520 Titan and Hope II/II

    The destruction that started at White Angel Corporation has spread to cover an area of three miles, turning everything into ruins.

    Far away from this area, the people ran in panic, frightened by the shocking events.

    "What the hell is going on there?!"

    "No idea!"

    "The shockwaves are so strong that we can neither see nor record anything!"

    "Same! Even with my enhanced vision, all I see is the energy mist!"

    "Whatever happens there is for our good though! It attracted every strange creature attacking the city!"

    "Yeah! Every cloud has a silver lining!"

    Just as someone mentioned this, the world turned dim.

    Startled, the people lifted their heads and saw a gigantic hand obscuring the sun as it rushed towards the destroyed zone.

    "What's this pressure?!"

    A terrifying pressure descended from the hand, making the buildings quiver and the roads crack. The people shivered as the pressure developed a deep sense of reverence in their hearts.

    High in the sky, Kiba shot forward like a golden cannonball, colliding directly into the hand.


    Blasts and explosions rang out, spreading radiant flashes of light...

    Inside the building, Agatha placed a hand on the wall and transferred her power.

    "Space Isolation!"

    The building turned incorporeal and transparent.

    "Shadow Barrier!"

    Eva streamed out hundreds of shadows that quickly wrapped around the incorporeal building.

    Agatha held Hope against her chest and rubbed her back while looking at the sky.

    "Be safe."


    Kiba and the gigantic hand backed from the impact.

    "You carry the power that is restricted to only a few of my world."

    An ancient voice reverberated from the hand.

    "Despite your body making it clear you a mortal of this world."

    A vast amount of energy concentrated around the hand, turning into a lake of light. Inside this lake, creatures made from light appeared and gazed at Kiba, their eyes emanating murderous glint.

    Kiba didn't know what the hand was, but he knew two things: It has no good intention and it was powerful. So he has no intention of holding back.

    The space around him twisted and warped with a gravitational force that was far terrifying than the Gravity Cage.

    He shut his eyes and the gravitational force materialized in the form of an enormous fist.


    Kiba and the hand rushed at each other, joined by their respective attacks; their speed so fast that there were no afterimages or anything.

    The lake of light far surpassed Kiba in speed and crashed on him instantly.


    A sky-shaking boom explosion rang out. The creatures of light crazily assaulted him, emitting chaotic \u0026 blazing light that cut through his body.

    His regeneration and recovery abilities got in action, rapidly healing his wounds, but in the midst of the lake of light, his abilities were in decline. The rate of destruction surpassed the recovery!

    Despite so many happenings, the assault began milliseconds ago, the briefest possible time!

    It was then that the fist of gravitational force smashed.


    The extremely fierce gravitational force surged through the lake of light. The droplets of light and creatures contracted into tornados and then rushed into the fist.

    The fist exploded into blazing radiance and dispersed into the sky.

    As this happened, the gigantic hand charged forward and grabbed Kiba. So far, his eyes were still shut but when the hand grabbed him, they opened, radiating cosmic dust.

    "Cosmic Storm!"

    Kiba's voice broke through the void and brought frightening geomagnetic waves into reality.


    The hand let out a gasp as spatial debris and asteroids, wrapped with cosmic energy, joined the geomagnetic waves to transform into the cosmic storm.

    The clouds twisted and split while the ground rooted out, drifting into the air.


    A huge explosion ruptured as the storm sucked the gigantic hand. The strands of the swirling energy pierced all the way.


    The gigantic hand shattered into astral shards.

    "Astral Projection?!"

    Kiba was startled by the conclusion. He initially thought the hand was real instead of some projection.

    "It must be the projection of the alien that is guiding Sky Fiend Group..."

    Kiba thought while wiping blood from his lips and turning around. He looked at Agatha and Hope and smiled.

    Agatha returned the smile and Hope waved at him.

    "Watch out!"

    The very same instant his heart sank and he shot down, rushing faster than what even his teleportation ability was capable of.

    Agatha and Eva were startled, but just for an instant as they felt a dreadful pressure from behind the building.

    An enormous red finger has appeared!

    Perhaps the gigantic hand was a distraction to hide the finger, or maybe this finger split when Kiba launched Cosmic Storm... whatever the reason, Kiba knew things have turned bad.

    The finger pressed on the building.


    The shadow barrier shook violently and crumbled down while the isolated space disappeared. The backlash blasted Eva and Agatha back.


    Agatha gasped as the impact made her drop Hope in the air.

    Kiba's face twisted and he summoned all the strength he could muster to run down. His eyes dilated as the enormous finger blasted through the wall and rapidly closed to Hope.

    He only needed half a second to arrive before her. Everything would be alright then.

    But this half a second was like asking for eternity.

    Something he couldn't get even if he summoned his full powers due to the one reason... he didn't have time!

    But he refused to give up!

    Not when it concerned his daughter!

    He gritted his teeth and flew faster, breaking the confines of space and reality. The air melted and space split apart, releasing spatial winds.

    For others, one second wouldn't even matter, but for him, this less than half a second would last far longer than a century. Everything for him was in slow motion, his mind and body working at their full capacity.

    The red finger got closer to Hope and Kiba felt his heart squeeze.

    His eyes turned bloodshot and he charged faster and faster.

    He noticed Hope looking at him, her nascent eyes filled with confusion by his pale expression.

    The enormous fingertip was now just an inch away and he barely two.

    But this gap was far vast than the one between the sky and the earth.

    Something he knew he has to overcome, no matter the price!

    Unless he was ready to see his worst nightmare turn into reality...


    Paradox Dimension.

    In the throne room of the floating castle, Cosmic Emperor rose to his feet.

    "So many times... yet I couldn't grow numb."

    He let out a soft sigh before spreading his lips into a faint smile.
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