512 Destruction in White Angel Corporation I

    After killing the rushing beasts and birds, Kiba flew ahead like a golden comet, creating multiple sonic booms in the process. The resulting sounds were both ear-piercing and destructive, making the road below tear apart and the surrounding windows to shatter.


    At the same time.

    Throughout the city, the alien creatures swallowed over ten thousand people. The number sounded big, but in the megacity with a population of over fifteen million, the casualty count was rather small.

    Now, sensing that many of their companions killed, the alien creatures stopped and turned in the direction of White Angel Corporation.


    With explosive speed, they left and ran into the direction of Kiba. They wanted energy and they sensed the source they felt was far better than millions of weaklings.


    In Sky Fiend Group headquarters, through the command center, Joshua noticed the activity of the alien creatures. He turned to Loqua and commanded, "They have sensed a powerful source. Go acquire it for the great Titan!"

    Loqua bowed down and left.

    Joshua ran his elderly hand over the monitor screen and read more details.

    "It is near to White Angel Corporation! Is this perhaps related to Hank's plan for Sky Fiend Group?"

    Joshua wondered with a crafty smile.

    "Hank, you have done a great job."


    Meanwhile, at White Angel Corporation.

    As Hank moved up through the elevator, the digital sensors informed him about approaching Kiba.

    "Damnit! If not for the attack of strange creatures in the city, this wouldn't have happened! A **ing coincidence is screwing everything!"

    Hank cursed under his breath.

    As per his original plan, Kiba wouldn't learn about Agatha's disappearance for hours and by then, everything would be ready as per his wishes. But now, with the attack of beasts, Kiba learned much sooner than he expected.

    "No! It doesn't have to change anything! His arrival might be unexpected, but this doesn't change the main plan!"

    Hank waited for the elevator to open up. He just has to catch those bitches and everything would fall in line.


    Eighty-third floor.

    Eva and Agatha stepped out of the dining room and arrived in the corridor. Agatha looked around and noticed the layers of force field surrounding the exit.

    "We are locked," Agatha said while calming Hope.

    "Yes," Eva nodded. "I was able to barely pass through it as the main focus of the force field was to stop those inside."

    Agatha eyed her and smiled. She knew Eva was being modest as the force field wasn't so easy to pass through. Of course, Eva also paid a great price to pass through it, and Agatha swore she would remember her sacrifice.

    Shaking her head, she lifted her free hand and pressed on the force field. She transferred her powers to turn the force field into incorporeal but failed.

    "Can't you turn us into phantom forms instead?" Eva asked while looking into the distance as another batch of guards rushed.

    "I can, but the force field would be able to block us," Agatha answered with a frown. "It is made to stop all forms of trespassing."

    "Well, I guess they made it in keeping Kiba in mind," Eva narrowed her eyes.

    The chief of the guards stopped before the force field barrier and said, "I know what you two did. But if you want to live, you better back up and retreat back into the room."

    He didn't want to commit the mistake of his former subordinates by trying to confront Agatha directly.

    "And if we don't?" Agatha asked.

    "Then we have the means to make you!" The chief guard replied while tapping on the virtual panel on his hand.

    The force field turned red from white. Filaments of destructive currents cascaded out and shot at Agatha and Eva.

    "I can isolate them, but it would be a waste of energy," Agatha said while backing away along with Eva.

    Eva agreed.

    She was worried about her father and other powerful mutants of the corporation would arrive. Unless there was a method of leaving the corporation, it would be stupid to waste energy on fighting force field.

    The chief guard grinned and said, "No longer cocky, huh?"

    Agatha frowned while Eva's expression changed into that of a sincere, kind woman. She smiled and looked at the chief guard with sparkling eyes. The addition of the glasses gave her face the perfect touch of frail beauty.

    "You wouldn't hurt me, right?" Eva asked.

    The chief guard swallowed down. The expression and voice of Eva made his heart stir. She looked so fragile, so weak, and so desperate. It made him want to grab her and assure everything would be alright.

    "No! Chairman said she is a great actress! I won't be fooled!"

    The chief guard got his senses back and brought his finger to activate another mechanism of the force field.

    He tried to tap his finger but found it not responding... no, missing! Even the control panel was broken!

    "What the!"

    The chief guard thought with horror as he looked at the finger. Blood splashed out of it as if it was sliced apart.

    The nearby guards exclaimed in shock. They too were tranced by Eva's expression, and noticed too late as one of their shadows turned into a sword and slashed the finger of the chief and break through the control panel!

    "All of you must have been sleeping in school," Eva said as she took off her fake glasses. "It is basic knowledge that men have the shortest concentration span."

    Eva threw her glasses and then waved her hand. The sword shadow swept forward to slice the torso of the chief, but at the last moment, he twisted his body and narrowly avoided it.

    "You whore!"

    The chief cursed. He couldn't believe he was distracted enough to allow Eva to concentrate enough energy to focus on their shadows, and that too despite the existence of the force field!

    "It was just like the Chairman said! She was hiding her true strength!"

    The thought of what could have happened in the absence of the force field terrified him. More than ever, he was thankful that the damage to the control panel didn't break the force field.

    The sword shadow took another swing. The chief guard retreated back and so did most of them except for one guard who became the victim of the sword shadow...

    Eva sighed as the surviving guards left the range of her powers. She felt she lost the chance to break the force field, but then reminded herself. Her father wasn't stupid enough to give all the controls to the chief guard.

    "I would kill you!" The chief guard roared at Eva.

    "But you wouldn't," Agatha said with a smile. "Unless you have enough guts to break the force field and kill us."

    "....." The chief guard grit his teeth.

    It was this moment that the elevator opened up and Hank stepped out. Alongside him, two mutants in black followed.

    Eva's expression turned serious.


    On the ground floor.

    Over fifty guards stared at the sealed entrance - the grand metallic door.

    Half of the guards aimed their advanced weapons while the other half summoned their abilities; ready to attack without wasting any time.

    "Even if he is ridiculously powerful, it would take him a lot of time to break through the entrance!" The captain of the guards said. "So no need to worry! We have plenty of time!"

    The other guards nodded. They knew how powerful the metal used to make the entrance door was. It was indestructible and strong enough to be used for bunkers!


    A loud banging sound emanated out from outside and the sealed entrance shook. The indestructible metal caved in slightly, forming a dent in the shape of a fist. And through this dent, terrifying vibrations rippled outward, rushing into the entire entrance.


    The hearts of everyone pounded in shock. They felt tremors strong enough to shatter a mountain!

    "Just how powerful is he?!"

    The captain wondered just as the entrance door exploded in.

    Half the guards didn't even get time to listen to the question as the exploded door spin towards them, slashing through the air. By the time the guards noticed, it was far too late as the door slammed into them and knocked them out.


    The other guards backed away, their eyes filled with terror.

    How could this happen?! Wasn't the entrance supposed to take a lot of time before it collapsed?!

    With dread in their hearts, the guards moved their eyes to the place where the entrance used to be. It was now filled up with smoke, fire, and dust of explosion.

    "He is here!"

    The guards thought nervously as the man they were warned of walked out of the explosion cloud...
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