508 End of Goten Whiteskins Final

    The police helicopters and vans rushed into the smoking ruins that were once the cafeteria.

    The police captain swiftly jumped out and gazed at the rotating pillar of crimson flames. He has observed it for less than a second when he felt the same urge as the students and teachers: to kneel down in reverence! He wasn't even able to think of resisting!

    In the sky, the pilots lost control as the strange urge gripped their consciousness.

    Their bodies bent down, leading to disastrous consequences as the helicopters crashed directly into the ruins. Neither them nor those inside could think of jumping out as the helicopters exploded from the collision...

    "What the hell is going on?!"

    The police captain panicked as the surviving police members kneeled alongside him. They have come to save the students but now they were just as helpless.

    "Just what on Earth is causing this!?"

    The police captain wondered in dread.


    Inside the pillar of crimson flames.

    Goten Whiteskins looked at his charred crotch with bloodshot eyes. Like any desperate person, he tried to search for a silver lining, but no matter how he tried, he couldn't. His treasure was completely ruined...

    It was then that he heard Kiba happily gushing about his mother and outdoing her. After all, for any parent, the happiest feeling was of being surpassed by their child. The same went for the child.

    "I don't know mom, but you do! So tell me, how proud would she be of me?" Kiba enquired with a sincere look.

    "You bastard! I would rip your skin apart!" Goten Whiteskins emitted filaments of power.

    "Why so angry? Don't you want to satisfy the curiosity of a lonely child separated from his mom?"

    Kiba asked with a confused expression as he ducked to the side and expanded the inner-diameter of the pillar of crimson flames. From the initial five meters, it spread to a hundred meters in an instant, making more space available for battle inside.

    "You caught me off-guard with that strange transformation of yours! And then used the surprise element to land a despicable attack!" Goten Whiteskins grit his teeth and said, "But don't you dare believe you have what it takes to face Alpha!"


    His Alpha presence surged outward like an explosive tempest and smashed on the pillar of crimson flames. Cracks appeared on the pillar and the flames stilled.

    Outside, the frightening tempest swept over everything. Everyone was sent tumbling backward while the vehicles blew into the sky.

    Inside, under the might of explosive tempest, Kiba stood still while his hair dancing in the air. The ground under his feet ruptured and crushed stones blew around him, swirling aimlessly.

    "An imbecile who vents on the child for the actions of the parent calls himself Alpha? Nothing can be more despicable than that!"

    Kiba lifted his head and broke into laughter.

    Amidst the laughter, his powerful aura burst out like a raging volcano. The terrifying surge of aura enveloped the land and its horrifying pressure came crashing downwards. The ground sank by dozens of meters while the cracks in the pillar filled up.

    Goten Whiteskins' face paled as if he has seen a ghost. In a voice of absolute shock, he exclaimed, "You are Alpha!"

    Kiba grinned and replied, "Bingo for realizing the obvious! As a reward, you get to escape from your impotent existence by dying!"

    Goten Whiteskins didn't hear anything. His senses were in a mess from the moment he discovered Kiba was Alpha.

    The latter might now appear in the late twenties but he knew his actual age was around twenty-two!

    Twenty-two and Alpha?!

    How could that be possible?!

    On the entire planet, there were not even two hundred Alphas! That's how rare they were in a population of over ten billion!

    And none of them achieved the reverend title at such a young age!

    Not even the Nine Sovereigns!

    The youngest Alpha was the ruler of Eden!

    The Ice Queen!

    But even she was older than Kiba or Zed, or whatever the hell his name was!

    "What on Earth are you?!"

    Goten Whiteskins asked as their aura collided against each other, creating terrifying airwaves that rippled outward. Had they not been blocked by the pillar of crimson flames, the outsiders would have turned into blood mist.

    "Your death!"

    Kiba's expression twisted into that of a murderous fiend. He stretched a hand towards Goten Whiteskins and pulled it back.


    Goten Whiteskins felt an overbearing force pulling him forward. Despite his strength, he rolled through the air and smashed in front of Kiba.

    "Kid! How dare you!"

    Goten Whiteskins entered into combat mode and launched ten skin constructs to punish the preposterous kid.

    At the same time, every skin cell on his body melded into the wind. From a materialistic body, he turned into a fading specter that completely vanished!

    Kiba narrowed his eyes.

    He quickly crushed the skin constructs while looking around. There was no sign of Goten Whiteskins.


    Suddenly, Kiba felt his body turning numb as some invisible substance wrapped around it.

    Goten Whiteskins has compressed his presence to skin cells and then blend them with the wind. Now, he coiled those blended particles on Kiba to take control of the latter's body.

    After all, as long as he could assimilate the skin with his particles, he would be the master of another Alpha-rank body!

    This method was one of his trump cards! Something he rarely used!

    Kiba shut his eyes tight.

    "l knew you were strange with that hobby of wearing other's skin, but didn't know so strange that you would have homosexual tendencies to glue on another man!"

    Kiba snapped his eyes open, glowing with strands of lightning.

    "I'm all for the rights of homosexuals, but that doesn't mean I appreciate being the target of their affection!"

    Dazzlingly bright bolts of lightning erupted out of his body. They mercilessly stabbed on the foreign particles, cutting and shredding them.

    The consciousness of Goten Whiteskins simultaneously felt the agony of being stabbed and electrocuted. Something he could have resisted had his body not split into particles.

    Cursing Kiba, he miserably retreated back and fused back into his humane form.

    "You have a venomous tongue!"

    Goten Whiteskins swore at Kiba's nonstop provocation. From burning the crotch to stabbing with lightning, Kiba always found an opportunity to make hurtful comments while successfully making himself look as pitiful and righteous.

    Goten Whiteskins never met an opponent with such provoking skills.

    "Pretty sure the women you saw in the pageant would beg to disagree!" Kiba replied as he rushed forward.

    "Shameless! Red Fox forgot to teach you manners!"

    Goten Whiteskins turned his skin into indestructible and sharp before spreading it into fine lines, forming a fortress that caged the incoming Kiba.

    If possible, Goten Whiteskins didn't want to use this attack as he wanted Kiba's body without killing him since he has to complete the mission for which he was here. But now he knew he had no choice but to use all his strength, even if that meant killing.


    Hundreds of skin weapons shot out from the fortress, enforced with the might of Alpha.

    "For once, you are right!" Kiba's lips spread into a grin. "Had Red Fox taught me manners, I wouldn't have killed him! So, when you meet him in the afterlife, don't forget to chide him for being a bad caretaker!"


    Goten Whiteskins was astonished.

    This kid killed Red Fox?! The legendary mercenary from Prism Island?! The one who fought multiple Alphas and survived?!

    "For a self-declared Alpha, you get distracted rather too easily."

    Kiba mocked as his body turned illusory like a phantom.


    The powerful skin weapons rushed at him, emitting explosive force that threatened to rend the sky and collapse the earth.

    But to Goten Whiteskins' disbelief, instead of stabbing Kiba to death, they phased through him, without creating a single injury.

    "You even have spatial abilities?!" Goten Whiteskins wanted to pull his hair in frustration.

    Pyrokinesis, shapeshifting, extraordinary strength, enhanced speed, regenerative healing factor, telekinesis, lightning, and now even spatial abilities! Last time he even used mind control!

    Just what type of existence Rebecca gave birth to?!

    "Well, yes, spatial abilities among others," Kiba replied while spreading his arms. "Now my turn to end this."

    Had Kiba been in the mood of playing around, he would have used Happy Moments. But since he wasn't, Goten Whiteskins was spared of misery that was as worse as having his crotch burned.

    Though in a few seconds, he wouldn't feel lucky at all...

    Inside the pillar of crimson flames, the flow of gravity changed as an incorporeal, intangible cage superimposed over it.

    The flames lost their glow, the light lost its power of illumination, and the air lost its ability to act as a medium. Everything turned dark as if a curtain of darkness was spread over the world.

    The skin fortress trembled and Goten Whiteskins screamed without emitting any sound. He found his indestructible skin swirling outward, as if ready to tear apart from his body.

    It was at this moment that Kiba spoke two words:

    "Gravity Cage."

    An extremely violent gravitational force pulled the skin fortress from all directions. The fortress brutally ripped into specs of dust while the ground smashed into a depthless crater.

    In front of the frightening law of gravity, the overbearing strength of Goten Whiteskins didn't matter.

    Exactly a second later, the superimposed cage vanished, marking the return of light and sound...


    Kiba floated over the crater and made a grasping motion. From the crater, the body of Goten Whiteskins flew out, ruined beyond recognition and without a single cell of human skin.

    For Goten Whiteskins, the irony of his present state wasn't lost.

    "How could such an overkill ability exists!?"

    Amidst the terrible agony of having his skin removed, he forced all his strength to ask.

    The terrifying strength used by Kiba not only frightened him out of the wits but also made him extremely envious.

    How could a kid who has barely lived two decades have the power that could destroy an Alpha like him?!

    This question made his soul hurt from terror and jealousy, but he also knew he would be helpless to do anything even if he got the answer.

    He was barely alive, and that was not due to him, but rather Kiba.

    So, all he could do was barely cling to his life and pray his agony would die...

    "The reason lies in the factor that brought you to the slums and kill innocent slum-dwellers," Kiba answered, coldly. "The same reason for which you sought me in the academy."

    Goten Whiteskins' pupils constricted as he muttered, "Castor Damon?!"

    "No, that's not the reason for which you were there, though you may have been told otherwise," Kiba said with an icy smile. "Well, in the afterlife, you will meet a lot of people that can explain everything you want to know."


    Goten Whiteskins flinched.

    "You do have a bit of courage."

    Kiba observed with a bit of appreciation as Goten Whiteskins neither begged nor cried.

    "Not bad for a cheap serial killer and self-declared Alpha."


    "So, decades ago, who hired you?" Kiba asked. "And who wiped out my genetic inheritance?"

    Goten Whiteskins felt a deep hatred for Kiba just as much as he did for his mother. He didn't want to answer, but he knew, he had no choice unless he wanted to prolong the agony he was suffering...

    "I don't know the answer to your second question," Goten Whiteskins started. "As for the first, I was hired indirectly... The higher-ups of aristocrat families always do that to protect their prestige."

    "Aristocrat family?" Kiba raised an eyebrow.

    Goten Whiteskins nodded and said, "Yes. And I know I was hired on behalf of the head of Hestia ----"

    Half of what he planned to say died in his throat as something deep in his brain sparkled. His eyes turned listless and foam streamed out of his mouth.


    Kiba was astonished.

    He has scanned Goten Whiteskins for tracking \u0026 other items before and crushed them with Gravity Cage. So the sudden death caught him off-guard.

    "His body wasn't emitting any signal to outside... so his death could only mean one thing."
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