519 Titan and Hope I/II

    The energy needles shortcircuited the armor and made Hank feel as if he was being fried. Amidst such terrifying agony, Loqua's words entered his ears.


    Appalling thoughts started running in his mind.

    Surely, his scheme and actions against Sky Fiend Group couldn't have been for their benefit!

    "Yes, Chairman Hank, plan," Loqua said brazenly. "Everything, well, almost everything of what you have done has been part of our plan."

    For him, it was rather annoying to communicate his voice throughout a large area so that everyone could listen to him.

    Hank's face cramped and cold sweat started dripping off his brows.

    "Then my son and...!!"

    Hank trailed off as he thought of the team he has prepared to acquire Divine Particles from Sky Fiend Group's headquarters.

    The team was covertly on stand-by near the headquarters, waiting to be joined by Kiba for the planned heist.

    "I'm sorry to say, but they are dead," Loqua said with a sly smile. "But don't feel sad, their deaths have contributed to something greater."

    Half a kilometer away, Agatha and Eva walked out of the isolated space and heard the conversation.

    "Brother is dead?" Eva muttered.

    "Jack has been killed?!" Agatha was stunned.

    "Haah~" Kiba let out a soft sigh.

    He somewhat expected this when the attack of alien creatures started. These creatures were hibernating throughout the city but no one ever realized it, not even the all-powerful World Government. This obviously spoke volumes on Sky Fiend Group's planning skills and vast information network.

    "No! I could never be a pawn of others!" Hank shouted.

    "Oh, but you are," Loqua replied. "Or do you believe we could be careless enough to let information about Divine Particles leaked?"

    "!" Hank's body froze.

    Kiba was startled. It was him who acquired the metallic biscuits containing traces of Divine Particles. (Chapter 1).

    Of course, he did that on the behest of Hank by robbing the team from Sky Fiend Group.

    "Why would you do it?" Kiba asked but then he felt the answer was rather obvious.

    He thought of the attack of Dark Beasts from a few weeks ago and then the actions of the alien creatures today. This pretty much signified whatever Sky Fiend Group has in plan required gathering of powerful mutants in the city.

    What better way to attract mutants than Divine Particles; something that offered power and longevity?

    "Mister Kiba must have realized it," Loqua observed with a smile.

    Secretly, he was relieved that he would be able to drag time, even if it was by a minute. This was why he communicated his voice through a long distance so that everyone could hear him.

    The alien creatures were cowered by Kiba's display of power and they needed time to regain their senses back.

    "Well, so would I be wrong to assume you let other corporations and vested interests also learn about Divine Particles?"

    Kiba asked as his body turned into a stream of golden light and shot off towards Agatha.

    "No, you would be rather right," Loqua answered.

    Hank's insides constricted.

    How could Sky Fiend Group be so confident that their plan would work?! Weren't worried that the government and other powerful organizations could learn about Divine Particles and target them?!

    If such a thing happened, Sky Fiend Group wouldn't survive!

    As if sensing Hank's questions, Loqua replied, "We placed our full faith on selfish desires of humans and their greed. And as you could see, it worked."


    Hank wanted to scream and shout. His son was killed and his corporation destroyed. Everything due to greed!


    At the same time, Kiba arrived before Agatha and took Hope from her.

    "I won this time!" Kiba said cheerfully. "So we are even!"

    Hope glanced at the razed buildings and the depthless crater. Instantly, she knew the explosions he created were far better than hers.

    Still, she nodded her head and accepted his loss. She might not be even a month old, but even she knew the meaning of - To be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

    "Well, I'm sure you will surpass me next time!" Kiba said further.

    Hope's nascent eyes sparkled as if saying - Yes, next time, I will surpass you!

    Eva and Agatha: "...."

    Surpass this level of destruction?!


    Don't tell me you plan to explode the entire city!?!

    Agatha felt like crying.

    She has so many plans for her daughter, but Kiba was ruining them by turning Hope into a delinquent!


    Hope loved to run her hands on his face and she eagerly started doing that. Kiba smiled.

    Meanwhile, an enormous snake shot out of the ground and arrived before Hank.

    Loqua grinned and said, "Swallow him!"

    The snake opened its mouth and pounced down. Hank's face darkened from despair while Loqua's brightened from happiness.

    "Hank would provide a good amount of nutrition!" Loqua thought.


    Blood and gore erupted into the air and a corpse started falling down.


    Loqua's eyes narrowed in shock as the corpse was of the snake! The same instant, a chilling sensation crawled through his spine and he jumped back.

    Even as he jumped back, a golden arc charged forward with astounding speed.


    The invisible protective layer around him torn apart like thin paper and the arc slashed through his torso.

    "No... way!"

    Loqua muttered as his body split into two and fell on the ground. He forcefully turned his head and caught the sight of the attacker.


    Loqua didn't expect this, at least not being attacked like this, out of the blue.


    Kiba stepped in front of Hank and said, "You thought you could die so easily?"

    Hank shivered from terror.

    When he saw the snake explode, he anticipated good news, but now... seeing Kiba, he wished the snake has swallowed him! It might be painful, but at least, he would be spared of the agony this demon was capable of.

    Kiba placed a hand on Hank's head.

    "Ki...Kiba... please!"

    Hank begged as swirling energy rushed into him. The energy shattered his cybernetic armor as if it was as frail as a chicken egg and then swept into his body.


    The swirling energy destroyed his organs into a broken mess, by frying them inside out. The pain was indescribable and even as this happened, his consciousness was enveloped by psychic energy.

    "The injuries won't kill you," Kiba grabbed Hank by telekinetic force. "So rest assured, you will live for a long time, but as a cripple."

    The psychic energy rampaged inside his consciousness, erasing his ability to ever communicate or block pain.

    Kiba flicked a finger and Hank shot in the sky, disappearing into the horizon. Maybe when he drop on the ground somewhere, he would be lucky enough to find medical care.


    At the same time, hundreds of alien creatures roared and charged forward. The ground trembled and the air vibrated.

    Kiba eyed them and his aura billowed out.

    The creatures quivered and before they could react, the aura exploded through their bodies, plastering the ground with their blood.


    Even though Loqua was sliced into two, he didn't die. Now seeing the army of creatures exploding, the pain he felt increased countless folds.

    "You are still alive?" Kiba aimed a finger at Loqua and a beam of golden light shot out.


    Loqua exploded into gore.


    A minute later.

    [[Master, the anti-teleportation mechanism is still active.]]

    Claudia spoke through the silver bracelet.

    Initially, she felt with the destruction of White Angel Corporation, the mechanism would be deactivated.

    "Yeah, I noticed."

    Kiba replied as Agatha and others joined him.

    [[Hank has spread the mechanism in the 10km range. You have already destroyed most of the mechanism during the battle with White Angel... so you only need to deactivate the last piece.]]

    Claudia sent him coordinates.


    Kiba said as he enveloped Agatha and others into a golden force field and flew towards the coordinates - a building.

    In less than a minute, they arrived in front of the building. Unlike the heavily-protected skyscraper with impenetrable floors, the defense here almost was non-existent.

    Almost, because, the moment they entered, a team of thirty guards attacked them with weapons.

    "Get lost."

    Multiple energy beams swept out and shot through their heads, killing the guards instantly. They dropped on the floor along with their weapons.


    At the same.

    Loqua's body emerged from the exploded gore and blood. It took him minutes before he reformed fully.

    "That hateful bastard!" Loqua wiped the sweat from his face and cursed. "If not for the bond I share with Great Titan, I would have died!"

    Loqua dreaded the close-encounter with the death. He looked at the remnants of the army of the alien creatures and gritted his teeth.

    Closing his eyes, he said.

    "Great Titan..."


    Kiba stepped into what seemed to be an office room. He found what he was looking for under a table.

    He grabbed the last piece of anti-teleportation mechanism into his hand to crush it when suddenly, he snapped his head and looked out of the window.

    A gigantic hand shrouded the sun! The hand was red, fully scaled with spike-like protrusion! And it was rushing here!


    Kiba's face fell and he crushed the anti-teleportation mechanism. As he did, he sensed the space locked by a foreign power that resembled his own!

    "Protect yourselves!"

    He transformed into a golden beam and shot out of the window. The words he said entered Agatha and Eva's ears when the window exploded into tinkling shards and he disappeared into the sky.

    By the time they realized something was wrong, Kiba slammed into the hand.

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