503 Welcome to Parenthood!

    Red Tiger noticed her savior has changed. He was always with the newborn, focusing on nothing else.

    When he introduced her and the cubs with Hope, his eyes were full of love. Something Kiba saw in Red Tiger's eyes as well whenever she looked at the cubs.

    \"This must be why she was willing to sacrifice herself back then.\"

    Kiba thought with a smile.

    He then thought of the woman from the slums whom he helped many months ago, after the party at White Angel Corporation. She was a mother who starved to keep her children fed with what little food she earned.

    Kiba realized that in the eyes of a parent, there was space for nothing or no one but the child. Not even the dreams, desires, and needs.

    It was something he obviously knew from his experience with people but didn't comprehend until he became a father himself.

    Somethings could be only understood from personal experience...

    Red Tiger gave a slow gentle lick to Hope before handing her back to Kiba. She then licked him.


    Kiba said as he felt the heartfelt wishes from her heart. All she prayed was for eternal happiness for him and his child.

    The cubs excitedly jumped around him, letting out faint roars.

    \"Thanks to you guys as well,\" Kiba rubbed their heads.


    A few hours later.

    After Hope fell asleep, Kiba took her to the underground lab. He placed her on the examination table and commanded Claudia to start.

    [[Activating deep genetic scan.]]

    The light from the sensors passed through Hope, without creating any discomfort. Her genetic structure flashed in front of Kiba and he observed it carefully.

    \"There should be no problems with her.\"

    Her genetic structure was different than most humans, but that was to be expected as she derived her origin from power Cosmic instead of Divine Particles.

    [[She isn't far away from awakening her potential...]] Claudia voiced out the only abnormality.

    Kiba took Hope in his arms and left the lab without replying.


    As the night arrived, Agatha breastfed Hope. Kiba observed them with a happy smile.

    \"This is far better than I could ever expect.\"

    Kiba thought.

    Agatha completed feeding Hope. She first placed Hope on the side and then brought her hands on the blouse to cover up her breasts.

    In between, she suddenly thought of something and didn't fully cover her exposed breasts.

    \"I wonder if someone in the room is hungry,\" Agatha said aloud as her lips curved up in a teasing smile.

    \"...\" The corners of Kiba's mouth twitched.

    Agatha knew she got him good. She pressed her left nipple and a drop of milk streamed out.

    \"There is some milk left,\" Agatha continued. \"I pray it doesn't go to waste!\"


    Kiba wanted to change. But how was he supposed to that with such a gorgeous woman next to him?!

    \"No, it wouldn't go to waste!\"

    Kiba declared as he grabbed her by shoulders and teleported into the adjacent room. The moment they appeared on the bed, Agatha found her lips locked by his for a deep passionate kiss.

    Agatha was surprised. She was only teasing him and didn't expect he would actually start this.

    But she didn't stop him.

    The kiss wasn't of lust but of love. She responded with the same feelings, melting under his body.


    An hour later.

    Agatha felt her nipples sore.

    \"You were really hungry!\" She said while catching her breath.

    \"What can I say? The more I drank, the hunger I felt!\" Kiba replied.

    Agatha smiled and rested her back against the headboard. The next few minutes passed in silence and finally, Agatha broke the silence.

    \"Want to know something truly strange but cringy?\" Agatha asked.

    \"Yes,\" Kiba looked at her while tracing her thighs.

    \"Despite the scandal I created, this was the second time I could remember sleeping with a man,\" Agatha said with a warm smile. \"And both times, it was you. I'm really glad about that.\"

    Kiba smiled for he didn't care about such stuff, never have. And it wasn't due to his own lifestyle choices of **ing around. No, it was because there was one life and he believed everyone had the right to live as they please, without being afraid of society's norms...

    Suddenly, seriousness gripped his consciousness.

    He remembered the security logs he checked the day he learned Hope was his. In the video logs, \"Kiba\" told Claudia that Agatha has never slept with anyone till the party where Kiba seduced her.

    \"You know, I don't even think I and Jack were together for three to four days in the years we were married,\" Agatha continued. \"And in all those times together, I wished he wasn't there with me...I'm sure he wished the same since we were forced to marry and disliked each other. And now that I think about it, Jack was actually never with me in the times we were together... I wonder if I unconsciously used the cosmic power I gained to achieve that...\"

    \"....\" Kiba nodded. With her power of intangibility and space isolation, it would be easy for her to do that.

    Agatha looked at him and smiled.

    She knew he didn't care about her past, no matter what it was.  He would have been the same with her, even if she had slept with others, unlike most men with hypocritical standards. He didn't judge people and that was why she was glad she was with him... sharing more than physical intimacy. And this why she told him this, to show how happy she was with him.

    \"Let me stop with this cringy stuff,\" Agatha closed her face with his. \"The past no longer matters!\"

    Kiba responded with a smile and kissed her. Their tongues wrapped and bodies entangled in love.

    \"We should start with another round!\" Kiba said as he broke the kiss and caressed her smooth skin.

    Agatha thought of nodding when a burst of cry entered their ears from far away. They both froze and then jumped in shock.

    \"She is crying!\" Kiba said as he quickly dressed up and rushed out.

    Agatha suppressed a smile.

    \"Welcome to parenthood!\"


    The next morning.

    Felicity contacted Zed through video chat.

    Zed made excuses to skip academy sessions and hang out with her for a few days. He used Claudia for plausible excuses and Felicity let him go, though suspiciously.

    \"Sorry, but I couldn't tell you yet.\"

    Zed muttered to himself as he closed the video chat. He then walked into the bedroom, forgetting he hasn't transformed back to Kiba.

    He leaned his head down the cradle, close to the sleeping Hope. As if sensing his arrival, she peered her eyes open and looked at him.

    \"Good morning!\" Zed greeted her.

    Her golden eyes sparkled and she eagerly stretched her hands to run them over his face. The different face or voice couldn't deceive the bond she shared with him.

    \"I missed you as well!\" Zed said while lowering his face further down.

    Her delicate hands were divine, making him realize how lucky he was to be her father...
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