498 Crisis in Miss Delta Pageant!

    The second round of the pageant started. It brought the gorgeous contestants in a series of sexy gowns that made the audience gasp.

    The first to walk the catwalk was Viivi.

    She looked timeless in her red sequin bodice as she walked effortlessly, catching the attention of the audience with her elegant yet incredible figure.

    Kiba placed a hand under his chin and scrutinized her.

    The red of her gown was rosy-red and it matched her body like a glove to a hand. Then there was the amazing demeanor with which she carried herself.

    All over, she was marvelous.

    "She would definitely be in the top three," Kiba observed as he jotted down her scores. "She even has the ability to emerge as the winner."

    After Viivi, Athina followed.

    She put on a dazzling show in a strapless yellow gown. As she strutted down the catwalk, she slightly tilted forward her shoulders and made her hair bounce.


    The audience muttered. They were stunned by her style and the ease with which she carried herself.

    One after another, more contestants walked down the catwalk, dressed in colorful gowns and adorned by diamonds.

    Each was as beautiful as the last, making it hard for the audience to guess who would ultimately pass this round.

    The beauties walked with a variety of styles. Some offered little tilt from their hips or necks while some walked in the cross-over leg technique.

    It took an hour for the fifteen contestants to display their beauty and style, but not a single member of the audience complained.

    It was when the round completed that the audience felt like complaining. Because they wanted to see the contestants back, showing off their sexy gowns!


    After the second round completed, Teresa went back on the stage. She then did something that made the audience uproar.

    She invited a hundred men and women from the audience for an after-party event!



    "The pageant always has a wrap-up party type event from the second round!"

    "It is mainly for the contestants and judges to relax after hectic day!"

    "Also for the contestants to establish contacts and earn sponsorships!"

    "Indeed! Many higher-ups from the society attend these parties!"

    "The perfect combination of glamor and power!"

    The invited men and women were pleased while the rest of the audience was left disappointed. Sadly, there was nothing they could do except for curse their luck.

    Still, they were happy to get the chance to witness the pageant in-person, unlike those who were watching it on broadcast...

    Teresa waited for the audience to calm down before adding, "The party would be hosted in the hall above the auditorium. Please follow the protocol and have fun."


    Half an hour later.

    The grand hall was an envy-worthy place with its grandeur matching royalty. Tables were spread around with catering staff serving lavish starters, wine, and alcohol.

    Guests were evenly distributed, having a chat with friends and being introduced to each other.

    Kiba walked to the table reserved for Kestone family. Lager sat with his trophy wife and other family members, including his four daughters-in-law.

    "Lager, nice to see you with your family."

    Kiba said while grabbing an empty chair from another table. He created space between the chairs occuiped by Kestone family to place his chair and sit.

    Lager's face fell.

    Because Kiba was sitting between his daughters-in-law!

    Lager'seyes flashed with the scene from yesterday - Catching Kiba **ing Katy, his daughter-in-law.

    "Are you fine?" Kiba asked.

    The family members of Lager noticed the change in the expression as well. His face was like he was on the verge of a heart attack.

    "Is everything alright, dad?" One of his sons asked, concerned.

    Another son too followed, "Dad, what's wrong?"

    Lager's body stiffened.

    The first son to ask him the question was the one whose wife was banged by Kiba.

    How was he supposed to answer and say that no, not everything is alright! How to tell him that you are a clueless cuckold and there was a fear your brothers would join you!?

    As for the second son to ask... how was he supposed to warn him of the danger Kiba carried while sitting next to his wife! If he seduced Katy in a few hours, what was the guarantee he couldn't do the same with this daughter-in-law?!

    Lager didn't want to admit, but he was becoming a standard paranoid man. It might be due to his old age or the fact that he thought he sensed a disaster.

    "No! I must not overimagine things!" Lager reminded his old heart. "Kiba swore he wouldn't target my family's women!"

    Lager then glanced at his beautiful young wife.

    Sandra has donned a figure-hugging black dress with sheer sleeves and looked absolutely marvelous. She didn't pay any attention to Kiba at all.

    "Just like I did with her, I should plant spying devices with my daughters-in-law! That would reassure me!" Lager thought.

    At the same time, after distracting Lager's sons with possible health problems, Kiba used the golden opportunity to spend valuable time with their women.

    He reassured them Lager was fine and that there was nothing to worry. He then made subtle flattery and cracked jokes to bring smiles on their concerned faces.

    "Time to leave!"

    Kiba thought as he excused himself in less than five minutes after his arrival. He has done what he wanted to.


    Rivera brightened up the party in her blue polka dot dress. While politely facing the advances of the rich and powerful, she glanced at Kiba.

    He was paying attention to every contestant. He was polite with them, had a short but encouraging conversation and then moved with the other contestants.

    He even accepted the requests of selfies and autographs from the women who were part of the earlier audience.

    "He is paying attention to everyone but me!"

    Rivera bitterly thought while emptying her wine glass.


    The media and social influencers were naturally part of the party. They didn't record and invade the privacy of other guests, but used the opportunity to get familiar with the contestants.

    Daniel and Sarah,  being the owners of SBC News, were different. They conversed with the rich and mighty while leaving the lesser tasks to their representatives.

    "Please god! Don't let him come to this table!"

    Daniel prayed while chatting with his friends.

    Sarah passed occasional glances in the direction of Kiba and prayed the same as her husband. She didn't want to cheat on her loving husband, again.


    "Lord Kiba!"

    Suddenly, a youthful voice filled with vigor and excitement swept through the noisy hall. The chatter died and the hall turned pin-drop silent as everyone was left stunned.


    The tone with which the word was used, it was almost like a devotee was witnessing the presence of God!

    Everyone turned towards the source of the voice...

    Kiba was chatting with a group of married and single women when he heard the voice.

    Lord Kiba!?

    The worshipping tone made the corners of his mouth twitch. Because he has heard the same worshipping tone before!

    Though it was the first time he was hearing directly from the source...

    He turned around and wasn't at all shocked to find a youngster, around twenty-years-old.


    Erone was awe-struck as the lord responded to his call and turned in his direction.

    Others saw Kiba as a handsome man dressed in a black tuxedo.

    But not Erone.

    He saw Kiba surrounded by a divine halo, radiating an awe-inspiring presence.

    All around, the women stood naked, bending down to receive his grace; waiting for their sacred caves to be filled with the divine essence.

    The married men stood by the side, begging the Lord to bless their wives with his holy grail.

    Erone was fascinated by the might of the lord. He felt a strong urge to kneel down and pray.

    Oh, great Lord!

    You are the Messiah of this doomed world! The savior of the world!

    Bless the maidens and wives!

    Brighten their gloomy faces with the divine essence!

    Give your lowly follower the strength to share the great burden you carry!

    Allow this lowly servant to carry your duty in your reverend name and enlighten the world with your great ways!


    Kiba looked at Erone and noticed the reverence glowing deep in his eyes. Kiba wanted to laugh bitterly.

    He has seen sportsmen, movie stars, and even politicians having impressive fan following. He even knew of fans that were fanatics, treating their idol as gods.

    But never in his life, he expected him to have a fan.... no, a devotee!

    Because his profession wasn't the type to have fans!

    But he was proved wrong!

    Five to six months ago, from far away, he has witnessed Erone worshipping a poster of his with honesty and reverence.

    The prayer Erone used left him embarrassed!

    Now meeting him face to face, for the first time, brought back those embarrassing memories. Thankfully he knew Erone wasn't aware of that so he sported a nonchalant expression.

    At the same time, a male media tycoon asked Erone, "What do you mean by Lord Kiba?"

    Erone glanced at the media tycoon in disdain.

    How dare he commit blasphemy by asking such a preposterous question?!

    Erone opened his mouth to explain the ways of the great Lord but then he stopped.

    "No! I don't deserve to let the Lord knows I'm his devotee!"

    Erone self-corrected his thoughts.

    "And with what face could I directly address him as the Lord?!"

    "After all, despite being his loyal follower for years, I haven't succeeded in enlightening the world about his great ways!"

    "The world is still filled with non-believers who don't know he is the hero that was promised by the great prophecy! The messiah the world needs!"

    Erone's eyes shined with determination. He has made a decision.

    "Only when I establish the church and succeed in enlightening the ignorant masses, would I deserve the honor of worshipping the Lord directly!"

    As these thoughts ran through his mind, Erone smiled and answered the media tycoon.

    "I was trying to say, Sir Kiba," Erone explained. "But in my excitement, I mistakenly used Lord."

    He then turned towards Kiba, and in a respected tone introduced himself.

    He made an introduction only as a formality for he knew it was unnecessary.

    Because the man in front of him was not a human! But a god! He was all-knowing!

    "I run a news portal," Erone further said. "And I would be forever grateful if your esteemed self could give me your valuable time for a short interview."

    News portal?

    Everyone in the vicinity looked at Erone with curious eyes.

    "..." Kiba felt a headache.

    He knew what type of portal Erone ran. It was anything but news... but then again, from one perspective, Erone was totally honest.

    Teresa was walking by when she heard Erone's introduction. Curious, she asked, "What portal do you run?"

    Erone's expression turned bright as he realized it was a woman asking him the question. And that too the host of the pageant!

    In a sweet tone, he answered, "I'm sure you know the portal I run! You borrowed lines for the introduction you did yesterday!"

    Teresa's eyes turned wide.

    He is... the prophetic webmaster of Wife Hunter Society?!

    The great society with extraordinary web hits and donations?!

    Kiba: ".........."


    Meanwhile, in a room adjoining the hall.

    A local lifestyle tycoon took a contestant named Ranae into the room; by saying he wanted to discuss exclusive advertisement contracts in private.

    "You have a stunning face," The tycoon praised. "And I can recommend you the right way for you to get my contracts."

    Ranae's face was bright but when she heard the second part of his statement, it lost luster.

    Fucking creep!

    She cursed in her heart.

    Being in the fashion industry, she was well-aware of men who preyed on women. They would use coercion, lucrative deals, and everything possible to make the women give them what they want.

    She initially thought he really wanted to discuss, but now, she knew she was being preyed.

    "Sir, the party is proceeding," Ranae made an excuse. "And the other contestants would be looking for me. We can discuss the contract later."

    The tycoon's expression turned ugly.

    This whore!

    She didn't knew what was good for her!

    Just as she was about to turn, he jumped at her. Ranae was taken aback and she was on the verge of screaming.

    But suddenly, in mid-jump, the tycoon's skin crawled into a swirling texture.

    "Hey~" A murderous voice ringed out. "No one touches my exclusive collection!"

    At the same time, in the hall, Kiba snapped his head towards his left. He grabbed Teresa and Erone and pulled them back.

    Before the two could react, an explosive sound reverberated and a ball of humanoid figure exploded out of the wall, making the wall collapse into debris.

    The humanoid figure rolled through the air and collapsed in the place where Kiba and others were originally standing.

    Foul ghastly smell swept out, making everyone cover their faces.

    Teresa looked at the humanoid figure and faced a strong urge to throw up. The humanoid figure didn't have any skin, thus exposing terrible blood mass.

    "What's going on?!"

    The hall fell into chaos and everyone jumped to their feet, shocked. They looked in the direction of the collapsed wall where smoke from the explosion filled up.


    Rane ran out through the smoke, screaming out of her lungs.

    While everyone gazed at her, Kiba closed his eyes and swept out his senses to the outside of the building.

    A transparent circular screen enveloped the entire building.

    Kiba whistled his senses to the ground and noticed dozens of mechanical orbs that ultimately powered the screen.

    "The building is locked with powerful arrays that have more than one function! Fooling the outside world with holographic projection and blocking all forms of contacts is one of them!"

    Kiba realized.

    "The main function is sealing this place!"

    He channeled his teleporting powers and concluded he could use them. But he also knew he was the exception.

    If someone here was a teleporter, they wouldn't be able to teleport out.

    Meanwhile, as the smoke settled, Goten Whiteskins donned in the military guard's skin came in sight.

    "I promised to be good and subtle."

    Goten Whiteskins rubbed his hands.

    "And I'm always good on my promises!"

    He smirked and icy glint flashed in his eyes.

    "Just like I told that bitch when she sent me to that island to be imprisoned forever instead of killing me!"

    "Annoying bitch! Jailing me for some stupid revenge for her bastard son's disappearance!"
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