530 A Strange Scene

    Around twenty recording drones flew towards the over sixty-kilometers long crater. They were sent by media, military establishments, and powerful organizations.

    Due to the rumbling sounds, the drones couldn't capture sounds, but even if they only recorded a few pics, people would be satisfied.

    Slowly the live visuals from the crater appeared on popular news channels.

    The earlier visuals have already aroused enough attention around the globe, and now when the latest visuals appeared, people gasped in shock.

    Over fifty sq.kilometer crater! And that too monochromatic!

    The spectators were stunned by the size of the crater, but then their eyes almost popped out when the drones brought more visuals.

    The mighty Titan was running, doing his best to outrun the grayness that was chasing after him!

    "Who is that gray man?!"

    "And why does it seem the titan is running from him?!"

    The scene seemed strange to them. They felt it would have made sense if it was the opposite!

    In the comfort of their homes, some spectators chided the titan for being a pussy! They told him to man up and face the challenge directly!

    Of course, Hyperion couldn't hear them, and even if he could, he wouldn't have cared about the opinions of humans.

    He glanced back and noticed the gray man was barely ten kilometers away. He has to rely on jumping to cross the distance, but the gray man didn't have to spend any efforts.

    The grayness carried him as it spread further!

    "This is so unfair!"

    Hyperion almost sounded like a human in his complaint.

    "Genesis is also power Cosmic, and yet, safe from the effects of Anti-Cosmic Field!"

    Genesis was a power that was fully corrupted, and as such, the Anti-Cosmic Field couldn't detect it as a target. After all, the Field was designed to suppress what it deemed to carry the properties of power Cosmic.

    If the creators of the Field Generator knew the properties of Genesis, this defect could have been avoided.

    Sadly, it seemed the scientists in the World Government were oblivious, or at least, lacked wide-scale knowledge on Genesis to overcome this defect.

    Hyperion didn't blame the humans for this.

    The Anti-Cosmic Field technology belonged to Celestial Elysian Plane, and the species on the plane too failed in solving the defects.

    "Just fifty kilometers more!"

    Hyperion thought as he crossed the crater and arrived among towering buildings.


    He stuck his claws in the foundation of a thirty-storied building and pulled the building out. The people inside screamed, and ignoring their plights, Hyperion shot the building away, like it was some sort of an arrow!


    The building charged straight through the air; stirring up fierce winds as it rushed towards the gray man.

    When spectators watched this scene, they stiffened. It was their first time seeing a building used for attack and that too in such a crude manner!

    By the time they formed shocking opinions about the titan, the building was above the gray man, ready to smash into him. It was clear to them that no matter how strong this gray man was, he was done for!


    When the building entered the grayish area, it too turned gray along with the people inside it. And to the utter horror of the spectators, the building crumbled into mots of light before actually smashing into the gray man!

    The motes of light brushed past him and merged with the grayness.


    "Did you see what I saw!?"

    "If you saw the building serving no role than creating dazzling motes of gray light, then yes!"

    "Surely this couldn't be real!"

    The viewers felt their chest tighten. They believed even a tiny needle would have done far more damage than that useless building!

    The spectators might be shell-shocked, but not Hyperion. In fact, he didn't even wait to see the result after throwing the building away! He continued to run, needing to cross just forty-five kilometers more.

    At the same time, the gray man stepped his feet outside the crater...

    In front of him, the military units and special ops team from World Government appeared after failing to do the same with titan.

    In no time, dozens of fear-inducing battle tanks, anti-mutant missiles, rockets, and other advanced weapons locked on him. The air twisted from the rays of energy that converged above the tanks and the fumes that seeped out of the missile launchers.

    The scene was frightening to the core!

    "Don't move!"

    "Surrender yourself!"

    "You are surrounded!"

    "In the name of World Government, we order you to...."

    The units issued hundreds of warnings and threats.

    "Kneel down now!"

    The military units and special ops team were assured by Delta Military Base that the targets' powers were suppressed. What little power they still have left could be taken care of by the advanced firepower.

    And the units were confident because these weapons were sent by the government to assist in tackling the problem behind the golden lightning phenomenon! The combined firepower was more than enough to toast the entire city!

    The gray man ignored the warning and stepped forward. The grayness spread alongside him, sweeping forth.

    "Fire!" The leaders shouted. "Let him learn the consequences of ignoring us!"

    As they issued commands, the gray man swept a glance towards them.


    The military units and special ops team else felt a chill crawling down their spines. It was just a mere glance, but they felt murderous intent shrouding them, proliferating deep within their very being.


    From inside out, their bodies turned gray, emitting explosive crackling sound.


    Just like how a piece of frail glass shatters when it smashes on the ground, the military unit and special ops exploded into countless gray shards.

    Alongside them, the advanced weapons - that were on the brink of launching attacks - turned gray and exploded into motes of light.

    From the time the gray man swept a glance and everyone exploded, only a second has passed.

    It was impossible for those observing the scene to understand what exactly happened and how. All they could say was that his gaze was explosive!

    Even as they lost calm and panicked, the grayness didn't stop after killing the military and special units.

    It continued to spread further and further, washing-off through the area.

    This turned over fifty buildings monochromatic, much to the horror of those insides. The same applied to those outside who didn't get time to flee.


    Everyone and everything there exploded; becoming a part of the grayness. There was nothing left...

    Behind, the gray man took a deep breath.

    He heard the screams, felt the terror, and sensed the absolute despair.

    And then, in the snap of fingers, everything was gone, replaced by a frightening silence.


    Even though he was standing amidst nothing, he spread his arms like he was in the middle of a pleasing landscape, enjoying the wonders of nature.

    It wasn't the deaths that he enjoyed, but rather the resulting maddening chaos that rippled through the grayness.

    As for deaths?

    They weren't deaths for chaos has no end. What people considered death was simply the beginning of a beautiful life in the chaos known as Genesis.

    Something that transcended the limits of human understanding.


    By now Hyperion has created a distance of almost twenty kilometers. Even though his energy-related abilities were suppressed, he has an idea of what happened behind him.

    Rather feeling sorry for those who lost lives, he was glad. Their deaths have brought him valuable time.

    "Just thirty kilometers more!"

    This pleasant thought barely passed through his mind when his expression flickered. He retreated back by a few hundred meters and landed on the ground.


    In front of him, the space twisted with wisps of gray energy and turned into a portal.

    The gray man stepped out!

    "I almost forgot! This might be the first stage of corruption but it is still Sea of Sorrow! The more people die, the stronger Genesis would become!"

    Hyperion sucked a breath of cold air.

    He wasn't scared of the negligible gain in strength by the gray man, but rather of something far more dreadful.

    While being careful, he eyed the grayness that was enveloping the area.

    For a span of time that couldn't even be perceived, the grayness warped into the outlines of various ghosts and phantoms. This happened seconds after seconds.

    "Just as I thought!"

    He knew what these vague ghosts and phantoms were.

    The victims of Gray Matter from Celestial Elysian Plane!

    "For now, I need to overpower him temporarily!"

    Hyperion's eyes flashed with fierceness.

    His energy might be suppressed, but he was still a titan!

    His physical strength, invulnerability, and resiliency were far more terrifying than even the energy abilities of Alphas!

    The only reason he wished to avoid a direct confrontation was due to the nature of Genesis!

    Otherwise, he wasn't afraid of the gray man! In fact, the aura gray man radiated was far weaker than the Kiba during the final clash!

    And now that a confrontation was imminent, Hyperion was ready!


    He dug his right claw into his left arm. Blood and flesh splattered outward, and without any hesitation, he grabbed the arm bone and pulled it out.


    A suffocating pressure rippled out. The ground quaked and the air buzzed.

    Hyperion might have barely recovered by 10%, but that was enough to make his bone the ultimate treasure. Just the physical presence alone made one shiver with despair.

    He held the bone tightly and spun it over his head. It was over four hundred feet long, translucent like glass, and dripping with layers of blood.

    From distance, the arm bone seemed like an enormous bone spear, its shaft joined with five crystalline claws.

    Strange looking but mighty!
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