511 Chaos In The City

    Inside the game parlor, Zed surpassed Felicity and others in the virtual reality game. To their surprise, he won in all types of games, whether it was racing or fighting.

    "You should allow women to win," A fellow gamer said as the game finished. "That's a gentleman thing to do."

    Zed looked at him and replied, "The gentleman thing is to treat them as equal challengers and enjoy the game, instead of patronizing them."

    "He is so different from the rest! Always treating everyone equally with respect!"

    Jessica thought with admiration.

    "So I can't understand why he would say everyone sees what he wants them to see!"


    Suddenly, powerful violent fluctuations swept through the game parlor. The fluctuations hit everyone like hammers, making them collapse.


    The game machines tore apart while cracks spread through the building.

    "What the hell?!"

    Through the cracks, one of the gamers saw an abandoned building in the vicinity as the source of the fluctuations.

    Zed's eyes narrowed and rose to his feet. Then, without any warning, the back of his head numbed and a chilling sensation crawled through his body like ice water.


    He was stunned as the sense of crisis was the strongest he has ever felt. Not even BSE79 gave him this chilling sense of crisis.

    "What could it be?!"


    Throughout the city, many buildings and warehouses - that were supposedly forgotten by the owners - shook. With rumbling sounds, they were smashed from inside out as beasts and living organisms foreign to the world awakened.


    Shocking roars erupted from these creatures that made the surrounding builds quiver. Some weaker humans inside lost consciousness as their eardrums ruptured.


    On the top of a thirty-storied building, an enormous mutated bird placed its feet. It smashed its peak into the inside of the building and swallowed the frightened humans.

    "What's that?"

    "Is this the attack of mutated beasts?!"

    The people on the streets wondered aloud as they ran.


    The main intersection that ran through the center of the city exploded and a gigantic snake crawled out through the debris. In the blink of an eye, it coiled around the fifty-storied building and opened its mouth to suck the humans inside.


    Sky Fiend Headquarters.

    In the underground facilities, Hyperion's body shook with vitality as he felt his injuries healing, albeit very slowly.

    "The humans are so weak, but together, they are indeed useful."

    Hyperion remarked as the beasts and other creatures transferred the vitality they absorbed to him.

    "If only I had a source of power Cosmic, I wouldn't need to rely on this cheap method."


    White Angel Corporation.

    Hank Webley was astonished by the sight of beasts, birds, and strange lifeforms outside his skyscraper.

    "What the hell are they?! They radiate a malevolent aura just like those Dark Beasts!"

    Hank thought while quickly moving to the upper floors to end the chaos that his daughter and Agatha were creating.

    "I have sent the group to capture Divine Particles, but if those bitches continue this mess, I would never get Kiba to help at the right time!"


    "Man's schemes are inferior to those made by The Fate."

    Not only Hank, but all the big players in the city would find today how true this verse was.


    Zed and others retreated quickly. Not only had they have to survive the rampage of the strange lifeforms, but also the possible stampede and shockwaves.


    The giant bird from before smashed its foot down to grab Zed and those near him. Everyone exploded with their abilities, and as did Zed, but with a difference.

    With his experience, he knew the beast was almost as strong as a high-ranking Beta, something that not even the combined might of everyone here could face.  That's how terrifying the difference in each level was.

    So when Zed launched the attack, he summoned a bit of power Cosmic and looked in the eyes of the bird.


    The bird froze as he noticed the golden glow in the eyes of the human and its entire body crushed on a nearby building. It was like a giant has smashed the bird away.


    While others were amazed with eyes wide, Zed coughed up multiple mouthfuls of blood. His face turned deadly pale and exhaustion took over him.

    Felicity quickly grabbed him and ran, without saying anything. Now was not the time to talk or wonder about things.


    Felicity's eyes brightened as she saw the hovercraft owned by Zed rushing towards them, bypassing all dangers.

    "Claudia! It seems the city can't take a break!"

    Felicity said as the hovercraft opened up. She pushed Zed first and then sat with everyone else.

    [[I'm afraid you are right, Lady Felicity. The entire city is in a mess.]]

    Claudia flashed up news panels.

    Zed ignored the news and took a capsule that he has created for a scenario like this.

    A few minutes later, after crossing some distance, the car stopped.

    "Why are we stopping here?" Jessica wondered.

    [[The car is overburdened and for it to display its maximum speed, one person needs to leave. It would be master obviously.]]

    Claudia informed them.

    [[Don't worry, another vehicle is rushing for him.]]

    Felicity was startled and so were others, including Zed. Suddenly, he thought of something and left the car.

    Felicity brought a hand to open the door and join him, but before she could, the automatic locks shut, and the car speeded off.

    Behind, Zed stepped into an isolated street. He brought his cellphone out.

    "What happened to Agatha and Hope?"

    Zed asked while transforming into his other form.

    [[ I'm afraid I can't say. They are still sending coordinates from the restaurant, but with Close Horizon being attacked, I expected them to move, but strangely their location still remains the same. They haven't moved a bit.]]

    Kiba's expression turned serious. Rays of white light enveloped him and he teleported away.


    A few minutes later.

    Hotel Close Horizon.

    The restaurant manager and others looked with awe as two mutated beasts were killed by Kiba. Before they could thank him, Kiba's body turned blurry and he vanished in a puff of smoke.

    The next instant, the manager found his body violently pinned against the wall by Kiba.

    "What happened to them?" Kiba showed a photo of Agatha and Hope. "And if I were you, I wouldn't try to answer with nonsense."

    The private room where Agatha and others should have been eating was ruined to pieces, and yet the location Claudia got was the same.

    "I don't know," The manager started, but seeing Kiba's expression darkening, he quickly added. "But I do know the guests who invited them.... were two hours early... with some other people that left before this lady and child arrived.."

    Kiba's expression twisted and he let go of the manager.


    [[I have checked CCTV footage, but there are no records of the persons the manger mentioned. Even Lady Agatha's parents barely arrived ten minutes before the time.]]

    "... The footage has been tampered?" Kiba didn't doubt the honesty of the manager.

    [[It would seem so.]]

    "Agatha's parents... they are part of White Angel Corporation."

    [[I'm afraid your guess is right.]]

    Kiba didn't say anything else and teleported away.


    Ten kilometers away from White Angel Corporation, Kiba appeared and fell on a building.

    "My teleportation failed!?"

    Kiba exclaimed in surprise. He has always teleported easily to the inside of the corporation without any hindrance.

    [[It would seem Chairman Hank finally realized you were spending quality time with his daughter; unrestricted by the anti-teleportation barrier technology he was so proud of.]]


    Kiba took a deep breath and let it out.

    The only time his godly teleportation ability didn't work was in the core region and other meteorites. For White Angel Corporation to achieve a similar effect, it seemed impossible.

    "It doesn't matter how they did."

    Kiba tapped on the floor and flew forward. He didn't care if the entire area was affected by the anti-teleportation field. He would crush through the entrance and find the ones who mattered to him.

    Kiba pointed a finger to the side as he sensed a beast pouncing on him. A concentrated beam of energy swept out and pierced through the beast's skull, killing it instantly.


    More beasts and birds in the area noticed him, and feeling his rich power, they rushed at him.

    "I'm in no mood to play so ** off!"

    His words caused the air to explode apart in billowing airwaves. The beasts and birds paused as they sensed incomparably dreadful energy from the airwaves.

    They quickly decided to retreat, but the airwaves were unforgiving.


    In the flicker of a second, the airwaves brutally smashed through the beasts and birds, shredding them to pieces. Blood and gore erupted in the air...
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