516 White Angel!

    "Oops! Sorry!" Kiba said on Hope's behalf.

    Eva was speechless while Agatha wryly noted: "Hope is just like her father!"

    Hank didn't appreciate the apology.

    If not for his cybernetic implants, he would have been blinded forever from the little lightning attack.

    "Kiba, you just have to ruin everything!" Hank's mechanical eyes glowed brightly. "We all could have so much! Power and everlasting youth! But no! You have to refuse again and again!"

    "I have everything I want," Kiba replied coldly. "So forgive me for not taking any interest in your petty schemes."

    His body flickered and he arrived before Agatha and Eva.

    "Consume them," Kiba said as he gave them healing and recovery pills.

    Agatha and Eva nodded before stuffing the pills in their mouths.

    The pills were of high-grade and created from unique materials, so, in just a matter of seconds, Agatha and Eva recovered.

    "Take care," Agatha said as she took Hope from him.

    "I will," Kiba assured her.

    Agatha didn't say anything further and isolated the space around her; causing her, Hope, and Eva to turn incorporeal and transparent.

    While she knew Hank's swapping ability must have serious limitations, she didn't want to take chances.


    Kiba noticed Hope looking at him with an eager expression. He could guess the reason and that brought a warm smile on his face.

    "Little lady, wait and see. I'm going to create some real explosions!"

    Agatha: "..."

    Eva: "....."

    Kiba then turned around and charged forward.

    His speed was frightening and he appeared before Hank in the snap of a second. The latter wasn't startled for his cybernetic senses gave him accelerated sensory abilities.

    "I shouldn't have spared your pathetic life back then!" Kiba said as he punched out.

    "Last time, you caught me off-guard so I didn't have the chance to use my powers!" Hank scoffed as from the center of his armor, a dazzling energy beam erupted.

    Kiba stopped the punch and darted to the side to avoid the beam. To his surprise, the beam turned direction and slammed on him the moment he tapped his feet on the floor.


    The beam blasted him back.

    "Just because you are powerful, doesn't mean I'm weak!"

    Hank said as his armor entered into combat mode. His cybernetic eyes locked on Kiba and he fired far more powerful energy beams from his hands.

    Kiba was in front of a wall and as he moved away at ultra-sonic speed, the beams cut through the wall and whistled after him.

    Hank grinned and suddenly, the speed of the beams amplified. They caught up with Kiba and smashed on him.


    A violent explosion filled the air, destroying the floor and walls. From distance, it was if dazzling lights have erupted through the floor.

    Hank's vision cut through the dazzling lights and dustcloud. His pupils dilated and his mouth turned wide as he saw no sign of Kiba in the explosion.


    He didn't believe he was lucky enough to pulverize Kiba from this attack.

    "Could he have accelerated his speed at the last moment and escaped the blast?!"

    Suddenly, a feeling of danger swept through Hank's heart and he snapped his head towards the right.

    Kiba was standing right beside him!

    "Hey there!" Kiba flicked a finger on Hank's chest.


    Hank's eyes constricted as the moment the finger smashed on him, a golden glow erupted that ripped through his armor and cut his chest area.


    Like a kite with its string cut, he flopped backward and crashed on the floor while coughing up blood.

    Only he knew how powerful the simple finger attack was. It cut through his many enhancements and haywire many aspects of the armor.

    He gritted his teeth and jumped back on his feet.

    "Damn you!"

    Hank shot at Kiba while his armor regenerated back on its own. His body flashed with energy currents that concentrated together and swept out.

    The currents crackled through the air with a withering force; decaying everything in its vicinity.

    "Oho~ Not bad!"

    Kiba said as he released his aura.


    As the two opposite powers collided, a terrifying boom echoed through the skyscraper.

    The entire eighty-third floor completely disintegrated into debris and fell on the floors below.  The resulting loss of stability made the floors above similarly collapse.

    "This isn't working!" Hank narrowed his eyes.

    Instead of further using the combat functions of the armor, he decided to use his main trump card. Because he knew that would be the only way to defeat the monster in front of him!

    He flicked his wrist and a metallic cube materialized in his hand.

    "Kiba! You give me no choice but to use something I never wanted to!"

    Hank said while crushing the cube and tossing it down. Kiba looked below with surprise as the crushed cube erupted with blinding flash.


    Between the falling debris and collapsing floors, the blinding flash turned into a circular portal.

    "Summoning portal?" Kiba muttered.

    From the portal, a powerful aura burst out.

    Far away, as the alien creatures from Sky Fiend Group rushed towards the corporation with Loqua, they stopped.


    Loqua lifted his head as he saw the spiritual entity flying out of the portal.

    "White Angel!"

    The moment the angel appeared, she plucked her wings out and grabbed them as swords. She lifted the right wing and swept it through the collapsing floors.

    The floors flipped over before pulverizing and by the time everyone noticed this, the corners of the wing slashed Kiba's chest.

    As blood flew before his eyes, behind him, the buildings across the corporation were washed by the wind fluctuations from the movement of the wing. They were left in shambles...


    Kiba felt the sharp piercing pain.  Everything happened so fast that he didn't even get time to react.

    Agatha and Eva were similarly stunned.

    "You didn't know about this White Angel?" Agatha asked.

    "No," Eva answered. "And I guess neither did Kiba despite Claudia spying on the corporation."

    "You might be right," Agatha said while glancing at Hank and the angel. "Just where did he got such a powerful entity?"


    "Hahaha! What's wrong, Kiba?" Hank asked.

    Kiba eyed the angel. He then raised his head towards the sky and said, "There is nothing wrong! In fact, everything has never been this right!"

    He couldn't remember the last he met someone capable of injuring him. So meeting an entity that could challenge him, make him bleed, and cause him pain was a welcoming change.

    "Let's fight for real!"
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