529 Side Story: Welcome To The Family!

    (A/N: This is an optional chapter, you can skip it if you wish to. I created it to have some light-hearted moments in the middle of the serious arc).

    In a town somewhere in the State of Avalon.

    This town hosted one of the most globally famous hospitals for treating the mentally ill and serving as an asylum.

    Presently, this hospital was on red alert.

    The doctors and nurses ran, screaming, while the guards and battle droids attacked two females who were in their mid-twenties.

    These two females sat on the top of a ferocious beast and polished their nails with glittering colors.

    If someone didn't know the situation, they would have thought they were innocent, fun-loving women engaging in simple vanity!

    But the guards knew the situation.

    Half an hour ago, the two arrived in the hospital, stole the beast from one of the hospital labs, made it submit to them, and then started slaughtering the people!

    This was why the guards issued threats and attacked the females with guns, mutant abilities, and so on.

    Sadly the guards had poor luck. The beast moved at high-speed and avoided all the attacks while not creating any instability for the females sitting on it.

    Angered, the guards cursed and once again issued threats.

    "Stop being so noisy!"

    The female with pink, punk hair placed a finger on her lips.

    As she did, the eyes of the guards constricted as blood tentacles appeared behind her. The guards have barely registered their presence, and by then, the tentacles shot forward at incredible speed, drilling into their hearts.


    The tentacles greedily absorbed their blood and inflated, killing the guards instantly. The pale corpses collapsed on the floor while the tentacles disappeared.

    "Sis, there were women among the guards! You shouldn't have killed them!"

    The other female with silver-blonde hair, mixed with beached strands, complained.

    "Sorry! I got carried away!" The first female apologized with a sincere expression and kissed her sister on the lips.

    Obviously these two sisters were none other than the crazy twins!

    Madison and Lillian!


    Lillian accepted the kiss as an apology. She then glanced at the droids that were rushing towards them.

    Knowing the droids would be pissed at Madison for only kissing her and not them, Lillian decided to settle the issue of bias.

    After all, she couldn't allow droids to think the twins discriminated against machines!

    So she blew them an air kiss!


    The kiss was so full of love that illusory red lips manifested in the air! The illusory lips moved through the air and kissed the droids.


    The moment the kiss happened, the droids exploded like firecrackers!

    At the same time, the doctors and nurses visibly paled. The beast has pounced on them with its jaw wide open!


    A minute later, Lillian and Madison stood among the corpses of male doctors and nurses.

    They turned towards the female doctors and nurses.

    "Now that we are done with unnecessary stuff, let's get to the reason why we are here," Madison's eyes glittered with expectations as she continued. "Would you like to be our mommies?"

    Doctors and nurses were shocked.


    That was the reason they did this!?

    "Sis, we only need one momma!" Lillian reminded her twin.

    "No! Our daddy is the king and he deserves a harem!" Madison sternly disagreed. "So we need as many mommies as we could get!"

    "Your words make sense!" Lillian's eyes brightened. "For daddy, the more the merrier!"


    Madison clapped her hands excitedly and scanned the ladies. They all were beautiful, slender, and hot!

    The hospitals were truly the best place to find beautiful moms!

    The doctors and nurses: "......"

    Suddenly, Madison's eyes flickered and she lowered her head to observe her necklace. The necklace was made of transparent crystal, and now it shimmered with power fluctuations.

    "Hmm?" Lillian noticed it as well.

    Inside the necklace, there was a droplet of blood! Till a few seconds ago, it was gold but now it turned gray!

    Months ago, when Lillian and Madison bid Kiba farewell, they kissed him.

    During the kiss, they secretly combined their powers of manipulating energy and blood! Without him noticing, they extracted a droplet of his source blood and transferred it to the necklace!

    It was due to this blood droplet they declared to him that they would find him and have a family reunion soon!

    From then, the twins noticed the blood turning from gold to crimson and back as if their daddy was transforming between two forms.

    "Daddy's blood is emitting a strong power of death!" Lillian said with a smile. "He must be having a lot of fun!"

    "Our daddy is the best!" Madison puffed her chest with pride.

    Lillian nodded and then crouched before a young doctor who was in her late twenties. Thanks to her powers, she felt the doctor's brainwaves were on a similar scale to hers and Madison!

    So Lillian carefully scrutinized the doctor. She has rosy-pale skin tone, sharp and refined facial features, exotic eyes!

    Pleased by her initial assessment, she tapped on doctor's clothes.

    "W-what are you doing?!" The doctor gasped as she felt her clothes turning to dust, turning her naked.

    "Relax! We all are women here!" Lillian said with a calm smile. "I'm just testing if you are fit enough. You don't mind, do you?"

    "If you don't, it is fine! We wouldn't force you!" Madison added from behind while kissing down her neck.

    Lillian nodded in agreement.

    "...No, obviously not," The doctor replied. "It would be my honor if you test me!"

    Lillian was pleased by the doctor's response.

    She traced her glistening legs and enjoyed the smooth feel they offered. She then moved her hands further and stopped when she reached the insides of her thighs.

    "You have great thighs!"

    Lillian praised as she studied the soft tans on the loving thigs.

    The doctor let out a gasp. Lillian was very close to where her thighs joined.


    The very next moment, the doctor's face flushed with warm blood because Lillian pushed her thighs wide open!


    Her body erupted with goosebumps as slowly, Lillian brought a finger to her furry mound and then below, to her most sacred region.


    Her breathing turned heavier by the time Lillian rubbed the finger up and down over her pussy. Just as she expected the finger to shove into her, Lillian pulled it back.

    "She qualifies for the role of our mommy!" Lillian exclaimed confidently. "Daddy would like her!"


    Madison grabbed the astonished doctor's breasts with both hands. They were perfectly shaped with great smoothness and texture.

    To make sure, she caressed the naked breasts, making the doctor tingle with pleasure. And for final confirmation, she squeezed the nipples, checking their sensitivity.

    "Please...god!" The doctor let out a suppressed moan.

    "You were right! She is perfect!" Madison remarked. "Plus she has big breasts so she definitely has another plus point!"

    Madison was sure since she remembered how her daddy behaved in the core region while drilling the three slaves. He has paid extra attention to the slave with the biggest breasts!

    "Congrats! You are going to be our first gift to daddy!" Lillian congratulated the doctor. "He would be so proud of us!"

    The doctor: "...."

    "Though we do have gifted him before as well!" Madison pointed out their roles in daddy gaining the three slaves.

    "Right! But this would be the first gift daddy wouldn't expect!" Lillian corrected herself.

    The doctor: "..........."

    "What's your name?" Madison asked.

    "...Rosemary," the doctor answered.

    "Welcome to the family, Rosemary!" Madison said with a warm smile. "Daddy would make you very happy!"

    "Yeap! You would be so blessed!" Lillian chimed in.

    The twins couldn't wait for the day when the family would reunite. They knew his dragon would be eager to penetrate their sealed caves but that would have to wait!

    "Now let's check other candidates!"

    Madison turned to the rest of the doctors and nurses.

    "Do you wish to join the family?"
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