523 Fighting Hyperion!

    From the ruined underground facility, a heavy feeling of suppression shot up, slamming into the oppressive pressure that came crashing down from the stormy clouds.


    The moment the two forces collided, energy detonated and burst out with dazzling sparks.

    In the sky, Kiba's eyes sharpened as the gargantuan hand grabbed the streak of lightning. He snorted coldly and pulled the lightning up.

    "Great Titan!" Joshua exclaimed happily. "Thank you for saving my life!"

    Ignoring the words of gratitude, Hyperion began to rise. The tubes and wires that connected his body to lab equipment collapsed and the ground flipped on either side of his body.

    By the time he rose to his feet, a massive amount of soil and dust flew up, making the air turbulent.

    Kiba looked at Hyperion as they came face to face.

    "A titan."

    Kiba said coldly while observing the body that spanned for over a thousand feet.

    The limbs stout and thick, emitting strong vitality. The red fur - draped over the chest and back- sharp and shiny. The horns - on the forehead - glowing with a hellish light.

    "Your powers have amplified countless times since you destroyed my astral projections," Hyperion said without any emotion. "But so have mine, thanks to your daughter."

    Kiba's eyes erupted with fury.

    Every single cell of his body demanded him to avenge the one who mattered him to the most.

    The one who made him realize there was more to life than just chasing beautiful women and making men cuckold.

    The one whose smile melted his heart into pure joy, no matter what mood he was in.

    The one who loved to run her little hands over his face, no matter what form he was.

    The one who loved him unconditionally.

    The one whose life was extinguished by the creature in front of him.


    The emotions he was suppressing till now erupted like a volcano.

    Resonating with his rage and fury, the dark clouds seethed and roared. Brilliant arcs of lightning flashed through them, emanating an annihilative aura.

    The streak of lightning that stretched from the clouds to Kiba's hand dazzled brightly and flashed with world-obliterating might.

    Without saying anything, Kiba hurtled down at the titan's head, stabbing out with the lightning.

    Hyperion jerked his head back at an impossible speed and his four eyes glowed resplendently.


    Four beams of white light erupted out, and when seen from the distance, these beams were far thicker than hundreds of pillars combined.

    The streak of lightning swept forward, changing into the shape of a massive sea, glowing with thunder force.


    The beams of light crashed into the thunder force and exploded. Violent blasts of energy swirled outward and enveloped the air.

    As the terrifying shockwaves filled the air, the very same moment, the streak of lightning cut through them and moved further.

    Hyperion was a bit startled. He realized he has underestimated the human far too much.

    He quickly moved his one hand to stop the lightning as it came close to his head. Alongside this, with his other hand, he punched at Kiba.

    The punch released devasting force, akin to an unstoppable flood that washed over the world. Space trembled and cracks visible to the naked eye appeared.

    Kiba lifted his free hand and pressed it on the incoming punch.

    His body, much less his hand, didn't deserve comparison with the gigantic punch, but when he pressed his hand out, a destructive force so powerful bore down that it stopped the punch.


    The impact sank the razed ground further, destroying everything in its vicinity.

    "This couldn't be real!"

    Joshua trembled continuously.

    The shockwaves were far too terrifying! If not for the protection from Hyperion, he would have died hundred times by now.

    "Just how strong is Kiba?!"

    Joshua wondered.

    "Last time, he was Level VII Alpha... and even though he destroyed the astral projections of the great titan... he was injured!"

    He knew when Hyperion summoned astral projections, he has barely recovered by 5%. Now thanks to Hope, he has reached 10%. The gain in strength wasn't additional, but multiplicative! So Hyperion was countless times stronger!

    Yet Kiba seems to be able to hold his own!

    "How could this be possible!? Has he crossed Level VII?!"


    Perhaps the people of the city were lucky.

    After all, the pressure from golden lightning was clashing with the presence of Hyperion, nullifying each other. If not, even one of the forces was more than enough to explode half the megacity.

    Far away, the crowd took a deep breath of cold air as they saw the vast body of the titan. They couldn't see the features clearly due to the continuous energy detonation, but just the outline made their bodies numb.

    There was a creature like this in the city?! And there was also a human that could face such a creature!?


    Weisz House.

    Felicity, Jessica, and Loren stared at the tv as the news about Sky Fiend Group headquarters flashed.

    "Just what's going on there?!" Jessica wondered aloud.

    "No idea, but whatever it is, it is bad, very bad," Loren said with a bitter expression.

    Just then, the tv screen buzzed and the visuals from the battle site disappeared.

    "The shockwaves must have acted as EMP waves and destroyed the recording devices," Loren guessed as the news anchor apologized for losing visuals. "Not like we were able to see anything even when the live feed was on."

    "Yeah, all the visuals showed was energy explosions and the outline of two figures," Jessica agreed. "One of a giant and another a human shrouded by golden light."

    Felicity opened her hand and emerald energy concentrated on top of it. In a minute, a glowing emerald seed appeared.

    "Let's see if this works," Felicity said as the seed flew out of the window.

    "What do you mean?" Jessica asked.

    "After the nanites attacked my body, I have grown somewhat resistant to disintegrating forces," Felicity replied with a smile. "And I plan to use this to my advantage by trying to 'see' what's going on at the battlefield."

    The seed drifted through the winds and rushed towards the battlefield...


    Delta Military Base.

    Inside the bunker, Morgan stood on the side and looked at Marlon as the latter opened the door to the most important area of the base.

    Nearby, through her stitched eyes, Amora observed the news of battle on a digital screen.

    "Hurry up!" Amora shouted. "We need to activate the generator or the city would be destroyed!"

    "I know! So shut up!" Marlon rebuked.

    The door opened up and the generator-like device came in sight.

    "Hopefully it would work as the President claimed otherwise we all are **ed!"
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