499 You Dont Deserve Lords Grace!

    Goten Whiteskins turned towards Ranae who ran to the end of the hall.

    "Hey girl, don't run like that!" Goten Whiteskins licked his lips excitedly. "You are supposed to join my presently empty collection!"

    Just then, a team of guards banged into the hall and aimed their weapons at him.

    "Who are you?!"

    "Get on your knees otherwise don't blame us!"

    Goten Whiteskins stepped without paying any heed to them.

    The head guard sent a signal and they fired.


    Bullets, laser beams, and energy rays flashed forward, to tear the intruder to pieces.

    Goten Whiteskins's skin deformed and twisted to an impossible degree. Despite the hail of attacks concentrated like water droplets in the sea, he dodged every attack by negligible movements of ducking to one side or another.

    A mutant guard appeared behind him and sneak attacked by launching out a tsunami of force.


    The tiles cracked into pieces while the furniture flipped over before breaking down. The guard mutant that just attacked staggered backward with a look of anxiety over his face.

    Goten Whiteskins didn't suffer a single scratch. It was like he could harden his skin whenever he wanted, turning it into indestructible.

    As the mutant and the other guards thought of attacking again, Goten Whiteskins lifted a hand.



    The guards screamed. The flab on their bodies rose up like sharp icicles before stabbing down right through their vitals. Blood splashed out and they dropped dead.

    With another moment of his hand, their skins drew out into his body and fused with his present skin.

    "!" Unease, worry, and fear struck the hearts of everyone as they witnessed the ease which he defeated so many guards at once.

    "He must at least be a Level IV mutant!"



    "Someone fight him!"

    "You fight him instead of asking others to die!"

    "Call help!"

    "All communications are down!"

    "Stop talking and start running!"

    The hall turned chaotic and resulted in a stampede like situation.

    "Fufu, the mutants here are so weak that it's fun playing around," Goten Whiteskins said as he walked forward.

    He looked around and noticed Ranae has left the hall, taking advantage of the commotion. He didn't mind though for the building was sealed.

    "So many variety of skins here," Goten Whiteskins said aloud. "Let's choose the best in here."

    At the end of the hall, Lager and his family were trying to get out when a patch of skin jumped up, transforming into Goten Whiteskins.

    He locked his eyes on Sandra and rolled his tongue out to lick his lips. Sandra turned pale from terror and tried to move but she found her skin numb, not responding to her commands.

    "You are so young and lovely," Goten Whiteskins observed. "I'm giving you the honor to be my first female skin!"

    He raised a hand and stretched it towards her face.

    Lager and his sons jumped back and as did others. They were so frightened by his earlier display of strength that they didn't even tried to fight him with their abilities.

    Who would want to act as a hero and lose their life?

    The wisest thing to do was use the deaths of others to buy valuable time and flee!

    "You all are the next," Goten Whiteskins said as he grabbed Sandra. "I lost all skins due to that bitch, so I wouldn't mind having extras."

    Lager and others froze just as Sandra felt her skin crawl.

    As Goten Whiteskins started, from the corner of his right eye, he noticed a foot rushing at him.

    A frightening might exploded out of the foot, turning the air into raging waves.

    Goten's eyes flickered. He tossed Sandra away and took a step back, narrowly avoiding the foot kicking him.

    The raging airwaves brushed past and smashed into the adjoining wall and floor. The entire targetted area rolled down into the auditorium below.

    Everyone jumped to avoid falling down and land on the remaining floor.

    Sandra turned her head and noticed her unexpected saviour.



    "Ah! A man coming to the rescue of his woman! How touching!"

    Goten Whiteskins eyed Kiba and then at Sandra.

    He noticed her wedding ring, and then smelled the traces of pheromones, oils, and other secretions of Kiba that were present on her.

    Those were secretions shared during mating, something that remains present for a long time and could not be cleaned through simple bathing. Of course, no one ever notices them, except Goten Whiteskins.

    Now concluding the relationship between two, he grinned at Sandra and said, "I'm afraid I have to turn you into a widow first!"

    Lager's face cramped and he broke out in cold sweat.


    He started trembling from fear and stumbled down on the floor.

    Goten Whiteskins was amused by Lager's reaction. He couldn't help but ask, "Why are you cowering instead of her husband?"

    "What do you mean?! I'm her husband!" Lager's face whitened.

    "Ah! So you are a cuckold!" Goten Whiteskins realized. "Given your age, it does make sense why you would need a bull to do your job!"

    In the years he has lived as the skin collector, he has faced various types of people. To him the tastes of the skin wielders didn't matter, he only cared about adding skins to his collection.

    Why should he care if there was a cuckold as long as he gets his skin?


    Lager's face turned unsightly and his heart constricted. He couldn't believe the world-shaking words he has heard.


    It has been a few days since his wife and Kiba met, and he has even implanted a spying device on her to avoid the fate of his son! So there was no way he could be a cuckold!

    This bloody killer must be lying!

    But he has no reason to!

    Then are my other sons as well...?!

    So not only I failed to protect my sons from being cuckolded, I too was cuckolded!!

    Realizing the tragic truth, his old heart couldn't bear any longer. A squeezing sensation rooted through his chest and his body tightened before dropping to the floor.

    He died from a heart attack!

    Sandra winced.

    She never expected her secret to be exposed, and that too in such a manner. And she definitely didn't expect her husband to die!

    Then again, how was she supposed to know a psycho killer would expose her affair in such a manner?

    Even Kiba was shocked.

    He has never faced a situation like this. It wasn't like he hasn't seen a cuckold husband showing an extreme physical reaction, but he has never witnessed a husband dying!

    "Haah~ What would happen to the pageant?" Kiba wondered.

    Everyone in the room was terrified by what happened, but one youngster smiled with eyes full of devotion.

    "The Lord's powers are mysterious!" Lager thought, awe-stuck. "Having his secrets exposed before the right time could get one killed!"

    Kiba moved his eyes back to Goten Whiteskins and grinned.

    "You really live up to your words," Kiba praised with a round of applause. "Turning her into a widow!"

    Goten Whiteskins didn't appreciate the sarcasm. He flicked his wrist and the skin on his arms opened up like the wrapped linen bandages.

    "I will take it slow," Goten Whiteskins said. "And enjoy unwrapping your skin by my own skin constructs."

    The opened skin stretched out and split into multiple threads that ultimately transformed into tentacles and various offensive tools, secreting lethal chemicals.

    Kiba wasn't surprised. He has guessed his opponent carried the power to use every cell of his body like an extra limb.

    Simultaneously, they charged at each other. From the spectator's point of view, their bodies transformed into a series of phantoms before they crashed into each other.


    Terrifying energy ripples cascaded out. They smashed through the hall and adjoining rooms. The building violently trembled as if it might collapse at any moment.

    The contestants and everyone else was alarmed.

    "What terrifying might!"

    "Who is facing that psycho!?"

    "Obviously Kiba!"

    In less than a minute since the clash started, half the building split apart. Crushed pieces of stones and splinters rolled down while dust and gravel stirred through the air.

    The clash that initially started in the hall now occupied every place. One moment Kiba and Whiteskins were in the kitchen, and the next moment in the auditorium, ripping the catwalk to pieces.

    "You are rather strong!" Goten Whiteskins remarked with a hideous grin.

    "And so are you!" Kiba replied.

    Facing Kiba didn't fully stop Goten Whiteskins in completing his objective. Every time he and Kiba clashed, Goten Whiteskins would sweep out extra strands of his powers to rip the skin of bystanders. He didn't care if it was male or female because if he didn't like the skin, he could throw it away.

    "Watch out!"


    The bystanders used their abilities to avoid the attack and survive, knowing full well the situation was bad for them.

    After all, as the saying went, the prey needed to be lucky every time but the hunter only once!

    Killing was always a lot easier than protecting!


    Kiba blocked the strands of power targeting those near him.

    He lifted a fist high in the air and streams of golden energy enveloped his hand.  He then punched the fist in the air behind him.

    Ripples of strength boomed out and a force shield erupted, turning into an incorporeal wall.

    "Brat, stop being a spoilsport!" Goten Whiteskins' eyes narrowed and he charged at Kiba.

    At the same time, as another clash happened, Erone's eyes brightened.

    "What's there to fear when the Lord is here!"

    Erone declared with eyes full of devotion. He tapped a foot on the floor and shot off.

    Through the debris and splinters, he ran using his high-speed moments and appeared behind the incorporeal force wall.

    The energy shockwaves from the clash continued to explode out, crumbling the surrounding into gravel. But when the shockwaves bombarded on the force wall, they dispersed, completely blocked. Even the energy strands used by Goten Whiteskins to rip off the skin faded when they banged on the force wall!

    The bystanders now realized why Erone said what he said. The force wall was the safe line!

    Everyone ran for it!

    The models - who were were protected by Kiba till now-  appeared behind the wall first, joining Erone. They were followed by staff and audience members, both male and females.

    Erone allowed the females to enter behind the wall but stopped the males. He used his high-speed to create a wind barrier by running at lightning speed from one side to another.

    "You don't deserve Lord's grace!" Erone announced.

    The eyes of the males turned bloodshot and they stared at him angrily.



    "Who are you to announce that?!"

    "The wall is for all!"

    "Stop trying to hinder us!"

    The males shouted while trying to push him away.

    Sadly for them, it was impossible to push him away with the number of females behind him and his high-speed moments that made him hard to catch.

    Plus they also have to dodge the energy shockwaves and debris whipping through the air.

    Just as they thought of killing him, Erone declared, "You all lack the ability to worship Lord and receive his grace!"

    "Really? Then what about those women behind you!"

    A man asked while wrapping his fists with plasma energy.

    "They all were born to worship the Lord and receive his grace!"

    Erone explained while raising his knee in blinding speed to kick the man in the crotch.

    "Unlike you all!"

    Erone concluded and lowered his knee.

    The man's eyes popped out and the energy on his fists faded. He dropped on the floor, too shocked by his ungrateful defeat.

    The other men were crestfallen, not just by the defeat of the man but the words Erone used.

    The women were born to receive the Lord's grace...

    These words were then followed by a kick to the crotch and then the conclusion - unlike men!

    The meaning of his words couldn't be more clear with the kick!



    "We are here trying to protect ourself of a psycho! And this guy is stopping us because we were born as males!"

    "This guy is just like those cult fanatics!"

    "Yes! He doesn't make any sense!"

    The men cursed while trying to avoid the strands of power that wanted to rip their skin.

    Behind Erone, the female bystanders were astonished. Almost all of them understood the profound meaning of 'they were born to receive the Lord's grace.'

    The meaning was so profound that it made their cheeks flush with warm blood.

    Among the female bystanders, a woman said, "Erone, let those men enter! Their survival is necessary!"

    Erone glanced back and identified the woman.

    She was a married woman from yesterday's audience!

    The one who started the commotion when the Lord was introduced as the judge! The one who was the first to announce her marital status and show-off her wedding ring to gain Lord's attention!

    The one who received the first heart emoticon ❤️ from the Lord!

    Knowing she was favored by the Lord, Erone asked, "Why?"

    The woman's husband was also trying to enter. When he saw his wife requesting Erone to let them enter, his heart swelled with pride! She might have embarrassed him yesterday, but her actions now proved the pure love that existed between them!

    He urged his wife to answer Erone! Tell him the women needed their husbands and boyfriends! Explain to him what love meant!

    The woman nodded at her husband's request.

    "If men wouldn't exist, then there would be no husbands!" The woman started. "If there would be no husbands, there would be no wives!"


    Her words were like a clap of thunder under Erone's ears. A look of enlightenment took over his face as he realized what she meant.

    "Then Lord would fail in his mission of rescuing unhappy wives!"

    Understanding why the survival of men was important, he no longer blocked them. In fact, he used his speed to pull them behind the wall.

    When he pulled the husband of the enlightened woman, he was startled.

    The husband had passed out!

    "What happened to him?" Erone wondered. "Did an energy shockwave hit him?"

    Since the husband couldn't answer, Erone placed him next to his wife. He lifted his head and looked at her with admiration.

    "Ma'am! You are one of the few enlightened ones in this world shrouded by ignorance!" Erone started respectfully.

    The woman smiled.

    "The world is on the brink of crisis due to non-believers!" Erone continued. "So would you join me in spreading the light of enlightenment?"

    "How?" The woman asked, intrigued.

    "By joining the Holy Church!"
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