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    At the center of the floor, a round hole burst into existence.


    Everyone gasped as the dust and debris shot into the air, a figure enveloped by golden light emerged.


    The instant the figure tapped on the floor, the drifting crimson snow turned wild. The environment changed to the wintry days of bluster and ice, but with a shade of crimson.


    The guards and elite members' faces paled as the snowy wind whipped at them, sending a murderous sensation deep into their souls.

    They shivered, and by the time their minds thought of moving, layers of snow piled up on their bodies...  freezing them into crimson statues.

    "!" Hank was dumbstruck.

    The materialization of murderous intent can freeze elite mutants to death?! How is such a thing possible!?

    While Hank's expression changed for worse, Agatha's brightened. She looked in front and smiled at the man who was here for her and their daughter.


    Agatha called out happily.

    Kiba nodded to her and then turned towards the worn-out Eva. He didn't need details to know the worst-case situation was avoided thanks to her.

    "I never thought you were stupid enough to risk your life for someone," Kiba remarked.

    "Yeah, neither do I," Eva replied with a grin. "Guess I managed to surprise us both."

    Kiba nodded before bringing his eyes on the one who mattered to him the most. The sight of her melted his heart and killed his negative emotions.

    Some distance away, Hank snapped his teeth and shouted, "Kiba!"

    "You don't need to shout."

    Kiba turned towards Hank.

    "But then again, as the orchestrator of  the most ambitious, but unsuccessful kidnapping in history, you have the right to have such urges."

    Hank clenched his fists and replied, "If only you were a minute late, everything would have been worked as per the plan."


    "Still, don't you dare think I have failed!" Hank said with a ferocious look.

    Kiba's eyes narrowed and the expression of Eva drastically changed.

    Hank has vanished from his place! And at the same second, Agatha vanished as well, but for an instant. When she returned back, she was in Hank's former place!


    Agatha hastily turned back and looked at the place she was earlier.

    "Hahaha! I haven't failed!" Hank announced while holding Hope in his hands. He eyed Kiba and continued, "Don't even think of doing what you want to or else... Hahaha!"

    Kiba's face darkened.

    His teleportation ability was sealed in the building and the area of ten kilometers. While he could use super speed and other abilities, they carried great risks.

    After all, with Hank having cybernetic armor and implants, he would be able to sense the instant Kiba tried to use his powers. Hank might not be able to stop him, but the briefest possible time would be enough to scratch Hope. Even though killing her would be impossible for Hank,  Kiba could not accept any scenario where she was made to feel pain, no matter how low it was.

    "See Kiba? I haven't failed!" Hank said with laughter. "This alien swapping technology is really amazing!"

    "What do you want?" Kiba asked.

    "Why so serious?" Hank smirked while lifting Hope. "No need to answer for I already know!"

    Agatha tightened her fists while Eva sighed.

    "As for what I want, well, I only want you to participate in a little mission for me," Hank said with a grin. He then placed a finger on Hope's forehead, and asked, "You wouldn't mind, do you?"

    "...." Rage pumped through Kiba's veins.

    Hank was satisfied. He looked at Hope and saw her nascent eyes filled with confusion.

    With a grin, he lifted his head and remarked, "Children are the worst form of weakness!"

    Kiba didn't respond, and neither did anyone else or at least that's what the silence on the floor denoted.


    Just then, a crackling sound erupted.

    Hank was startled for he realized the source of the sound was in his hands.

    He lowered his head just in time to see strands of lightning emanating out of Hope's fingers and rushing straight into his eyes!


    The strands of lightning spread throughout his eyeballs and then exploded. The resulting pain made him threw the child as he brought his hands to his eyes.

    Agatha and Eva looked in shock as Hope was tossed into the air, and even before they could think of acting, two hands caught her.

    Hope's lips spread into a happy smile. Even without looking, she knew she was in the presence of the person she loved the most.

    Her father.

    "Well done!"

    Kiba kissed her on the forehead.

    "You were amazing!"

    Pleased by the compliment, Hope ran her hands over his face.

    A minute ago, through the mental bond she shared with her father, she heard him saying, "Little lady! Why don't we have another round to see who creates the best explosion?"

    Another round?

    She vividly remembered the day when she exploded the waterfall and destroyed the living hall! The explosion she created was so bright and dazzling!

    Her father?

    His explosion was very weak! He only exploded a wall!

    If her father wanted to be defeated again, she didn't mind! She would show him she could win again!

    Still, she was a bit confused when he challenged her to target the eyes of the fat man holding her.


    "But this time I will win!" Kiba said as she continued to run her hands on him.

    Agatha and Eva glanced at each other and then at Kiba.


    Just what is going on here?!

    They felt terrible when Hank grabbed Hope, so Hope's sudden attack came as a pleasing shock.

    Now Kiba's response bewildered them...

    At the same time, Hank cursed and shouted,  "I would kill that little bitch!"

    Kiba hugged Hope and looked ahead. Hank's eyes were charred black from the explosion, but now, they were replaced with mechanical eyeballs.

    "Wow~ You have got a new pair of eyes! And they look cool as well!" Kiba observed. "So instead of being grateful, why would you want to kill my daughter?"

    "Bastard! She destroyed my organic eyes! I could never regenerate them back!"

    Hank swore in rage.


    Kiba gasped and then freed Hope from the hug. The father-daughter pair looked at each other and the former nodded in understanding.

    He turned Hope towards Hank, and said, "She isn't even a month old, so she couldn't speak, but there is something she wants to tell you."


    Hank asked as he summoned his strength and readied his trump cards.

    "Oops! Sorry!"

    Kiba said on Hope's behalf.
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