513 Destruction in White Angel Corporation II

    As Kiba emerged out of the dust and smoke, the guards unconsciously stepped back.

    "Where are Agatha and my daughter?" Kiba asked.

    The guards glanced at their captain as if passing all responsibility to him. The captain cursed his luck before replying, "Chairman Hank said you would learn at the right time! For now, you have to leave and wait, unless you wish to face grave consequences!"

    The captain spoke with more bravery than he felt.

    "Is that so?" Kiba icily asked.

    The captain's eyes expanded as the moment Kiba's words entered his ears, the air in front of him exploded. It happened far too quickly, and even before the thought of dodging could run through his brain, the impact shattered through his defense and blasted him back.

    The other guards were dazed and disoriented as the captain smashed on the wall. They were observing everything too carefully but still couldn't pinpoint how exactly the air exploded.

    "I know the captain said Kiba was ridiculously strong, but this is too much!" One of the guards said. "How are we supposed to face attacks we couldn't see or feel?!"

    "You are right! Not to mention, we aren't paid enough to face a monster like him!" Another guard added as he ran towards the destroyed entrance. "The elite unit can come here if they want to stop him! I'm leaving!"

    The remaining guards: "..."

    Many of them cursed him for being a coward while few secretly agreeing he was smart. Still, they had a duty to perform and lacked the luxury of running away.

    Without wasting any time, they launched multiple attacks. Some fired multiple shots with laser and plasma guns while the rest lashed out with their offensive abilities.


    The combined might made the air fluctuate with bright, multiple attacks. The ground floor shook while the enhanced metallic tiles cracked.

    In the face of such attacks, Kiba remained nonchalant. He eyed the attacks and the attackers, making their spines crawl with chilling sensation.


    An ear-piercing sound erupted as the laser and plasma beams froze in mid-air. The mutants attacking with offensive abilities similarly froze in mid-attack, their bodies completely immobilized.

    "Get lost."

    Two words entered their minds just as a devastating force hit them on their chest. Everything then became a series of blurs as laser and plasma beams along with the guards rapidly swept back.

    One moment they were near Kiba and the next, they crashed on the walls.


    The "coward" guard wondered as he arrived at the destroyed entrance and glanced back in time to see his companions defeated.

    He didn't wonder for long and moved forward to leave, but then trembled as he found himself immobilized. He didn't need to think about how or why...

    "I... I don't know anything!" The guard shouted with all his strength. "Not even the captain knows!"

    Perhaps his response, no matter how unsatisfying, was true as he was able to move again. He used the best of this opportunity to rush out.

    Kiba ignored the knocked out guards and closed his eyes. His extrasensory perception erupted to scan the skyscraper. There were many enhanced electronic gadgets to block scanning but his senses swiftly covered one floor to another, observing everything in detail: people, traps, missile rockets, guards, etc.


    He found the floors after the fiftieth floor completely cut-off from his perception; as if they were in some inaccessible space.

    "Hank must have prepared a lot."

    Kiba thought as he opened his eyes. He enveloped himself with rays of golden light and then shot up, smashing through the ceiling and directly arriving on the first floor.


    Even as the people on the first floor started reacting at the rumbling sounds, Kiba has already broken through its ceiling and arrived on the second floor.

    Round holes emerged on one floor after another, in rapid succession, and all the people saw a supersonic golden comet dashing upwards.

    "What was that?!"

    The people wondered as they looked up through the successive holes...


    The moment Kiba passed the sixteenth-floor, multiple artillery locked on him. The ceiling above opened up to reveal multiple weapons that fired a sea of ammunition at him; making the floor filled with multiple bright lights, like firecrackers.

    "I know the corporation sells weapons, but this is too much."

    Kiba said as along with bullets, mini-rockets shot at him, backed by destructive power. He already knew they contained not only traditional gunpowder and high explosive type materials, but also special chemicals lethal to mutants.

    Kiba spread his arms, and through his palms, energy ripples flashed out.

    The ripples swept through the bullets and rockets, and a buzzing sound crackled through the air. The propelling power of the bullets and rockets died, and they collapsed on the floor.


    The instant they touched the floor, they exploded into a blazing storm that quickly spread through the floor.

    On the floors below, the sound of the explosion echoed through the holes.

    The people near the holes looked up to satisfy their curiosity. Sadly, this was the same moment when the blazing storm passed through the successive holes like a pillar descending. The fluctuations turned them into a pile of ash.

    The others nearby jumped back in horror while secretly thanking their lucky stars for not gazing through the holes.

    Today, they learned the meaning of "curiosity killed the cat."


    Kiba shot through another floor when the explosives locked on him lost their propelling power. The floors were enhanced with sensors and durable metals to survive against any attack, including explosive powers, and while he could easily break through them, the blazing storm wasn't so lucky.

    He arrived on the twenty-fifth floor when the elite unit attacked him.

    The mutant named Xil opened his mouth and released a green, foggy acidic breath. While the mutant named Wlo transformed his arms into mechanical blasters to smash Kiba away.

    "Chairman Hank wants you to leave!" Xil said as the acidic breath enveloped Kiba. "And wait for his orders!"

    "If not, you can forget about your loved ones!" Wlo threatened with a grin. "And blame yourself for the rest of your life!"

    Kiba landed on the floor, enveloped by the acidic breath.

    "You think I'm some idiot you could fool?"

    Kiba asked as a destructive power surged out of his body.

    "The very fact that Hank didn't stop me on the ground floor itself, by using a video of Agatha and Hope, pretty much tells me your little scheme hasn't worked as you planned! Plus, using guards and weapons to threaten me pretty much confirms I'm right!"

    Kiba wouldn't be Kiba if he didn't noticed small details. He didn't know what didn't work in Hank's favors, but he knew, his guess was right!

    Even if he was served with doctored videos of Agatha and Hope, it wouldn't work as he would have demanded a live conference on the spot. That would also ruin the possibility of using shapeshifters!

    The expressions of Xil and Wlo changed, and looked at each other in blank dismay.

    Wasn't it said that in emotional and distress situations, people lose their ability to think rationally and act logically?! So how the hell could this guy still think properly and see the flaws!?


    The destructive power radiating out of Kiba smashed through the fogy, acidic breath and ripped it apart.

    Xil's eyes constricted as at the same instant, Kiba appeared in front of him.

    So fast!

    Xil thought just as Kiba grabbed his neck.

    "Your breath smells like a dead rat," Kiba said as he snapped Xil's neck. "Something my daughter wouldn't appreciate on my body."

    "!" Wlo was dumbstruck with terror.

    This wasn't how things were supposed to happen! At least, Xil wasn't to die in seconds, without getting a chance to resist!

    Kiba turned towards Wlo and the latter flinched. Just as he thought he was next, a feminine presence appeared at the end of the floor.

    "Carole," Kiba called out without turning back.

    "Kiba," Carole greeted him back with a soft sigh.

    "Do you want to die as well?"



    On the eighty-third floor.

    Agatha and Eva looked on as Hank walked out of the elevator and stepped towards the force field barrier.

    "I have to admit, you have got guts to kidnap Kiba's daughter," Agatha said with ridicule. "But do you think he is someone you can control?"

    Hank ignored the ridicule and scorn in her voice. He knew she was right about Kiba.

    Kiba was unpredictable and wild.

    Still, without losing his cool, Hank replied, "Neither you nor your daughter is kidnapped. Remember you were having a lunch with your parents? We just changed the location and nothing else."

    "Yeah, right," Agatha scoffed.

    "Trust me, I had no intention of making you feel kidnapped or confined," Hank said before bringing his eyes on Eva. "But my bitch daughter ruined that and brought us to this uncomfortable scenario."

    "Well, father, I'm very sorry about that!" Eva said with a sincere expression. "Let me out and I will make everything right! Promise!"

    Hank ignored her.

    He hasn't acted on his daughter before because he wanted to know her modes of spying in the corporation. And when he realized she has learned his plan and wanted to interfere, he moved to stop her, but she surprised him with her trump cards.

    "Agatha, cooperate with us," Hank started again. "What I planned would benefit us all, including Kiba."

    Agatha snorted in disdain before turning towards Eva.

    "I have an idea, and that requires both of us to act as one, but I'm not sure if we will succeed," Agatha said.

    "Well, seeing that we are out of options, let's try whatever you have in mind," Eva replied with a grin. "But let me warn you, I'm not in women so your idea of us acting as one better be different than what you are implying."

    Agatha: "................."

    I didn't imply anything!
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