525 We Have Prevented A Tragedy! I/II

    On the ground, Joshua was protected by the light barrier created by Hyperion. This protected him from being smashed by the shockwaves and continuous energy detonation.

    "The Great Titan might be right about Evolution Field!"

    Joshua thought while looking at the streak and bolt of lightning that slashed against Hyperion's claws.

    Earlier, due to fear and alarm, he has forgotten about the golden lightning phenomenon that occurred in the wasteland. Now that he remembered the phenomenon, he recalled the mutants that went to the wasteland were disintegrated into nothingness! It was just from the presence of the phenomenon and nothing else!

    "Just the presence of Evolution Field could kill those who haven't evolved enough!"

    Joshua was grateful that the power of the great titan was nullifying this function of the Evolution Field.

    Suddenly, Joshua noticed something strange. Hyperion was looking at the sky even though his claws were pressed against the lightning.

    "What's going on?!"

    Joshua brought his eyes in the same direction as Hyperion. He noticed the layers of the dark clouds were split in the middle as if to give access to something.

    When he noticed what exactly, his scalp creeped from horror.

    "You got to be kidding me!"

    At extremely high speed, ten satellites dragged down from the space! The momentum was such that by the time they entered Earth's atmosphere, they ignited and went supernova!

    Like that wasn't enough, the lightning dancing in the sky erupted outwards and covered these satellites as they passed through the dark clouds!

    Now they were intertwined with wisps of golden lightning! The instant the wisps appeared, the speed of supernova satellites accelerated to an impossible degree, far greater than the speed of teleportation!

    Hyperion wanted to back-off but Kiba wouldn't allow him to.

    Kiba pressed the streak and bolt of lightning tightly against the claws, and this barely lasted a second, and by then the satellites brutally smashed on the gigantic body of Hyperion.


    The impact of the collision blasted through Hyperion's body, cracking his scales and entering into his bloodstream. His body quivered violently and he coughed up blood.

    As this happened, Kiba pierced the lightning through Hyperion's claws, melting them to oblivion, and then stabbed forward.

    At the same time, after smashing on Hyperion, the crushed satellites fell on the ground.

    Even though Hyperion has taken the maximum brunt of satellites' powers, the remaining force in them exploded the ground with terrifying shockwaves and spread out like surging tidal waves, enveloping an area of thirty sq. kilometers in a second.

    The intact buildings and roads blasted upwards before turning into debris and exploding.

    "[email protected]#$\u0026^!"

    Joshua muttered many profanities and swallowed forcefully. His throat twitched as if he was swallowing insects instead of saliva.

    "I have heard of meteor shower but not satellite shower!"

    His elderly body almost got a heart attack from the fight above.

    "There is no way this is a battle between a titan and a human!"

    Meanwhile, as Kiba destroyed Hyperion's claws and stabbed ahead, Hyperion roared furiously.

    "Kid! I went too easy on you!"

    His four eyes erupted with piercing beams of light and blasted on Kiba.

    "And whose fault is that, stupid idiot?"

    Kiba snorted coldly and flew backward to avoid the beams. This allowed Hyperion in containing the scale of damage.


    Mass of crystalline flesh and blood dazzled out of his destroyed hands and transformed into claws. Simultaneously, throughout his body, the wounds from the satellite impact filled up with new blood mass and then stitched with scales, bringing his body to its former state.

    Hyperion eyed Kiba viciously.

    Even though his incredible regeneration ability has saved him, his body has still borne the strain of nullifying the wisps of golden lightning. This strain couldn't be wiped out, at least not in a short span of time.

    "I didn't think you would have such amazing control on one of the four fundamental forces of the cosmos!" Hyperion exclaimed after calming down.

    Gravitational force, Weak Nuclear force, Electromagnetic force, and Strong Nuclear force formed the four fundamental forces. What Kiba used to drag the satellites down was Gravitational force, manipulating it at almost an infinite range.

    "Well, congratulations on expanding your horizons," Kiba retorted. "Now if you are done, could you shut up and die?"

    "Kid!" Hyperion was annoyed by Kiba's sharp replies.

    Kiba's aura burst out and his eyes sparkled with a dazzling glow. He brought his hands together, smashing the bolt of lightning and streak of lightning into each other.


    Everything seemed to turn stagnant as an exceedingly frightening glow erupted from the thunderous collision.

    Hyperion's vision was extraordinary but even he was forced to blink under this glow.

    When he opened his eyes, he saw a sword of lightning stretching from the clouds to Kiba's hand. This lightning split the sky and earth, filling the world with a profound presence.

    "He combined the lightning?"

    On the ground, Joshua was horrified. He felt the sword of lightning capable enough to tear the world asunder.

    Kiba tapped his feet on the sky and charged forward at a speed that couldn't be described. Holding the sword of lightning in both hands, he lifted it up, stabbing it straight into the firmaments.


    The space twisted and air bent as an immense pressure emanated out of the lightning. The entire world trembled.


    Hyperion's eyes flickered with shock as Kiba has appeared right above his head.

    Kiba's rage exploded through lightning and he slashed it down.

    Far away, all the people saw was an outline of what appeared to be Divine Sword, tearing through the firmaments and descending into the mortal world. It made them cower...

    Hyperion bent the light to shift himself away, but even as he did, the lightning sword slashed down.

    He has barely moved his body by some meters and the lightning sword smashed on his right arm.

    The scales turned to dust and the spikes crumbled by the time lightning sword pierced into the arm.

    Blood splattered out like a fountain, and just as quickly, this blood turned to nothingness by the pressure.


    Hyperion grunted from pain for the first time.

    When the lightning sword cleaved through the arm, the annihilative force scorched his insides, burning them to cinders. This was truly painful.

    "Annoying kid!"

    Snapping his teeth, he rapidly brought his left claw on Kiba. By the time he did this, his right arm was severed and it collapsed on the crater below.


    Hellish light dazzled on the claw and Hyperion ripped it through Kiba's golden aura.

    Like powerful acid, the hellish light corroded through the aura, and the enormous claw appeared on Kiba's back. It pierced through his invulnerable skin!

    Kiba's blood flew out, but to Hyperion's astonishment, Kiba didn't let out a single grunt. If there was pain, it was fully hidden by the murderous look on his face!

    Furthermore, instead of backing off to save himself, Kiba didn't move! He kept himself steady in the air and slashed the lightning horizontally to tear into Hyperion's neck!

    "He is ready to die as long as he could kill me!"

    Hyperion realized in shock.
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