501 Birth of Hope! I/II

    \"Lord is so great! Ordinary mortals can't handle consoling one woman, but Lord can handle five!\" Erone thought, his eyes full of awe and devotion.

    Sandra was pleased by what Kiba has done for her.

    She first glanced at her step-sons and then at her step daughters-in-law.

    All of them were older than her, and the rightful owners of the most of the Kestone estate, but now everything was in her control! She was getting more than she legally deserved! All because of their greed!

    Some distance away, as seconds passed, the faces of Lager's four sons turned white.

    Here they were in open, surrounded by police, media, and emergency personals, and yet, that **ing son-of-a-bitch was continuing to hug their wives, next to the smoking ruins!

    And just how long were his arms?!

    He was hugging four women without any discomfort!

    Aren't his arms getting tired?!

    Lager's elder son, who was unaware he was a Good Husband, turned wide-eyes when he noticed Kiba's face nuzzling on his wife's neck! He even noticed his wife shaking her body, making her curves press against Kiba!

    Shameless bitch! This isn't the part of hugging or consoling!

    He no longer cared for consequences and stepped forward to break the group hug!

    \"Brother, stop!\" His third brother, around forty-five-years-old, grabbed him. \"Katy is doing it for our family's sake! You should be proud of her!\"

    \"What?!\" The elder brother snapped.

    \"Third brother is right!\" The second brother intervened. \"Katy is fooling Kiba and losing him up! There is a very good chance she would be able to make Kiba forget about Sandra!\"

    \"Indeed! When that happens, the estate would be fully ours!\" The youngest brother, around thirty-five years old, added. \"We would kick Sandra out!\"

    \"Don't worry, we would give you 2% extra for your wife's contributions!\" The third brother assured the elder brother of extra benefits.

    \"YOU!\" The eldest brother trembled from volcanic fury.

    These good for nothing brothers!

    How could they expect me to allow my wife to look like a slut for some 2% profit?! That too in front of so many people!

    While it was true that 2% of Kestone Family was in millions, but that didn't matter in front of his honor as a man!

    Thinking of this, he decided to charge forward but his brothers didn't let him go.

    \"Elder brother, as the descendants of Kestone Family, it is our duty to do whatever is necessary for the future of our family!\" The younger brother said with righteous indignation. \"We can't lose the estate our father built with blood and sweat! And definitely not lose it to that adulterous bitch whose cheating killed father!\"

    \"Our dad sacrificed so much for the sake of our family!\" The third brother chimed in. \"You think it is fine to ruin those sacrifices just because you are getting jealous for nothing?!\"

    The elder brother stopped with a jerk.

    These **ing bastards!!

    Just then he noticed something. Kiba's lips moved close to the face of the youngest brother's wife!

    The youngest brother noticed it as well. He even detected his wife leaning her hips forward to press her lips against Kiba's!


    His face paled. He knew his gorgeous wife was a gold digger but didn't expect her to show her true face this soon!

    \"Bloody slut!\"

    The youngest brother jumped forward with hatred deep in his soul. He barely crossed a meter when a hand grabbed his shoulder.

    \"Younger brother! Your wife is helping mine for the future of our family!\" The elder brother said as he pulled him back. \"You wouldn't want to ruin her efforts, right?\"

    The elder brother's eyes contained ridicule. His expression was like, how does it feel?

    \"Elder brother is right!\" The third brother stepped in. \"But don't worry brother, we would give you 2% extra as well!\"

    The younger brother's heart cramped.

    This couldn't be happening!

    Both the second and third brothers secretly took pleasure in the misfortune of their brothers.

    \"What unlucky fools! Their wives married them for money!\" The second brother thought.

    Thinking of what the wives of his brothers did, he remembered what his deceased father said: Women sense the direction of the wind and act accordingly!

    \"Thankfully I'm fortunate enough!\" The third brother thought differently. \"My wife married me for love, unaware of my background at that time!\"

    The third brother was the proudest of his wife. He knew she didn't broke the hug because she didn't want to anger or slight Kiba's 'consoling' attempts.

    He looked at the scene of Kiba hugging his and other brothers' wives. Suddenly, a chill passed through his spine and he froze.

    His loving wife has locked her lips with Kiba!

    What the hell?! My wife couldn't be doing what I'm seeing!!

    He rubbed his eyes but the scene didn't change.

    There is no way she could be kissing him! She is the mother of kids for god's sake! Wait! Perhaps she is under mind control! Yes! That would explain her behavior!

    Seemingly realizing the truth, he stepped forward to rescue his wife. But his eldest and youngest brothers didn't let him pass.

    \"Brother! Don't worry!\" The youngest brother patted him. \"You were generous in offering us 2% extra. We don't mind giving you the same!\"

    The eyes of the second brother turned bloodshot. He didn't care for money! He wanted his wife!

    \"Brother, surely you wouldn't let our family ruined for some unjustified jealousy, right?\" The eldest brother mockingly asked.

    The third brother's expression turned ugly. The question was something he asked a few minutes ago and now it was being asked to him.

    If he acted, he would come across as a hypocrite!

    Damn! Fuck that!

    He didn't care. Just as he thought of running forward, his second brother ran towards Kiba with explosive speed.

    \"Why the hell are you rushing there?!\" The eldest brother asked, bewildered.

    \"Kiba hasn't even made out with your wife!\" The youngest brother reminded.

    \"Fuck you, idiots! I'm not going to wait for my wife to fall under that playboy's charm!\"

    The second brother has seen what the wife of his third brother did. If even a seemingly loving wife fell, what was the guarantee the same wouldn't happen to his wife?!

    Make haste while the sun shines!

    He needed to stop before his wife was charmed!

    \"Kiba! Keep your hands off my wife!\" The second brother shouted as he arrived behind Kiba. \"If you want to hug a woman, marry one!\"

    Kiba glanced back and replied: \"Why would I marry when I can have all the advantages of marriage without marrying?\"

    The jaws of every husband in the area dropped. It didn't matter if it was the police, media, or emergency staff, as long as they were husbands, their bodies turned icy cold.

    All the advantages of marriage?!

    Those words made their thoughts run wild. They visualized Kiba doing unspeakable things with their wives!

    Shameless bastard!

    You are almost saying - \"Why should I marry when I can have all the fun from someone's wife?!\"

    How shameful!

    Are you perhaps implying we are idiots to marry!?

    \"You indeed have all the advantages, but at the expense of us poor husbands!\"

    The second brother shouted.

    \"You use our bedroom as you please, but we bear the rent! That's highly unfair!\"

    The remaining brothers: \".......\"

    The wives in Kiba's embrace: \"...........\"

    Sandra: \"..........\"

    Police: \".........\"

    Media: \"...........\"

    Emergency personals: \"...........\"

    Erone : \"Using other's occupied home without paying rent?! As expected, the Lord's ways are too profound!\"

    He clapped his hands together and closed his eyes.

    \"Great lord! Thanks to your blessings, I'm following your path! So far, I have succeeded in occasionally occupying the houses of my friends!\"

    He then prayed from his heart.

    \"Please enlighten me with methods to displace the house owners!\"


    Dream Rise House.

    The incident in Miss Delta Pageant's afterparty has caught the city's attention. The news regarding the same was projected in the living room.

    Claudia has also hacked the communication devices in the area to collect real-time information for Agatha. So they both pretty much heard what was spoken.


    Agatha called out while massaging her forehead.


    \"Was he always this shameless?\"

    [[... I'm afraid so.]]


    Agatha let out a soft sigh. She didn't know whether she should cry or laugh.

    \"He better change before Hope grows up!\" Agatha said, amused.

    [[I'm afraid we both would have to handle two kids.]]

    Agatha smiled.


    Suddenly, out of blue, she felt contractions from her womb. A pain she hasn't experienced but known all along occupied her body, making her feel so weak that she couldn't even stand.

    The sensors in the room detected her condition at the same time.

    Two droids quickly rushed to support her while Claudia sent an urgent message to Kiba.

    Outside the ruins, just as Kiba broke the hug, he received the message. His expression rapidly changed.

    \"A week earlier!?\"

    Kiba didn't think further. The ground under his feet erupted with blinding mass of white light and he teleported away.


    Five minutes later.

    VIP Maternity Suite, City Heart Hospital.

    Claudia has reserved the advanced suite months ago, implanting it with necessary tools if the need for her intervention arises.

    Kiba teleported inside with Agatha in his arms. He gently placed her on the bed just as two female doctors and a few nurses rushed in.

    \"Her water is about to break!\" The head doctor observed as she activated the technology in the room. The nurses joined to help in with other tasks.

    Agatha grabbed Kiba by his arm as the doctors started. She looked up to him and said, \"Stay with me!\"

    Kiba nodded and said, \"I will... and I'm sorry.\"

    \"You don't have to be,\" Agatha replied with a smile. \"You did what I wanted... getting it out of the system before Hope arrived.\"


    \"And I know you have!\" Agatha added before the pain overtook her.

    \"Yes, I have!\" Kiba reassured her. \"No more playing around!\"


    Author's Note:

    With this chapter, the last arc of Volume 2 - Onslaught of Reality starts: The Temptation of Darkside.

    It would be completed in less than 40 chapters and connect all the subtle plotlines from Volume 1 & 2.  You will get all the answers you have wanted.

    I hope I succeed with what I have in mind.

    Thank you.
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