526 We Have Prevented A Tragedy II/II

    Kiba might be ready to die, but Hyperion has no wish of engaging in mutual destruction. He has plans he has to complete and they couldn't be discarded due to some human!


    Light energy surrounded him and he disappeared in a series of blurs. When he appeared, he was a few kilometers away.

    "I truly underestimated you, kid!" Hyperion remarked.

    "Say something you haven't said before," Kiba lowered the lightning. "Or has the long slumber turned you completely stupid?"

    The claw-marks on his back disappeared and the wounds healed. The acidic power from the claw eradicated as well.

    "You are right," Hyperion actually nodded. "The long slumber and awakening in a new world have made me slow, and even a bit stupid."

    As he said this, boundless energy surged out of him. Unlike before, this energy contained traces of power Cosmic!

    "Power Cosmic is hard to use in its true form," Hyperion said as the energy turned into a limitless ocean of blinding light. "And that's especially true when I have barely recovered."

    The ocean of light enveloped dozens of kilometers, crushing everything in its range. Anyone who saw it felt a state of tight breathlessness and a sense of decay.

    Light was life but it was also destruction. It could bloom life but also wither and bring death.

    This ocean of light was the same. It emanated intense decaying force; dazzling with a radioactive glow.


    Hyperion's body also turned into the light! Becoming a living embodiment of light!

    Kiba held the lighting sword in one hand and opened his eyes.

    Behind him, an illusory Evolution Field appeared, churning violently. His strength erupted to his limit and through the illusory Evolution Field, cosmic force surged out.

    Hyperion and Kiba looked at each other for a moment and then charged at each other. The instant they clashed, the world trembled and an unbearable pressure spread out.

    The ocean of light solidified around Kiba and erupted with countless seals. These seals were in the forms of crosses.

    It was like Kiba was some demon that has to be sealed!

    The crosses burst out with endless rays of solidified light and smashed on Kiba.


    The illusory Evolution Field behind him erupted with cosmic bolts and crashed on the solidified light rays.


    World-shaking explosions ringed out, making people even far away shiver with despair.

    Kiba swung the sword out. The fluctuations made the solidified ocean arch back and flare up with dazzling radiance.

    Hyperion thrust his claws on the lightning sword.


    As this happened, both Kiba and Hyperion felt the blood inside them tumble.

    Two powers brutally collided against each other, fighting for supremacy. One time the lightning has the upper hand and the next, the light.

    "I'm using one of the strongest attacks I could presently use!" Hyperion said as cracks appeared both on the lightning sword and claws. "Yet you are able to hold your own!"

    He was still holding back most of his powers as he wanted to keep them in reserve. Otherwise, there was a risk of backlash.

    "Today is the day you would die!" Kiba raised his free hand. "No matter what it takes!"

    Above him, a cosmic portal appeared.

    As the portal opened up, an ancient aura seeped out, threatening to destroy the world. In response, the bolts of lightning in the clouds roared excitedly as if they were waiting for a companion.


    Kiba coughed up a mouthful of blood. It was very taxing for him to summon this portal especially when Earth's power blocked Evolution Field.

    "This aura... you are summoning....!"

    Hyperion was startled.

    Quickly, he responded by summoning another attack of his own. In the solidified ocean of light, magical circles resembling solar flares boomed out and through them, infinite power radiated.

    Hyperion's face paled and he looked at Kiba.

    "If this goes on, I would have to use my hidden powers to kill him! Hopefully, this attack would end it and I wouldn't be forced to tap into my hidden powers!"

    As both Kiba and Hyperion began summoning deadly attacks, the world around them crumbled. Everything lost stability and it seemed it was only a matter of seconds before this part of the world died!

    Just then, a shocking event occurred.

    Some hundred kilometers away, a huge pillar of light shot into the sky.

    Kiba and Hyperion's expressions dramatically changed. Even before they could respond, the pillar raged out with explosive ripples.


    The ripples spread through the vast sky in instant, illuminating it with a strange color. When they surged into the dark clouds, the clouds faded and the Evolution Field turned transparent, on the brink of disappearing.


    Kiba's powers fell completely. The portal he was summoning vanished and his attack disappeared in a puff of smoke.

    Even though the ripples spread through the sky, Hyperion didn't feel any better. Because the force radiating out of the ripples bombarded down, suppressing his powers.

    The ocean of light vanished and so did his other attack. He reverted back to his physical form.

    "Anti-cosmic Field!" Hyperion muttered in shock. "How could it be here?!"

    What astonished him more than Anti-cosmic Field was the effect this field was doing on Kiba!

    Kiba was changing into a different person!

    His hair shortened and turned blue; the golden color in his eyes was replaced with blue; his face turning into that of a new person.


    "This is bad!"

    Zed thought as the moment he lost his powers, he started falling down from the sky. Still, he has the powers he derived from Divine Particles so he erupted his body with flames and stopped himself.

    Hyperion, on the other hand, didn't suffer any major drawbacks. His energy abilities might be suppressed by Anti-cosmic Field, but he was still a titan! His physical strength remained!

    "Things couldn't turn any better!"

    Hyperion grinned.

    The presence he felt from Zed was weak, very weak. Something that didn't even deserve a mention!

    So all he has to do was kill him and absorb his body! A task that was far simpler than snapping his fingers!


    At the same time, in Weisz House.

    Felicity jumped on her feet from disbelief.

    The seed she has sent to the battlefield wasn't able to witness anything until a few seconds ago.

    Unlike the recording drones that couldn't resist disintegrating forces, she could partly. So the seed has no trouble in germinating there as her senses.

    Still, the terrifying shockwaves and energy detonation made it impossible for her to see anything. But when the Anti-Cosmic Field activated, the powers there died and she was able to see.

    What she saw was the titan and the one facing him... Zed!

    "How could that be possible!?"

    This thought has barely run through her mind when her face fell and tears erupted into her eyes.


    She collapsed on her knees.

    Jessica and Loren were stunned.

    They shook her body but she didn't respond. It was like she has fallen in an ineffable state of shock...


    A few seconds ago at the battle site.

    Zed propelled himself with flames and formed a protective fire barrier. He rapidly flew back while trying to re-establish a connection with Cosmic Spark.

    Just as he retreated by half a kilometer, Hyperion laughed.

    "Kid, you are done for!"

    Hyperion tore one of his spikes into pieces and shot out the smallest shard.

    Zed's pupils constricted.


    Like a beam of light, the shard pierced through the fire barrier and stabbed into his chest. Blood sprayed into the air as the shard emerged out of his back.

    All Zed fell was a sharp burst of pain in his chest and then his vision started darkening.


    He rapidly flew back and crashed into the ground.


    He refused to accept this. He hasn't achieved the task he has wanted to... the only task that mattered after he has lost what he held most precious.

    "I'm... sorry..."

    The shard corroded his internals and spread toxins through his bloodstream. His eyelids shut down and his heart stopped pumping.


    Delta Military Base.

    In the secret room, Amora stared at the generator-like machine. Even though her eyes were stitched, she could perceive the pillar of light erupting from it.

    Next to him, Marlon observed the digital screen. As he read the information, his lips spread into a smirk.

    "There are no more shockwaves from the battle site!" Marlon informed. "It is still partly covered with smoke and dust, but other than that, everything is fine!"

    "We have saved the city!" Amora said excitedly. "And prevented a tragedy!"

    "Indeed!" Morgan joined in.


    At the battle site.

    Joshua was stupefied by the turn of events. Out of nowhere, he lost the light barrier protection, and just when he thought he would die from the shockwaves, he realized there were no more shockwaves nor Evolution Field!

    "What the hell just happened?!"

    Hyperion wondered aloud while staring in the distance. Amidst ruins of a destroyed building, the body of Zed was pinned to the ground!

    "Fortune has blessed us!"

    Hyperion said while walking towards Zed.

    He took slow and patient steps as he didn't want the pressure from his body to explode and turn Zed into blood mist!

    "Great Titan!" Joshua quickly kneeled down.

    Hyperion acknowledged his greeting.

    With a smile, he said, "I haven't forgotten your efforts. So rest assured, you shall rule this world on my behalf."

    "Thank you!"

    Joshua trembled from excitement. His desire of ruling Earth was no longer a pipe dream!

    "You can rise up."

    Hyperion commanded.

    Just then, alarms rose in his brain. An indescribable sense of crisis squeezed his heart.



    Weisz House.

    Felicity's skin suddenly crawled from a dreadful sensation. This dread awakened her from her state of shock and her face constricted as she felt this sensation was transmitted to her from the seed.

    Unconsciously, she spread her senses through the seed and was dumbstruck by what she witnessed.


    Amidst the ruins, the eyes of Zed snapped open. Deep within his pupils, a chaotic gray glow flashed past...


    Delta Military Base.

    Amora rubbed her hands and said, "The President should give us a promotion!"

    "You are right!" Marlon nodded in agreement. "We prevented a great tragedy so this is the least we deserve!"
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