522 Attack on Sky Fiend Group

    Sky Fiend Headquarters was spread in an area of almost 2 sq.km. The over twenty buildings and factories were evenly spread, hosting thousands of workers, including mutants and researchers.

    Ever since Joshua unleashed the alien creature on the city, he activated the advanced state of the art.

    Military-grade rockets, automatic laser artillery, and battle droids were on stand-by, ready to tackle any situation.

    But these were just elementary.

    The true defense was the energy barrier that enveloped the entire headquarters, in the form of a transparent dome.

    This dome was created by an advanced technology that belonged to Celestial Elysian Plane, courtesy of the great titan! It was strong enough to block high-stage Level VII Alpha!

    What's more, this dome was capable of bursting with frightening offensive power in case of an attack!

    In the underground facility, Joshua rubbed his elderly hands excitedly as he stared at the vital readings on the monitors.

    "The Great Titan is recovering at terrifying speed!"

    Thousands of meters below, on the last floor, Hyperion burst out into raucous laughter. His decayed corpse-like body rapidly transformed and crackling sounds erupted throughout.

    The missing flesh on his body filled up with new blood mass while the scales that were long gone reappeared. His arms bulged exponentially and the claw-like hands turned sharp and fierce.

    Meat sacks erupted on his three decomposed eyesockets and then burst apart in a shower of goo. Now in the place of decomposed eyesockets, eyes filled with vitality appeared, radiating endless vitality.

    All his four eyes opened!

    "I have almost regained 10% of my strength! All thanks to that little girl!"

    Hyperion was pleasantly surprised by the amount of power Hope carried. The power he extracted was as vast as an ocean without any impurity!

    "If she carried such power, then her father...!"

    Hyperion laughed sinisterly.

    Having such superior power was useless if one couldn't tap into it and use it. And given the restrictions on this world and nature of humans existence, he wasn't surprised that the human couldn't tap on this ultimate power!

    "All he could do was transform power Cosmic into cheap forms of energy! I can recover by almost half if I absorb him!"

    Hyperion concentrated back on healing his body.


    Inside the control room, Joshua continued to focus on the recovery stats with a smile that touched his eyes. The happiness of his subordinates wasn't any less because they knew the progress of Sky Fiend Group relied on the great titan.


    Suddenly, rumbling sounds echoed through the underground facility.

    "What's this sound"

    Joshua was startled.

    For rumblings to intense enough to travel on underground floors, something must be happening outside.

    He quickly activated the cameras and was shocked by what they projected on the screen.

    The clear blue sky was covered with an expanse of dark, stormy clouds. Their appearance dimmed the area, making him feel as if pitch-black ink was splashed on it.

    "There is someone there!"

    A subordinate pointed on the screen.

    Joshua was focused on the clouds so he didn't notice what his subordinate told him.

    Now that he was informed, he concentrated on the screen and noticed a figure standing amidst the stormy clouds, like the overbearing sovereign of the world.

    The figure wreathed in thick layers of golden energy, making it impossible to observe his features.

    "He must be Kiba!" Joshua said with a mocking smile. "Loqua said he was an Alpha! But here, he would be as strong as a stray dog!"

    His subordinates agreed with him. They sneered while observing Kiba on the screen.

    So what if you are an Alpha?!

    We have The Great Titan with us!

    Alphas might be Gods on this planet, but Titans are the Gods of Celestial Elysian Plane! They are the real supreme!

    Much less one Alpha, soon, the entire world would bend before The Great Titan!

    The World Government, the Nine Families, the Beauty Island, the Revolutionaries, the Dharma Chakra... everyone would kneel before us!

    "It is good for us!" A subordinate said. "The Great Titan wouldn't have to hunt him down!"

    "Hehe, you said what I wanted to say!" Another subordinate chimed in.

    "We all should be thankful that he came here to offer his life!"

    "Poor guy! He came here to challenge The Great Titan, but his luck is so bad that he couldn't even barge in!"

    "He should stand there and wait for his end! It would be soon!"

    Joshua and others grinned. The dome was impenetrable!

    "It would be great if he tried to attack the dome!"

    "Haha, I wanted to see that as well! The offensive power of the dome would make him learn how great we are!"

    In the sky, Kiba's hair grew out speedily, fluttering wildly in the wind. The half-blue in his eyes turned a brilliant gold just like the rest of his eyes.

    At the same time, lightning surged through the dark clouds, illuminating the area with a frightening radiance.


    As thunderous rumbles resounded out, everyone below felt a chill run down their spines. Their faces paled as if they were pressed heavily by a mountain, turning their breathing laborious.

    "What is this overwhelming pressure?!"

    Joshua's heart thumped loudly.

    "And how could it pass through the dome?!"

    He could understand the rumbling sound echoing in, as the barrier wasn't programmed to stop sounds. But oppressive might was a different matter!

    Outside the dome, turbulent winds rooted out the trees and sent sand and rocks into the air. The roads split apart before turning into dust.

    In the sky, the bolts of lightning struggled to break out of the clouds and rush down. They wished to obliterate the world, and their intent couldn't be more clear from the pressure they radiated.

    "Destruction and nothing else!"

    A streak of golden lightning split through the sky and rushed straight into Kiba's hand. The moment it appeared, the world started trembling and everything fell into disorder.

    Kiba gripped the streak of lightning tightly and a terrifying aura surged through him. He rushed down, descending with the endless power of violence and destruction.

    In the control room, Joshua's elderly body shook.

    "This is the might of Level VII mutant?!"

    Looking at the streak of lightning extending from the sky to Kiba's hand, he felt he was looking at the god of lightning.

    The god capable of obliterating the world!

    Despite the protection of the dome, fear gripped his soul as the lightning grow larger and larger on the screen.

    Outside, Kiba whipped the streak of lightning on the dome.


    The moment the lightning crashed, the dome shook violently and shattered into pieces.


    Joshua's eyes popped out and jaw dropped.

    The powerful dome that he was so proud of, something that could stop even god-like Alpha was shattered just like that?!

    And that too only with "Kacha" sound! Not even a boom!

    The subordinates were knocked off their feet when they saw the dome shatter in a single move.

    This must be a nightmare!

    There was no way the dome could be broken!

    Even if it could, at the very least, it should have offered a bit of resistance! And attack Kiba with its oppressive power!

    But to their terror, there was no retaliation by the dome! None at all!

    It was like the dome was nothing more than a piece of frail glass! Completely useless!

    Even as they muttered "impossible", the lightning didn't stop after destroying the dome. It continued to cut down, emitting a sharp whistling sound.

    Wherever it passed through, everything in its vicinity collapsed.

    The military-grade artillery turned haywire and the droids imploded. The buildings and factories instantly toppled and those insides turned into dust.

    They didn't even get time to cry!

    When the lightning swept into the underground facility, the ground flipped upside down! Even the most terrifying landslide in history hasn't created such an effect!

    On the first underground floor, the hoard of Dark Beasts and scientists screamed as the fluctuations from lightning roiled them into blood mist.

    The regenerative ability of Dark Beasts was such that they could revive from even a single droplet of blood, but now, not a single trace of their existence remained, not even a bone!

    On the third floor, the screen turned blank.


    Joshua's subordinates let out a heart-wrenching scream. Even though the lightning was ripping through the first floor, the fluctuations made them split into two, killing them.

    "Just what on Earth is this lightning?!"

    Joshua's heart turned cold.

    The underground facility was made from indestructible alien metals, something necessary as it was the most important area.

    Yet, a single strike of lightning that shattered the impenetrable dome continued to cut forth, destroying everything, even the safe underground facility!

    The most frightening part? It has barely been a few seconds since the lightning crashed down!

    Only seconds to destroy the powerful headquarters he made with his blood and sweat! All his efforts, all his tech, all his mercenaries... everything turned to dust!

    "Dammit! This wasn't how things were supposed to happen!"

    Joshua's body turned illusory and he shot down, rushing straight into the floor Hyperion was.

    Just like Loqua, he was linked with the titan so he was able to escape from the overwhelming pressure and run.

    But even as he ran, the floors around him disintegrated, turning into tiniest specks of dust.

    "Save me!"

    Joshua shouted as he felt the pressure stabbing through him, tumbling his blood in disorder. The pressure cut through his organs, bones, and limbs.

    Just as he thought he was dead, a gigantic claw-like hand stretched through the disintegrating floors and grabbed the streak of lightning.
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