514 Destruction in White Angel Corporation III

    Eva smirked at Agatha's stunned expression.

    "No time to waste, so let's start," Eva reminded her.

    "Ah, yes!" Agatha nodded.

    Outside the force field barrier, Hank looked at them with bewilderment.

    "What are they doing?!" Hank wondered.

    He has full confidence in the force field to block any attempt to escape, but seeing them trying to attempt, uncomfortable thoughts ran through his mind.

    With one hand holding Hope, Agatha placed her free hand on the floor and released her powers.

    "Intangible Space!"

    The floor, the walls, the ceiling, and every other object in the area turned intangible. Even the force field turned illusory, though unlike other places, its existence was more materialistic.

    "It is useless!" Hank said with disdain. "The force field won't lose its main function!"

    "You are right!" Agatha replied with a smile. "And that's why I'm relying on Eva!"


    Even as Hank questioned, Eva muttered one word that changed the nature of the existence of the floor.


    Countless strings of shadows crawled out of nowhere and enveloped the intangible area. To Hank's shock, Eva, Agatha, and Hope dissolved in shadowy liquid and dispersed in the shadowy-intangible-area.

    "Dammit!" Hank's face fell. "They are superimposing their abilities to make up for each other's weakness!"

    The guards and the two elite members looked at him in confusion.

    "Stop staring at me, idiots!" Hank shouted. "Stop them!"

    "Sir, the attacking function of force field has been disabled," The chief guard said. "Eva broke the control...."

    Even as he spoke, the shadow space disappeared as if it never existed. This made Hank's heart sink and he swiftly turned towards a guard near the force field barrier.

    The shadow of the guard turned darker and vivid, and from it, strands resembling tentacles crawled out.


    Hank cursed as the shadowy tentacles converged together to transform into Eva, Agatha, and Hope.

    "Shadows are intangible existence, to begin with! And with Agatha's ability joining Eva... a new ability was created!"

    The guard, in the meantime, screamed in shock. But not for long as Eva squeezed his throat with her shadows.

    The other guards and elite members jumped in action.

    "I can't handle for long!" Eva said as she created a shield of shadows.

    "Me neither!" Agatha said while huffing.

    Everything looked easy, but only she and Eva knew how physically taxing their combined action was.

    What they did was almost like teleportation: by creating an intangible space dimension so that shadows could sweep through it and appear back through another shadow.

    They wanted to appear far away, or at least, on another floor, but since it was their first use, they couldn't.

    "You two don't know what's good for you!" Hank shouted.


    Blinding mass of energy flashed out of his chest and enveloped him. At a speed visible to the naked eye, this energy turned into cybernetic armor, merging his physical essence into that of a powerful machine.

    Even as the guards and elite members made Agatha and Eva retreat against the barrier, Hank punched out in the air. Oscillating shockwaves rippled out and landed on the shadow barrier.


    The shield smashed into pieces and the remnant shockwaves hit Eva and Agatha. Even the guards and elite members weren't spared...


    Far below, on another floor.

    "Do you want to die as well?" Kiba asked.

    Carole looked at him for a moment before replying, "No one wants to die, sir. No one. And no one would as long as you cooperate with what Chairman Hank has in plan."

    "You're talking a load of crap!"  Kiba snorted coldly and appeared before Wlo.

    Wlo was alert from the start and he quickly retreated while lifting his blaster-arms. Plasma energy waves flashed out and blasted forward.

    "Why unnecessarily struggle?" Kiba asked while repelling the blast.


    Wlo cried as the blast reached him. But just then, Kiba's eyes narrowed as the blast didn't land on Wlo.

    A transparent energy bubble has blocked it!

    "Carole!" Kiba turned towards her.

    "Sorry, sir, but I can't let you do more damage to the corporation," Carole said politely. "Please cooperate and I promise to get you any benefit you desire."

    Kiba eyed her and then Wlo. He contemplated her words and then replied, "You are not here to earn my cooperation, but buy time."

    Carole's expression didn't change as if denoting that Kiba's words were false, but internally, shock swept through her.

    Kiba realized he was right. There was no time to waste!

    "I love beautiful women, but that love is nothing in front of my child!"


    Wlo and Carole retreated in a hurry as fierce energy exploded out of Kiba.

    "And no one deserves the right to part her from me, for any reason!"

    His body blurred and disappeared.

    At the same instant, Wlo screamed as the force field bubble popped and his blaster-arms sliced apart. As the arms fell on the floor, a fist blasted through his brains, killing him.

    Behind, Carole gasped as Kiba lowered his bloodied fist.

    "His powers have amplified!"

    Carole couldn't believe the sudden burst in his speed and strength. Even as she contemplated, she saw the space in front of her blurring.

    Sensing the crisis, her brain worked at its top capacity. She tapped on the floor and her agility reached its peak.


    She appeared a hundred meters behind. She then swept her hands out and hundreds of bubbles appeared around the place she was earlier, now occupied by Kiba.


    Carole snapped her fingers and the bubbles detonated. But to her horror, as the terrifying explosion occurred, Kiba ran through it with a devilish expression.

    His hair danced, his eyes glowed, and his lips twisted into a murderous smile.

    "The devil!"

    Carole muttered just as he appeared before her and smashed on her stomach. Cracks appeared on her body and she exploded.

    Meanwhile, even as she exploded, in an apartment far away. Sitting on the floor in the mediative position, Carole's eyes snapped open and blood erupted out of her facial orifices.

    "My clone has been destroyed!"

    The pain of the clone passed through the mental link and she cried.


    At the same time, Kiba lifted his head and looked in the direction of the apartment far away.

    "What a conniving woman. No wonder I found her dating material."

    Shaking his head, he pulled the digital access panel from the exploded gore of Carole and then shot up.


    Multiple blasts echoed in quick successions as he flew higher and higher, blasting through the floors and obstacles.

    As he arrived on the fiftieth floor, he linked with the access panel, and the invisible lock that made the floors above inaccessible opened up.


    At the same time.

    On the eighty-third floor, the lights flashed and alarms rang.

    The guards and elite members - who have immobilized Agatha and Eva - looked at each other in shock.

    "He has passed the fiftieth floor!"

    Hank's eyes flickered in anger. He turned towards the guards and commanded, "Take them inside! We still have time!"

    "Yes, sir!" The guards grabbed the women and pulled them.

    Just then, out of nowhere, crimson snow appeared and drifted windlessly.

    "What's going on?!"

    The snow was beautiful, radiating softness and purity, but the instant it touched the guards, it melted into blood.

    "This is the materialization of murderous intent!" Hank thought in shock.


    Even as the shock took over everyone, tremors ran through the floor.

    "Dammit! He is already here!"
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