yessss!"

    Sandra moaned as her breathing turned heavy.


    Warm water dripped on them but they were both focused on another type of warmth and wetness.

    "I'm close!"

    Sandra closed her eyes and whipped her ass back to meet his thrusts.

    "Wash my insides with your white juices!"

    Sandra said between the gasps for breath.

    Like before, they were on the same rhythm, and the moment he slammed his hips for the final stroke, she jammed him deep into her.

    Kiba's hips jerked and he unloaded inside her. Her slippery cunt was washed with his cum...


    By the time the shower completed, the dawn was on them.

    After Kiba emptied inside her, Sandra wiped the wetness on her body with a towel and smiled with pure orgasmic glow.


    Kiba noticed she hasn't cleaned the cum he deposited into her. She just wrapped the towel around her body.

    "You are not going to wash there?" Kiba asked.


    Sandra answered with a devilish glint in her eyes.

    "Ah! Are you going to give Lager sloppy seconds?" Kiba asked.

    Thanks to his line of business, he was acquainted with quite a lot of women, sharing a variety of fetishes.

    Among the married women he knew, the most common fetish was of giving sloppy seconds to their husbands!

    For a cheating woman, there was nothing as thrilling as having her clueless husband go down on her after she was royally screwed by her lover! Just the thought alone was climaxing!

    Because of this, Kiba knew a sizable amount of wives who turned their better halves into good husbands by such a method! Most of the husbands remained clueless and enjoyed the slippery wetness by mistaking it as arousal!

    And since Kiba was a kind-hearted fellow, he always helped the wives by providing them the necessary support for free!

    "No! I'm thinking of something even better!" Sandra replied with a wink.

    She was royally pissed on Lager for doubting her character and spying on her. She wanted him to get what he deserved!

    "?" Kiba was surprised.

    Something even better than sloppy seconds?

    He looked at her with curiosity. What was she planning?

    Sandra smirked and walked out of the bathroom without any further explanation.

    Through the bedroom, she stepped into the adjoining bar room. The room not only has the bar but also coffee and tea making machine.

    Sandra tapped on the machine and a menu for tea popped up. She selected an option and placed an empty cup under the machine.

    A few seconds later, the cup was filled with freshly brewed iced tea.

    "Nothing as nice as morning tea!"

    Sandra thought as she placed the teacup between her thighs. With her free hand, she spread her pussy lips and squirmed.


    The cum stored in her pussy dripped down and fell into the aromatic, fresh tea. Sandra brought the cup in front of her eyes and grinned.

    "And morning iced tea is best with delicious cream!"

    Sandra stirred the tea with a spoon to assimilate the cream and then licked the spoon clean.



    A few minutes later, she awakened her loving husband. She was both nervous and excited as she offered the tea.

    "Iced tea?" Lager was surprised.

    "Yes! I made it with an original recipe!"

    Sandra proudly announced while trying to suppress her excitement.

    "Ah!" Lager was pleased.

    It was always the servants who carried out the tasks normally a wife should. But for once, she was actually doing wifely duties, even if it was only making tea.

    "Thank you, love!"

    Lager smiled and thanked her while taking the tea from her delicate hands. Seeing the expectant look on her face, he took a sip of the tea to judge her skills.

    "Hmm.... You weren't lying when you said the recipe is original!"

    Lager remarked while taking another sip.

    "The tea feels slippery and somewhat sticky, but it tastes great! Just a few sips and I feel refreshed!"

    "Really?" Sandra asked with bright eyes.

    Lager lowered the cup before nodding, "Yes, it tastes great."

    "I'm glad!" Sandra was happy. She kissed him on the forehead and said, "Thank you for appreciating the tea! I made it with all my love!"

    Lager placed the tea on the table and looked at her. He decided to be not stingy with praises so he replied, "I know! I felt your love in it!"

    Sandra's eyes brightened and her lips spread into a cute smile.

    "Honey, you have no idea how pleased I'm by your words!"


    Through the bathroom, Kiba observed the scene with a speechless look on his face.

    "One night of cheating and she has transformed!"

    Kiba was amazed by her transformation.

    "She has gained the confidence to carry out herself and deceive without batting an eye!"

    Kiba felt tears building up in his eyes. He now knew sacrificing his sleep for adulterous sex wasn't wasted! He has changed the life of a woman for better!

    "If only Claudia could understand the importance of work I do!"

    He sighed as he teleported away.


    Sandra left the bedroom, allowing her husband to enjoy the tea in silence. Lager grabbed the digital tablet and linked it with the diamond ring he gave to her.

    "Hmm... She was exhilarated when she offered me tea!"

    Lager observed as he read the readings on the digital screen.

    "Her excitement level was suspiciously high!"

    Lager thought as he leisurely drank the nourishing tea.

    "What could be the reason?"

    He used the delightful aroma and the fresh taste to make his brain run at full speed.

    "Ah! It must be Kiba!"

    Lager grinned while savoring the tea.

    "Since I warned Kiba to not have any intent for my wife, Sandra must be on her toes! She would think her position as my wife could be lost at any moment! So, now, she must be trying to impress me!"

    Lager couldn't help but laugh.


    He could now understand why she excitedly waited for his feedback on the tea.

    "Kiba might be annoying, but he has finally come to some use!"

    Lager thought as he emptied the refreshing tea...
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