500 Im There To Console!

    Through the falling mass of debris, Kiba and Goten Whiteskins clashed, their bodies flashes of virtual phantoms.

    Hundreds of tendrils shot out from the skin constructs Goten Whiteskins created. They passed through falling debris and smashed forward.

    In mid-air, Kiba jumped to the side and avoided them while punching out. Before his punch could land, the tendrils moved to catch him from behind while the skin on Goten Whiteskins's wrist lashed out.

    Kiba snorted coldly. His body erupted with violent golden fluctuations.


    The debris in the vicinity turned into flying dust as the fluctuations ripped forward, shredding the tendrils into patches of dry skin.

    At the same time, as the wrist skin lashed out, the punch Kiba launched moved to crush it. The wrist skin hardened like an indestructible metal, and an ear-numbing sound rang out as the skin and punch smashed into each other.

    Terrifying shockwaves surged outward like a cyclone.

    Multiple booming sounds rang out and violent tremors passed through the collapsing building. The floors completely toppled over each other.

    The bystanders looked at the sight in alarm, their bodies shaking.


    Everyone thought as the force wall continued to protect them.

    Meanwhile, Kiba and Goten Whiteskins staggered backward, both in surprise.

    Kiba glanced at his scratched fist while Goten Whiteskins observed the web-like cracks on his wrist.

    \"Do you know skin secretes various biological substances for body stability?\"

    Goten Whiteskins rhetorically asked as he concentrated on Kiba's skin secretions.

    \"Naa, you are the only skincare expert here,\" Kiba mocked.

    This annoying brat!

    Goten Whiteskins swore while using his powers to influence Kiba's skin secretions.

    Even as the skin secretions on Kiba's body turned wild and his body cramped, Kiba further remarked, \"Though given your fascination with skin, I think becoming a cosmetologist should have been your calling in life, instead of a serial murderer.\"

    \"Impudent!\" Goten Whiteskins clenched his hand into a fist.


    Kiba flinched.

    His entire body broke out into cold sweat and his temperature rapidly changed.

    Sweat was an aid in body temperature regulation, but after reacting with other secretions, it acted as a damaging substance. The combined result made Kiba feel lightheadedness and fatigue.

    Every skin cell rose up, like a bump, ready to tear from his body. Paradoxically, he felt the skin on his chest tightened, giving him symptoms similar to a heart attack.

    \"He is strong!\"

    Kiba thought while fighting the dizziness.

    He wasn't using his true powers since there were spectators but even still, his physical body was powerful on its own.

    To affect him to such a degree, the opponent was an expert in his ability control. Someone who has long surpassed the realms of Domain!

    \"What level is he?\"

    Kiba wondered as he fought off the fatigued feeling overpowering his senses.

    Goten Whiteskins was able to mask his aura and power level thanks to his ability to manipulate skin. As he looked at Kiba on verge of falling, he smirked.

    \"Brat! I'm not even using my true strength!\"

    Goten Whiteskins laughed while sending his skin constructs forward. They opened up into claws to rip his skin.

    Behind the force wall, the faces of everyone paled. The female contestants shut their eyes, not able to handle the only possible scenario.

    The claws arrived on his face and started digging into his face.

    Just then, Kiba's eyes snapped open.

    His gaze was like that of an ancient beast awakened from a long slumber, making the world reverberate with rumbling roars.

    Wild winds surged out and cracks erupted on the land below his feet.


    Golden energy wrapped around him as if he was bathed in blazing golden flames.


    Goten Whiteskins was dumbstruck as fissures sprang into the claws and they shattered one after another.

    \"Manifesting physical strength into energy?!\"

    He wondered as the golden energy rushed forward to engulf his other skin constructs. He tried to move them back, but suddenly, he felt something amiss.

    He couldn't move.

    It wasn't like he was grabbed by something or he wasn't trying to move. It was just that his body wasn't listening to him!

    A foreign command has overpowered his instructions making ability, making him freeze.

    \"Mind control?!\"

    Goten Whiteskins was shocked. He quickly bit his tongue and used the pain to gain some clarity. Instead of trying to move, he used what strength he could muster to increase the enhanced layers of skin around his head.

    He felt his senses back and used precious time to jump backward.

    By now, all the skin constructs were destroyed to pieces.

    \"You surprised me!\" Goten Whiteskins remarked. \"It seems ripping your skin would give me many benefits!\"

    The missing skin on his body regenerated at a speed visible to the naked eye. But the regenerated skin was different in smoothness, texture, and color.

    \"You are using the skins you absorbed to power regeneration,\" Kiba observed. \"So you do use skin for more than simple collection.\"

    \"Fufu, obviously,\" Goten Whiteskins replied.

    \"Obvious, indeed,\" Kiba nodded his head.


    \"Before we resume, can I ask something?\" Kiba enquired with a curious expression.

    Goten Whiteskins grinned and told him to go ahead.

    \"When your mother learned your interest in wearing female skin, did she request a doctor... to confirm you were really a male?\"

    Kiba sincerely asked.


    Everyone behind the force wall held their breaths, their ears ringing. Slowly they moved their vision on Goten Whiteskins and noticed him burning in fury.

    Goten Whiteskins has rarely felt anger like today. His eyes erupted with venom as he shouted.

    \"How dare you!\"

    His body surged out a frightening burst of energy. His entire skin unwrapped to activate combat mode.

    Most of it entered camouflaged mode by turning into the same color as the surrounding.


    Goten Whiteskins exploded forward, his body turning everything in between to dust. Kiba smirked and charged forward, crashing head-on.

    \"With your short temper, you fit the profile of a cheap criminal!\" Kiba remarked as they smashed into each other, launching dozens of attacks.

    Goten Whiteskins tear through the attacks and stabbed a skin tail. Kiba ducked to the side and punched out.

    Golden force ripples cascaded out, crushing forward like a berserk seastorm. Goten Whiteskins moved to the side and avoided most ripples.


    A ripple of golden force smashed onto a mechanical orb embedded in the ground. Cracking sounds rang out and the orb blasted into chunks.

    The barrier screen around the building turned blurry and the real scene of the building came into the sight of people on the streets.

    \"Isn't that the place where Miss Delta Pageant is taking place?!\"

    \"I think so... but it doesn't seem so!\"

    \"The building is in ruins!\"

    \"What are those explosion sounds?!\"

    \"I want to ask the same!\"

    \"Wait! What are those two streams of light constantly crashing into each other like firecrackers?!\"



    \"They must be fighting at speed inconceivable to our eyes!\"


    \"A real fight!\"

    \"Use the motion slowing feature of phone camera and see the battle!\"

    The people inside the building were too frightened and alarmed to record the fight, but the same didn't apply to the people on the streets. They brought their phones and started recording the rare sight of two powerful mutants fighting, leading to the collapse of the building.

    \"Damn them!\" Goten Whiteskins swore.

    He had planned to kill everyone in the building while ensuring no information was leaked. But with those outside recording the fight, his intention of not exposing himself was damaged.

    Still, he was donning another man's skin so his identity was safe.

    \"Ever since I helped them in trying to kill that bitch's bastard son, my luck hasn't been good,\" Goten Whiteskins thought while dodging the attack.

    Suddenly, Kiba's expression flickered. He raised his head and looked above. From the sky, a column of light smashed on the barrier and energy moved into the barrier.

    A swirling portal opened up and Marlon's voice ringed out, \"You have done enough damage! Leave!\"

    \"No! I haven't collected skins!\" Goten Whiteskins refused.

    \"Idiot, forget about that!\" Marlon said angrily. \"The higher-ups are already pissed! You can forget about collecting any skin from now!\"

    Goten Whiteskins snapped his teeth angrily. Even he knew that if he pushed his luck beyond the limit, the government would be forced to act. They wouldn't want another scandal.

    \"Brat, you are lucky!\"

    Goten Whiteskins said to Kiba. He regretted not using his full powers and ripping him earlier.

    \"I have to leave!\"

    The skin on his back opened up in the form of wings and he flapped them to run into the portal.

    \"Don't think you can leave after ruining this beautiful contest!\" Kiba warned while launching at him.

    \"Back off, city dweller!\"

    Marlon's voice swept out of the portal. Alongside his voice, waves of strange energy crashed out of the portal like a tsunami.

    \"Ability nullifying waves!\"

    Kiba backed away, startled. He has the means to overpower them but he couldn't employ them without exposing his secrets.

    \"Haah~ It is for good,\" Kiba thought with a sigh as Goten Whiteskins disappeared into the portal.


    A few minutes later.

    Media vans and police cars filled the street outside the ruined Miss Delta Pageant's building. Ambulances and other emergency services rushed to help the injured.

    Kiba provided moral support to the contestants while helping them to vehicles.

    They all were beautiful and confident a few hours ago, but now they were like panicked cats, frightened by the encounter with Goten Whiteskins.

    \"Everything would be alright,\" Kiba reassured them. \"Take some rest and don't overthink about the pageant.\"

    \"Yes, don't worry,\" Teresa added. \"We have insurance and other claims so you all would be fine.\"

    \"And my companies would provide you all the support you need,\" Kiba concluded.


    Kestone Family members stood in a corner, drowning in the sorrow of their patriarch's death.

    Sandra felt the sorrow of her deceased husband's sons and daughters-in-law. She knew why.

    Lager's death has broken the delicate power balance and pushed the family into a chaotic situation. Now everyone would try to grab power, even the outsiders.

    \"You bitch! Your cheating killed dad!\" The eldest son swore.

    \"How dare you cheat on him?!\" Another son asked.

    \"I always knew you were a slut!\" One of the daughters-in-law remarked. \"I warned dad to not marry you!\"

    \"Gold digger!\"

    \"Selfish bitch!\"

    They started cursing her as if to show they loved Lager the most. Sandra obviously knew the reason was to put her out of the estate and force her to give up her right on the property.

    Just as she felt they might get physical with her, Kiba stepped in. The family turned silent and those nearby focused their attention on them.

    Sandra looked at him with a complicated expression before forcing a smile. He has saved her and that mattered to her more than anything.

    \"Sandra, I'm so sorry for your loss!\"

    Kiba said as he wrapped an arm around her and took her into his embrace.

    \"Lager was a good husband and I'm sure he would want us to be strong in his absence!\"

    Sandra: \"....\"

    Lager's sons and daughters-in-law: \"....\"

    Everyone else: \"....\"

    Kiba rubbed her back as she rested her head on his shoulders. He eyed Lager's family members before continuing to her.

    \"The city is in crisis with the appearance of mystic phenomenons, ruthless terrorists, strange beasts, and psycho killers. I have a feeling, Lager's soul in heaven would be constantly worried about all of us... After all, anything could happen in these testing times.\"


    Every family member of the Kestone family felt their backs turning icy cold.

    He was vague but they were smart enough to realize his words were a threat!

    With his powers, he could kill them. Sure there was police and government, but with the crisis in the city... there would be no forces to act as a deterrent.

    Furthermore, given the resulting power struggle in both the family and company, there would be a lot of suspects if a murder occurred.

    So, as long as he plays it smart, he could get away without any consequences!

    Sweat dripped down the faces of Kestone family members as they reached this conclusion.

    Their vision darkened as they felt death overlooking them, ready to send them to the deceased patriarch.

    No matter how much they desired wealth and power, it wasn't to the degree that they wanted to have a family reunion with Lager.

    \"But I'm sure with Lager blessing the family from the heavens, nothing bad would happen!\"

    Kiba continued with a warm smile.

    \"The family would support each other, especially his poor wife who has been burdened with the responsibility of running the family estate!\"


    Lager's sons clenched their fists so hard that cracking sounds ringed out. Their faces were as ugly as they could get.

    Sandra's eyes brightened. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly.

    \"Thank you!\"

    She said with sincerity. He has done so much for her already, and now with his words, he has ensured she would have a smooth life.

    \"Well, Lager and I were more than fellow judges, we were friends,\" Kiba said before brushing a strand of her hair away. \"He would want me to be there for you, consoling you.\"


    Everyone in the vicinity swore in the heart. They wondered just how thick-skinned was he!

    He was responsible for Lager's death, but now he speaks of consoling the widow in Lager's name!

    How could he speak of such things without being embarrassed at all?!


    Sandra smiled.

    As they hugged, she closed her lips to his ear and guided his hand between her thighs.

    \"This pussy would be only for you!\" Sandra whispered. \"Now and forever!\"

    Kiba suppressed a grin.

    A few seconds later, he broke the hug and turned around.

    Lager's sons and daughters-in-laws had bitter looks on their faces. His words pretty much destroyed all the plans they have built to grab property.

    Feeling the sadness of Lager's four daughters-in-law, he stepped towards them. A gust of wind sprang and the sons found themselves staggering backward.

    Kiba then spread his arms wide and wrapped them around the four women for a group hug.

    \"Don't worry, I'm there for you just as I'm there for Sandra,\" Kiba said as he hugged them. \"I would make sure you are never lacking for anything.\"

    Everyone was stunned especially the four women.

    The bodies of their husbands cramped and veins popped throughout their bodies.

    Kiba would be there for their wives just like he was for Sandra?!

    Fucking bastard!

    Because you were there for Sandra, our dad got a heart attack! You want us to have a heart attack as well!?

    Just how shameless could you be?!

    Earlier they felt their expressions couldn't get more unsightly, but they now realized they had underestimated Kiba's abilities.

    Still, no matter how angry they were, they didn't dare do more than cursing him. They were scared witless of this shameless scoundrel...

    Some distance away.

    Through his phone, Erone clicked pictures of Kiba hugging Lager's wife and daughters-in-law. He then opened Wife Hunter Society's admin page to create a new post.

    He first added the pictures he clicked and then typed the headline: \"In times of need, deceased Lager Kestone's fellow judge steps in to console his grieving widow and heartbroken daughters-in-law.\"

    Erone then wrote possible ways Kiba could make the widow forget her sorrow and mend the heart of daughters-in-law.

    \"Lord is so great! Ordinary mortals can't handle consoling one woman, but Lord can handle five!\"

    Erone thanked the Lord for being so benevolent. Earth was so lucky to have him!
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