533 Chaos Throughout The World!

    The moment Extermination tapped on his chest, the Cosmic Spark flew out of his body. A whirlwind of pure power Cosmic circulated around it like motes of starlight.

    Even though everything around Extermination was gray, the mystical luster from the Cosmic Spark lit the monochromatic world with a colorful radiance.

    Extermination stretched his hand and the Cosmic Spark hovered above his palm. A boundless power burst forth from it and swept into the sky, seeming to turn the world upside down.

    In the sky, cyclonic ripples surged out...

    Hyperion's pupils were constricted, and now feeling the tremendous power, they widened to such an extent that they turned white.

    "This is truly the Cosmic Spark!"

    Hyperion felt a presence far superior to his. A presence that he couldn't match even in his glory days, the times when he was at the peak of his strength!

    "No wonder I felt limitless energy when I fought Kiba! I wasn't mistaken!"

    Hyperion stared at the Cosmic Spark. It was the size of a human fist, filled with cracks, but 90% of its body intact.

    "Why is it dark?!"

    Hyperion was stunned.

    Even though he felt pure power Cosmic, he noticed the spark was pitch-black, as if filled with darkness.

    Amidst this darkness, from time to time, streaks of golden lightning flashed and then gray matter.

    "This couldn't be! The Cosmic Spark has been contaminated with Eternal Darkness!"

    Hyperion's heart was earlier filled with burning desires. But now seeing the darkness, those desires vanished in a puff. It was like water from icy hell was poured on him.

    "Somehow, this kid must have been fused with Cosmic Spark! Furthermore, an incident must have happened to give Genesis an opportunity to use him as a host! Damn! I actually contributed to the fruition of that opportunity!"


    The Holy City.

    Even though the councilmen were only looking at the Cosmic Spark on the screen, they felt a vague pressure crashing down on them.

    They were stunned beyond belief. The latest development surpassed their imagination!

    As they stared at the Cosmic Spark, a longing to possess the Cosmic Spark erupted in their hearts. If they were asked to murder their family for possessing it, they would readily accept the condition.

    They were still in a state of shock when they noticed Extermination sweeping a glance at them. Not at them, but rather the drones that were far away, recording the visuals.

    But instead of destroying the drones, he spread his lips into a provocative grin. It was almost like he expected the visuals to be watched by the echelons of the world!

    He waved a finger and the Cosmic Spark directly arrived before the drones! Even though its presence alone would have ruined the drones, nothing like that occurred.

    "Could he be trying to provoke us... by showing-off the Cosmic Spark?!"

    Lord Harley's elderly body trembled from disbelief.

    Now that he thought about it, he noticed only the drones weren't disintegrated, while everything else did! Sure the drones were far away, but for someone like Extermination, how hard it would be to destroy them?!

    The only possible explanation was that he spared the drones to provoke them with the Cosmic Spark!

    Almost saying: Here is the legendary treasure you so desire! Come and grab it!


    One after another, the projections of the councilmen disappeared. None of them replied before snapping the connection.


    Stormseal Island.

    The Earth's greatest prison was surrounded by violent hurricanes. If a military aircraft was caught in them, its fate would be no different then of a leaf in the storm! Much less an aircraft, even an Alpha would find themselves helpless, trapped by the violent swirls that could shred anything.

    In the core zone of the prison, there were caves where the most dangerous prisoners were kept. They were the ones deemed by the government to possess a risk to the world.

    In the last cave, there was a bare-chested man that was pinned to the wall by blazing chains. In front of him, prison warden and guards stood.

    The man's hair was long and messy, falling over his face. Suddenly, winds swept by and moved the hair away from his face.

    As this happened, his icy shade of blue eye came in sight. Not eyes, but only the right eye. The left eye socket was empty!

    As the winds passed by, the eye glowed for an instant. The man lifted his head and burst out laughing.

    "Hahaha! The beginning of the end has started!"

    The warden and the guards were startled. They stared at him, but he continued to laugh. The warned turned angry and he took the whip from the guard. Without any mercy, he swung it at the laughing man.

    "You must have turned crazy again!"

    The warden whipped him over twenty times but the man continued to laugh. It was like it was his happiest day and he wouldn't stop laughing, no matter what.

    "Wayu, thrash me as much as you want! That's my present destiny! And no one can change what's destined!"

    The man declared between laughter.

    "I told them that back then! But they didn't listen... Hahaha!"

    "Listen to my order and stop laughing!" The Warden -Wayu- punched the man on the face. "Haven't over two decades of confinement taught you anything?!"

    "It has!" The man coughed up a mouthful of blood before answering. "Your end is near just like theirs! Hahaha!"

    "I said stop laughing!"

    Wayu kicked him in the guts. The man's face turned ashen and he coughed up blood nonstop. And yet, despite the heavy beating, he laughed!

    Wayu was incensed. Suddenly his mind flashed with an idea, and he said, "I forgot to tell you, but Goten Whiteskins has left the prison two months ago! It was on a government mission, but given his personality, what do you think would happen?!"

    Wayu knew the man would understand the meaning. And that would send him into a sea of despair!

    "Nothing," the man replied with laughter. "He would die... actually, he should be dead by now!"


    Somewhere in the vast oceans, an archipelago stood out as one of the power centers of the world.

    Every island in this archipelago was bordered with a perfect patch of sand that merged with serene blue water.

    If there was paradise on Earth, then it was on this archipelago. One could discover it amongst the lush limestone peaks jeweled with luxuriant jungles, the enticing aquamarine lagoons filled with translucent turquoise waters, and the natives that were all women!

    Perhaps, that's why the name Eden suited this group of islands.

    If a man was lucky enough to take a peek at the natives, he would feel calling it Beauty Island was an understatement! The name should have been Heaven!

    On the central island, above a lush peak, there was a palace. Female guards stood there, but instead of observing the palace, they looked towards the shore where a woman stood.

    Cold air surged around her and whenever water sprayed up, the air froze the water into mesmerizing icy droplets.

    She lifted a finger and the water rose up, turning into an ethereal ice wall. The wall seemed to be no different a polished mirror as it perfectly reflected her charming features.

    Pearly white skin and a slender frame that made even fairies envious. Then there were her gorgeous black eyes that radiated brightness suiting her status. And finally, her elegant eyebrows that emanated her dominance as the ruler of Eden!

    Yes, she was Ice Queen! The most beautiful woman on Earth!

    She placed her right hand on the ice wall and closed her eyes. As she did, on the back of her hand, an enchanting glow sparkled. Inside this glow, a pulsating crystalline shard appeared.

    A shard of the Cosmic Spark!
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