509 Bring Me City

    "For a self-declared Alpha, he was far too stupid. The mind is one place no existence could have dared compromised but he...."

    Kiba looked at the unrecognizable corpse of Goten Whiteskins and sighed.

    "He didn't even know that mind was implanted with a foreign biological matter that would react the moment he shares information his consciousness deemed confidential."

    Kiba pressed a finger on the corpse and wrapped it with streams of energy. Dazzling light erupted and the corpse broke into specs of dust.

    "Then again, even I wasn't able to detect that matter when I scanned him so he couldn't be faulted entirely."

    It wasn't Kiba's first encounter with such mechanisms to protect confidential information from being disclosed. Months ago, when he captured revolutionaries, he tried to read the memories of one of them. Sadly, the hidden mechanism activated and the consciousness of the revolutionary collapsed.

    "The style is different so it isn't revolutionaries...  It must be either aristocrat families or the government, though if Castor Damon is to be believed, there is little difference between the two.

    "Anyways, was the foreign matter implanted to stop him disclosing information about what he did over two decades ago? That would seem far too stretched since many were involved..."

    Kiba wasn't sure if Goten Whiteskins died due to plain bad luck. After all, the only demand for the foreign biological matter to react was sharing any information deemed confidential by oneself...

    Kiba lowered a hand and shot out a column of light that enveloped the depthless crater. In the blink of an eye, the light turned into soil mass, reducing the crater's dimensions by over 90%.

    Kiba then brought out a black capsule from the storage space. It was something he never had to use, but he knew there was always a first time for everything.

    "Time is running out so need to hurry up."

    He scanned the area inside the pillar of crimson flames and ensured everything was as he wanted.


    Rays of golden light enveloped him and he transformed back into Zed. Then, without any hesitation, he stuffed the capsule in his mouth. The capsule broke into black pellets that melted inside his bloodstream and created havoc on his internal organs.


    His healthy face lost vigor and he coughed out multiple mouthfuls of blood.

    "Claudia must have taken real joy in creating this pill."

    Zed bitterly thought as, throughout his body, multiple wounds appeared, making him look exhausted and bloody. Still, the good part was that he didn't feel any pain despite his tragic appearance.


    At the same time, as he lost his strength, the pillar of crimson flames dispersed.

    "That urge has disappeared!" The police captain thought as he found his body back in control. He rose to his feet and the others around him did the same.

    The moment Felicity got her senses back, with panic in her eyes, she quickly looked in front. And finding Zed alive, the terrible feeling in her guts died. Still, noticing the way he looked, fear gripped her.

    "Jessica! You need to act now!"

    Felicity grabbed the tranced Jessica and summoned her powers. The ground below their feet bloomed with flowers that quickly wrapped them and rushed forward, bringing them to Zed in an instant.

    Jessica placed a hand on his forehead and the other on his heart to check his condition.

    "His injuries are lethal!"

    Jessica panicked. She quickly enveloped him with her healing powers.

    "You can't die!" Jessica said with tears in her eyes. "Not before the date you promised!"

    Zed forced a nod with his eyes half-shut. His condition was really worse because that was the purpose of the pill. Something he had to use given the number of spectators in the vicinity.

    "What happened to that Goten?" Felicity asked while looking around.

    At the same time, as she asked, more emergency vehicles charged into the area. From one of the vehicles, Suzane rushed out, along with her husband. They both quickly scanned the area and noticed their daughter was safe. Without wasting any time, they rushed to Loren who was with Felicity and others.

    "Goten suddenly vanished," Zed answered. "He toyed with me and then disappeared like he was bored."

    "We all are lucky if he was bored," Loren said with dread in her voice. "Still, I can't understand how a prisoner of Stormseal Island could escape."

    "Stormseal Island?" Zed furrowed his brows.

    "You wouldn't know," Loren replied. "He was captured over a decade ago and sentenced imprisonment for life."

    It was then that her parents arrived before her, hearing everything. She looked at her father and said, "Right, dad?"

    Morgan's expression turned solemn. He couldn't let others know he was aware of Goten Whiteskins being out and that too working with the government.

    "Yeah, he was a terrifying criminal," Morgan said. "Don't worry, the military base has been informed and they would capture him."


    Half a mile away.

    Marlon stood over a building and looked in the direction of the academy. Beside him, Amora observed the tracking tablet through her stitched eyes.

    "That bastard has literally vanished just like that kid said! The trackers we injected in his bloodstream are sending no signals!" Amora cursed.

    Marlon nodded before replying, "The first thing we need to do is stop the flow of information! Morgan's daughter identified him and has told the others... Thankfully Goten Whiteskins might be an idiot, but he still had some brains. Just like the pageant, he used the EMP device to nullify cameras and other recording devices."

    "In the pageant, he didn't show his real appearance, but here he did," Amora crushed the tablet. "If the higher-ups learn then..."

    Marlon's expression turned unsightly. Angered, he locked his vision on Zed.

    "That brat!"


    By now, Jessica has almost healed Zed fully. Felicity sighed in relief and so did others.

    "How are you feeling?"

    Suzane asked as she wrapped her arms around him for a warm hug. She knew he was orphan and knowing he has barely survived a bloodthirsty psycho, her motherly instincts took over her. She couldn't let him fall into depression.

    Zed wanted to reply but he couldn't. His face was planted so deep into her breasts that her soft pliant skin rubbed against his cheeks.

    In her emotional state, Suzane has forgotten how big and soft her breasts were! They were so great that they took away his ability to speak!

    Behind, Morgan watched as his wife took Zed into a hug and him not responding to her question.

    As an investigator, he could understand the trauma was making it hard for Zed to respond.

    "Zed, you are like a family to us! Don't ever think you are alone!"

    He liked Zed and wished everyone was like him - kind, humble, honest, and sincere!

    Something a certain golden-haired man lacked! If someone had to suffer trauma, it should be that golden-haired man! Not Zed!

    "My love is right!" Suzane patted Zed and said. "You are not alone! I'm always there for you!"

    "I know!"

    Zed managed to say even as her breasts caressed his face. He always knew she was there for him (Kiba).

    Suzane could feel his sincerity and knew he would be able to recover!


    A minute later, Suzane freed him of the hug. Zed thanked her and then shook hands with Morgan.

    "Sir, you are the greatest man I ever know!" Zed said honestly. "It is because of great people like you that I would never feel loneliness, no matter what struggles I face!"

    Morgan was pleased...


    Meanwhile, around the city, strange accidents occurred.

    The powerful mutants that have arrived in the city -- on the behest of the government and other organizations after the attack of Dark Beasts-- found themselves attacked by sticky liquid. No matter how they struggled, they couldn't win against the liquid and suffered the fate of being wrapped into a sticky cocoon...

    Loqua brought these cocoons to the seventh underground floor of Sky Fiend Group. He then kneeled down and said, "Great Titan, please accept these humble offerings."

    A terrifying sucking force pulled the cocoons into the chest of Hyperion. Like roots stretching into the soil, the veins of his chest stretched into the cocoons and devoured their nutrition.

    "Weak, so weak."

    Hyperion grunted.

    "I can't wait any longer. Bring me the entire city."

    Loqua's face paled but he nodded swiftly and said, "Great Titan, we shall start in a month."


    Hyperion thundered and the entire floor trembled violently.

    "Do it now."

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