531 Extermination!


    Holding the bone spear in his right hand, Hyperion jumped up. He instantly reached an elevation of five kilometers, and from there, he hurtled downward, like a cannonball.

    His momentum was such that the air behind him exploded while the ground below caved by hundreds of meters.

    By the time he was two kilometers away from the ground, the veins in his forehead protruded and the muscles in his arm bulged out.

    He transferred his entire strength to the bone spear!


    Hyperion ruthlessly swung the bone spear down.

    On the ground, the gray man lifted his right arm and stretched his hand out.


    The mist of gray energy converged above his hand and transformed into the phantom of an enormous palm.

    The palm shot up!

    By the time the bone spear was a kilometer away from the palm, it bore down with such pressure that air compressed into violent storms.

    Below, the lines on the palm seemed like mountain ridges, joining into an insidious formation. They rotated, surged out multiple gray vortexes, and clashed with the storms.

    It was hard to determine who would win!

    The palm that radiated enough energy to break down the sky? Or the bone spear that emanated pressure capable of rendering the earth?


    The bone spear violently cut down on the palm. Sparks flew out and the space distorted enough to explode.


    The world rocked and shocked...

    Around the globe, from the time Hyperion pulled his arm bone, all people saw was the outline of the bone spear and the gray palm before they collided!

    Nothing else!

    Such was the speed of the strikes!

    The spectators waited for the explosion to fade away. They wanted to see the conclusion!


    A few seconds later, the explosion disappeared. The gray palm came in sight, holding the bone spear.

    Both the palm and spear were covered with thick crack lines!


    Blood sprayed out of Hyperion's mouth as the impact blasted through his hand wielding the spear.


    Hyperion grunted as he eyed the gray man. His clothes were tattered but other than that, Hyperion couldn't discover any setback suffered by the gray man.

    Then again, even if the latter's face paled from the impact, it was hard to determine given his grayish appearance.


    Just then, layers of grayness swept from the palm phantom and wrapped around the bone spear.

    This was what Hyperion feared the most.

    Direct contact!

    This was why he wielded his bone to face the gray man instead of attacking directly with claws.

    Now, the grayness quickly shrouded the end of the bone spear and moved further.

    Thankfully, since the spear was soaked with the titan's blood, the rate of gray energy spreading was very slow.


    Hyperion applied pressure on the bone spear.


    The bone shattered into six fragments and scattered. With the sound of air being torn apart, the fragments rolled through the cracks in palm phantom and rushed at the gray man, carrying the momentum of a mountain chain!

    They hammered down on him. Thunderous blasts echoed out...

    This happened far too quickly, something that was part of Hyperion's plan in case the spear strike failed.


    Hyperion spun around and speeded off.

    "Why do you always run away?"

    A cold, merciless voice asked from behind.

    "Didn't you say I should be grateful for getting an opportunity to fight you... and yet, you always flee when the fight turns interesting enough."

    Hyperion's pupils dilated.

    The gray man could speak?!

    It wasn't that he hasn't heard voices from Genesis when he was in Celestial Elysian Plane, but nothing like this.

    Not to mention, based on the words spoken, it was evident this host has personality!

    Plus, part of what the host spoke was based on what he said to Zed after piercing him with spike shard!

    How was this possible?!

    The gray man's personality couldn't be that black-haired/ golden-haired man except for using the same body.

    Hyperion was sure of this based on how the grayness committed the massacre.

    And yet there was the personality that, at the very least, derived somewhat from his earlier form!

    So far, Hyperion believed the gray man was targeting him due to his strength as Genesis wanted strong targets. Now he was no longer sure...


    Humans have dark emotions they always suppress!

    There also have negative thoughts they never express!

    Could Genesis have fused with those emotions and thoughts to form a new personality?!

    "You are not your true self! Yes, you must be the dark side!" Hyperion said aloud as he leaped forward. "The manifestation of his anger and hatred! Genesis must have taken over your consciousness!"

    Behind, the bone fragments disintegrated into motes of gray light and merged with the grayness.

    "Dark side? What a joke!"

    The gray man muttered before lifting his head and laughing aloud.

    "I'm the true me! Kiba, Zed, or whatever I was called... they existed because I was there, from the very beginning!"

    In the slums, who saved him from the cruel caretaker and the sly overlords?

    It was the anger bursting inside him! And not the so-called humanity, love, dreams, or positive emotions!

    The anger that raged his very soul. It refused to let others win and satisfy their perverted cravings!

    Who gave him the strength... when things turned worse and he became desperate enough to throw his life away!?

    It was his hatred against the world, especially for his parents. And not the charity of sadist people who loved to see his desperation for a piece of bread and a coin!

    A hatred so pure and deep that if fuelled his body even when starvation sucked up every droplet of strength. It made him thrive and ensured he didn't suffer the fate of discarded bastards!

    Perhaps only those who have lived a life of privileged would undermine the role of anger and hatred.

    Not him though.

    They were what made him survive and prove the world wrong!

    So what if the so-called humanity was against him? He wouldn't let them win!

    No one would harvest his organs!

    No one would force him to participate in a dangerous expedition without consequences!

    The world didn't want him to exist?! Let them wish so!


    Not only would I exist, but I would also rise!

    It was me who supported this body whenever it needed the help the most!

    But then, the illusions of good life suppressed me!

    Lust, vanity, and dreams suffocated my true essence!

    It made me forget my only true desire!

    Seeing this worthless world turn to ashes!


    "I'm also Genesis!"

    An invisible burst of power surged out of him.

    Wherever it passed through... the debris, metallic splinters, vehicles, and everything else stirred up from the ground, freezing in the mid-air. Even the droplets of blood and dust stopped in mid-air. The people were beyond frightened to find themselves in the air.

    "And you can call me Extermination!"

    The moment these words left his mouth, his eyes shined brilliantly with strands of gray energy.


    Hyperion was five kilometers ahead, but his breathing paused.

    A strange force erupted over his chest, spinning in spiral movements. His skin, flesh, and muscles twisted in spiral rotations.

    Hyperion felt sleepy and happy. It was like he was back in his childhood, waiting for Mother Ternity to take him into her embrace.

    The feeling was so pleasant. Just like the start of life.

    He saw the outline of his mother, her relaxed smile, and her open arms. She was there... waiting for him in the gray mist.


    Hyperion jerked his head and bite down on his tongue. The pain helped him gain some rationality and he looked at his chest.

    His skin, blood, flesh, and muscles had broken down! The grayness bloomed there, like a luminous flower, emanating strong death energy.

    Hyperion knew what happened just now. The man called Extermination has used the laws to hurt him! Something that only higher-rank Alphas could use!

    "Laws of the chaos! I need to remove them!"

    Hyperion ripped the blood mass off his chest and threw it away. And then, without wasting a second, he dashed off with long jumps.

    "Only ten kilometers more!"

    Hyperion swore he wouldn't stop before smashing Delta Military Base...

    Behind, Extermination didn't show any hurry.

    He closed his eyes and curved his lips up into a smile. It was almost like he wanted Hyperion to succeed!


    Slowly, as he stepped forward, he ran a hand through his middle-length gray hair and set them into spikey.

    He then brought his hand to his tattered clothes. They were barely serving any use so he tossed them away.

    "Oh my god!"

    The females around the globe exclaimed.

    "Look at that wonderful physique!"

    They stared at his naked body with awe.

    He might be sinister, but they couldn't pull off their eyes from his body.

    Extremely handsome face, bulging biceps, washboard abs...

    Every part of his body made them flush with excitement.

    As they stared, crystalline gray particles swept out and wrapped on his body.


    These particles swirled, transforming into a set of clothes.

    "Damnit! Why couldn't he remain naked?!"

    An eighteen-years old female muttered in front of her parents.


    Her father was speechless by her outburst.

    How could this be her comment with all the things that man has done?!

    He turned towards his wife for support. Sadly, for him, this brought another shock.

    His loving wife was blushing while looking at the image of Extermination!


    Despite his stare, she continued to gawk at the screen as if she was alone!

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