517 The End of White Angel I/II

    Even before the corporation was attacked, the buildings in the vicinity were abandoned due to the invasion of alien creatures. A decision the people would be forever thankful if they saw the condition of the skyscraper...

    Rumbling roars filled the air as floor after floor collapsed into chunks. Through these collapsing floors, Kiba flew upwards, maneuvering past the debris and shooting straight at White Angel.

    It was difficult to imagine the one responsible for the present destruction was her. With a height of ten feet and a slender figure, she seemed frail and fragile...


    White Angel brandished the wing in her left hand and slashed it down. The wind flared up and blasted downwards, frantically gusting against Kiba and the intact floors below.

    Much less a human, the power radiating out of the wing was capable of crushing multiple skyscrapers.

    Under such destructive power, Kiba's golden aura burst forth and rippled through the winds. As the wing slashed at him, he lifted his hand.


    An ear-piercing explosion reverberated and powerful shockwaves flashed outward.

    Even before the explosion cleared and shockwaves died, Kiba emerged; having stopped the wing with his hand.


    Blood trickled out of his palm, some of it dyeing the soft white feathers that were far sharper than the sharpest swords in existence.

    Everything looked simple but happened in less than a second; at a speed that was simply impossible to comprehend.

    A kilometer away, Loqua's expression turned grim. With shock, he muttered, "They both are... Alpha!"

    Hank's expression changed as he retreated from the terrifying shockwaves and created a barrier around him. His cybernetic vision showed him the battle in slow motion and that made his heart sink.

    "How could this be possible?!"

    He felt that using his trump card would end the fight in an instant. And the confidence was built on the power of Alpha!

    But now seeing Kiba having the strength to face the attack of an Alpha, he realized its horrifying implication.

    As shock and terror swept through others, White Angel arrived at the same elevation as Kiba and pulled her wing from his grasp while thrusting with the other wing.


    Multiple movements that eyes couldn't even detect occurred simultaneously. In one moment, Kiba and White Angel were high in the sky and the next between the collapsing floors.

    After avoiding another slash, Kiba clenched his right hand into a tight fist. The space around his fist twisted with strong gravitational force, and he punched out.

    White Angel was over a hundred meters away from him but the punch arrived in an instant, almost as if by teleportation.

    Despite such speed, White Angel's body flickered and she ducked to the side. The punch smashed on the building behind.

    "What the hell?!"

    Hank's eyes popped out from the resulting impact of the punch.

    Instead of exploding, the building vanished! It was like the fist was a black hole, devouring the building, leaving no traces of its existence.


    The very same instant, the vanished building erupted out of the fist, but in the form of broken pieces! These pieces raged through the air like meteors and smashed on the ground, sending a mass of dirt up.

    "Gravity could be used like that as well?!"  Loqua wondered with shock and awe.

    At the same time, as Kiba's punch missed the target, from behind, White Angel's wing sliced through the air to strike at his waist.

    Sensing the attack, Kiba somersaulted. The wing swept under his somersaulting body, and in mid-somersault, he waved his hand towards White Angel.


    Multiple flashes of golden light emerged out of his palm and condensed into energy spears. With a shrill shriek, they tore through the air and heavily slammed into White Angel's chest, giving her no time to dodge.


    The impact sent her crashing on the thirtieth floor. The floor caved in and the glass panels exploded into tinkling shards.

    On her chest, the energy spears tore through her defenses. The spears then blew open like cobwebs and ripped through her internals; trying to claw their way out of the other side of her body.


    A dazzling white glow erupted out of her body and overpowered the violent energy inside her!

    Recovering in a second from the time she crashed, White Angel rose up and shot straight at Kiba.

    "Well, you are definitely a true Alpha."

    Kiba said as he charged at her.

    "Unlike that self-declared Alpha from a few days ago."

    Kiba always referred Goten Whiteskins as self-declared Alpha. The reason being that despite Goten having the awe-inspiring majestic aura, he wasn't a true Alpha. He has crossed the boundary of Level VI but didn't reach Level VII! And the faint gap was as vast as the ocean, impossible to cross!


    Kiba and White Angel collided into each other, echoing a powerful boom. The resulting shockwaves recklessly washed over the remaining portions of the skyscraper, turning it into dust.


    White Angel cut a wing through the imploding airwaves and slashed through Kiba's arm. Blood splashed out and the wing pierced further, penetrating the bone.

    Even as the excruciating pain filled his senses, with his other hand, he launched Gravity Fist.


    The fist landed straight on White Angel's face.

    The terrifying gravitational force started devouring her face; ready to shoot it out as bloody pieces. But even as half the face disappeared, it regenerated back at the same speed!


    Failing to achieve the desired result, both Kiba and White Angel shot back, eyeing each other.

    "I hate regeneration ability the most!"

    Kiba remarked, rather hypocritically as his own regenerative ability rapidly healed his wound.

    So far, Kiba and White Angel seemed to be on equal footing, both displaying a similar level of strength.

    Realizing she has no choice but to use her full strength, White Angel embedded the wings with more power. They rapidly expanded, reaching a height of hundred meters.

    Kiba found himself between two wings.

    Thinking she planned to crush him between the wings, he decided to back off, just as she smacked the wings into each other.

    Blasts of wind gusted at him, so strong that they could uproot an entire neighborhood. His hair floated and his clothes fluttered.

    Her speed was a lot faster than his, and the wings rapidly closed into each other with him in the center. But to his surprise, as the wings approached, they split into glowing feathers.


    Kiba didn't have to wait to find out what she planned. The glowing feathers rapidly spun around him, caging him.


    The feathers swirled through the air, transforming into an enormous vortex that revolved madly, joining the sky with the earth.

    Far away, inside the isolated space, Agatha and Eva looked at the feather vortex with panic.


    Agatha's face fell. She sensed a force powerful enough to make the sky fall and the earth crumble.

    "This is the power of Alpha?!"

    Hank's grim face brightened. Even though he has researched the summoning cube, he never knew the extent of its power.

    Inside the vortex.

    Like piercing beams, the swirling feathers slashed at Kiba. Blood gushed out of him as one feather after another cut through his body.

    "White Angel... You leave me with no choice."


    Meanwhile, at Sky Fiend Group Headquarters.

    After receiving information from Loqua, the titan's eyes opened. Hyperion looked out, and his vision rapidly passed through hundreds of buildings before stopping inside the vortex.

    "His body is erupting with power...!"

    Hyperion's vision, as if sensing something, moved outside the vortex and locked on a mother-child pair.
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