524 Evolution Field

    After the brief clash, Hyperion lifted his head and looked up in the sky.

    He observed the layers of dark clouds and lightning dancing about within. As the bolts of lightning struggled to overcome some hidden restrictions, he listened to their roars filled with thunderous superciliousness.

    "When I first saw this, I thought it was similar to what I have witnessed millions of years ago. Naturally, I felt I was mistaken."

    Hyperion said, his voice filled with reminiscence.

    "But after clashing with you and facing the power of violence and annihilation head-on, I know I wasn't mistaken. This is indeed Evolution Field!"

    On the ground, Joshua's blood turned cold. His expression turned to one of disbelief and alarm.

    "Evolution Field!?"

    Being the head of Sky Fiend Group, he has access to various secret records of Celestial Elysian Plane. One of these records mentioned Evolution Field, albeit briefly.

    "Since the beginning of the universe, countless planets and planes have bloomed with life and vitality."

    "But with the flow of time, many of these worlds withered! The innumerable races inside them turned to dust!"

    "And the only common point in the deaths of worlds and races is... that they were preceded by a single cosmic event!"

    "Evolution Field!"

    "It tests the evolution of the worlds and the lives within!"

    "To ensure they deserve to exist and feed on the energy of cosmos!"

    "Those failing have no choice but to be obliterated!"

    Joshua was scared out of wits. If the records were to trusted, the appearance of Evolution Field denoted world-wide genocide!

    "Surely the Great Titan must be mistaken!"


    Hyperion kept his eyes on the clouds for a second, but in that time, he remembered where he saw them last.

    On a planet occupied by higher forms of life. The planet that was within the domain of Celestial Elysian Plane!

    "No one would have thought that the planet would be annihilated."

    He has witnessed the annihilation millions of years ago, but the scene was still imprinted his memories:

    Lightning amassing over the entire planet, crackling amidst the layers of clouds and surging with the ultimate power of annihilation. The lifeforms within the planet doing their best to survive... using everything they have at their disposal.

    Yet failing when lightning crashed down...

    Hyperion let out a sigh and brought his eyes back on Kiba.

    "Even though you derive your strength from Evolution Field, you couldn't tap on it properly," Hyperion said. "But that's to be expected."

    Kiba didn't give a damn about Hyperion's words. He whipped the streak of lightning and slammed it outward.

    Hyperion responded by slashing out with his claw-like hand. The space ripped apart and scratch marks dragged through the air.

    Five kilometers away, simultaneous to the appearance of scratch marks, the buildings that were intact till now brutally ripped apart.

    One could only imagine how powerful the claw attack was for the fluctuations to create such damage!

    As the gigantic claw dug into the streak of lightning, explosive bang echoed out. The air distorted and strands of lightning splashed out.

    The streak of lightning was almost cut!

    Kiba's eyes narrowed.

    "Kid, I'm not the only one you are facing in this fight!" Hyperion reminded. "You are also facing the world!"

    Evolution Field preluded the death of the world. And no world would accept such a fate without a fight!

    The same applied to Earth!

    Even though the present Evolution Field occupied an area not worth mentioning, Earth wouldn't allow Evolution Field to channel its powers!

    This was why the bolts of lightning in the sky continuously struggled to descend! They were fighting the resistance offered by the planet!

    This applied to Kiba as well for he was the carrier of the Evolution Field! Its herald!

    Even as the streak of lightning was almost cut, the stormy clouds twisted and channeled more strength through the streak of lightning, bringing it back to its former shape.

    The recovery happened in an instant, but it was enough time for Hyperion to launch his own attack. With his claw still cutting through the streak of lightning, the spikes on his arms brightened and burst out.


    Kiba was too close to Hyperion so there was no time to dodge.


    The enormous spikes stuck on the protective golden aura around his body. The moment they bombarded, the aura corroded and melted!

    Even though the spikes tore through golden aura, Kiba's body was virtually indestructible in his present form. Still, the power from the spikes was no joke as they blasted him back.

    Kiba forcefully stopped himself in the air.


    As he regained balance, the air around him whooshed and dazzled with boundless light.

    He swept a glance and noticed himself surrounded by corona: light in the shape of a crown; decorated with magical patterns! The corona was vast, taller than even Hyperion, occupying everything in Kiba's eye view.

    In fact, there was not one corona, but six, blocking all possible exits! Even space was locked to stop teleportation!

    "This was his true attack?" Kiba wondered.

    Far away, the people shut their eyes. All their sight caught was a massive amount of light appearing out of nowhere, radiating blinding glow.

    "Void Destroying Absolute Light!" Hyperion's voice reverberated through the air.

    Simultaneously, the coronas smashed on Kiba with indescribable speed.

    Kiba firmly gripped the streak of lightning in his hand and swung it out.

    Despite the blinding glow, the streak of lightning drew out an outline as it scraped through the corona rushing from the front!

    The instant it touched the corona, the streak of lightning erupted with thunder force, turning into a vast thunderstorm.

    The thunderstorm and light smashed into each other.


    The instant they made contact, they started intertwining with each other, trying to destroy the other. The struggle surged out strands of explosive thunder-light in all directions, blasting everything.

    "Struggling is futile!"

    Hyperion's vision passed through the sea of light and stopped on Kiba.

    The attack he used was one of his major attack abilities, albeit the weakest of all. Of course, since he has barely recovered by 10%, he couldn't bring out its full power. Otherwise, even his weakest attack would have obliterated the planet!

    Kiba has sliced the streak of lightning through two coronae when the other four crushed on him.

    Anyone who saw him could tell that it would be impossible for him to face so many coronae with the streak of lightning alone!

    "This is the end!" Hyperion said.

    Just then, the corner of his top right eye blurred from an exceedingly dazzling flash. It was from the clouds behind him!

    He jerked his head to the side just as a bolt of lightning split through the sky and shot into the coronae, landing on the free hand of Kiba.


    After the bolt of lightning entered the coronae, a shredding sound erupted from Hyperion's face and blood flew out.

    Even though he has reacted timely, the bolt of lightning was too fast! It sliced through his cheek before rushing into Kiba's hand!

    "That kid!"

    Hyperion swore just as a powerful explosion dazzled in front of him.


    As the coronae detonated with the void-destroying light beams, lightning cut through them, splashing the air with a golden glow.

    Inside the dazzling explosion, Kiba spun his body nonstop, his one hand gripping streak of lightning and the other bolt of lightning.


    Stretching from the clouds, both lightning slashed through the explosive might of detonated coronae, transforming into a lightning vortex!

    Hyperion was stunned. He didn't think Kiba was capable of tapping more power from Evolution Field!

    Just as this thought passed in his mind, the space in front of him distorted.

    Hyperion rapidly raised his claw-like hands in front of his face as though the distorting space, Kiba emerged, wielding the streak and bolt of lightning diagonally, forming "X" shape. Without any words, he slashed out.


    As the lightning collided on the claws, shockwaves visible to the eyes swept off. The ground sank further and the area of ten kilometers instantly turned into dust.

    Annihilaitve power crazily poured through the claws, melting them and ripping off the scales, but even as this happened, the godly regenerative ability of Hyperion nullified the damage.

    "You are strong but this is your limit!" Hyperion said while lifting his claws to push the streak and bolt of lightning back. "You couldn't tape any more strength from Evolution Field!"

    "Are you stupid?" Kiba asked with a mocking smile. "Maybe the long sleep has killed your vocabulary, but still, don't you get tired of spouting the same repetitive lines about my limit?"

    Hyperion ignored the insult as he sensed something and looked up. His four eyes glowed as his gaze penetrated through the dark clouds and swept into the orbit.

    There, countless artificial satellites were placed, continuously sending and receiving data.

    Just as Hyperion's gaze arrived here, the satellites in this part of the orbit were enveloped by golden force.

    "What is he doing?!"
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