535 Wheel of Chaos

    The world turned dark, pitch-black. Not only sight, but even sound disappeared, robbed by the sudden wane of light.

    The combination was frightening, menacing, and full of hopelessness... Something the night was obviously known for!

    Throughout the globe, people were shocked by the sudden arrival of night.

    On normal nights, they could see somewhat, but now, the environment was such that they couldn't even see their own fingers!

    Mobile phones, tube lights, bulbs, monitor screens... nothing emitted radiance, and if they did, it didn't seem to make any difference!

    The World Councilmen might have ended the meeting, but the drastic change of events appalled them further.

    The same went for other powerful organizations like Dharma Chakra, Revolutionaries, and the rest.

    More than shock, they were horrified by frightening possibilities.

    "There were entities who could do such a thing?! Bring such a dreadful night in the entire world!?"

    Whether it was Atlantis, Eden, State of Avalon, Lizeana, or any other power center... everyone there was aghast. They have never experienced a night like this.

    As the despair of the neverending night bloomed in their hearts, they desperately pleaded for it go away.

    Now more than ever they understood the importance of the light. Something they took for granted...

    They begged for it to return.

    For it to conquer the darkness; for it to illuminate the world; for it to obliterate the night out of existence!

    They waited and waited.... for the first ray of light.

    For the dawn!

    As despair reached the peak, Hyperion's voice thundered in the world.

    "Let light shine out of the darkness!"

    In the form of cherry blossom petals, divine radiance burst out of his body, carrying a primordial glow.

    "Light is the death of all evils! The obliterator of all sins!"

    Hyperion majestically spoke as he used the strongest ability he was presently capable of.

    "Insipid Dawn Breaker!"

    The radiance that swept from him didn't kill, it obliterated! The difference between the two words was boundless!

    🎵🎶 🎵🎶

    Angelic songs followed as the petals continued to spread in the sky, cutting through the darkness.

    The petals didn't only obliterate the darkness, they obliterated everything in the sky. It didn't matter if it was clouds, dust, or even airplanes full of people!

    Nothing was able to offer even a bit of resistance! Nothing!

    Whatever the divine petals illuminated, they simply turned into ashes and disappeared among the winds...

    Such an ability wasn't a display of power! Rather it was the manifestation of natural laws that governed the universe!

    And Insipid Dawn Breaker was the epitome of Laws of Destruction!

    As the divine radiance continued to free the world of night, the planet seemed to be divided into two: black and white.

    The black part represented the night while the white represented the radiance. There was no third color!

    Or perhaps there was, shrouded by the curtain of night, helplessly waiting to be obliterated!

    Under this curtain, Extermination clenched the Cosmic Spark tightly.

    From all sides, innumerable petals fell, swirling around him.

    When looked from outside, the scene was of the blooming of beautiful petals, extremely gorgeous! But when looked from inside, the scenery was no less than hell!

    The petals borrowed majestic might from Laws of Destruction and started obliterating Extermination! Not only him but also the Genesis inside him!

    They were wiped out of existence!

    As this happened, Hyperion's body of light glowed brightly from excitement. He could feel Extermination fading away!

    "I never thought I would need to use this reserve of power even on Kiba but this Extermination forced me to! That despite him being weaker than Kiba!"

    Hyperion didn't like the present scenario.

    Even though Extermination was vanishing, the power he absorbed from Hope was also being consumed.

    Furthermore, since he was wielding the might of laws to use such an overpowering ability without fully recovering.... he knew a backlash was imminent!

    "If I was able to absorb Kiba, not only would I have recovered, there would have been no backlash! Alas!"

    Hyperion could only blame fate for toying with him. Still, he was happy that even after such use, he could retain almost 8% of his powers. That was the best outcome he could pray for.

    Hyperion let out a sigh and gazed at the petals. It was just a matter of seconds.


    Just then, a sense of fear and crisis rose within his heart. His breathing almost stalled as he muttered, "Impossible!"


    Through the swirling petals, two gigantic shoulders emerged, seeming to be capable of uplifting heavens!

    The shoulders were gray, emanating a heavy presence of death, and when Hyperion looked at them, he became stiff.

    They belonged to a titan!

    "What's going on?!" Hyperion was taken aback.

    As he continued to look on, the shoulders blasted the petals back. The petals were like leaves in the storm, and they simply faded in the air.

    "No...way! These shoulders belong to...!"

    Hyperion backed off as a horrifying imposing aura surged through the world. With the petals around Extermination fading, the body of the titan emerged.

    It was a titan that was condemned to carry the heavens upon his shoulders!


    He was gray, absolute gray, radiating a boundless aura of sinister death. He lifted his arms, as if to uplift the sky.

    But he lifted nothing!

    Rather it seemed he was waiting for something to turn up!

    "What the hell did he do?!"

    Hyperion brought his vision on Extermination.

    The laws of destruction have wrecked his body, but he was recovering at a speed that could be best described impossible.

    Sensing Hyperion's vision, Extermination lifted his head and looked back at him.

    Their eyes met, and Hyperion was crestfallen by what he saw within them.

    A mountain of corpses and an ocean of blood!

    "That's not possible! He was on the first level of corruption! The Sea of Sorrow! How could he evolve all of a sudden..."

    Hyperion trailed off as he eyed Extermination's fist.

    Cosmic Spark!

    "Don't tell me...!"

    An ominous thought flashed through his mind.

    He recalled what Extermination said after he destroyed Anti-Cosmic Field: 'You have my gratitude for helping me again.'

    "Now it makes sense! The first time... due to the combination of Anti-Cosmic Field and my actions... Extermination gained sentience!"

    "The second time... with me destroying the Field Generator, he was able to bring out the Cosmic Spark!"

    "And now once again, I have helped him!"

    Even though his body was made of light, Hyperion felt a chilling sensation as he realized Extermination has tricked him.

    "From the start, his aim wasn't simply killing me!"

    Because if Extermination wanted to kill, the best opportunity would have been when the Anti-Cosmic Field was active!

    Now looking back, it was obvious to him that Extermination willingly failed to exploit that opportunity!

    Then... the aim of Extermination was something far greater. It was to make Hyperion help him in achieving something not even Kiba could achieve!

    "Exploiting the Cosmic Spark!" Hyperion was crestfallen by the realization.

    He eyed Extermination and the sense of dread he felt from him increased countless fold.

    "What a wicked persona!"

    When the Laws of Destruction started obliterating him, the Genesis Matter inside the Cosmic Spark was forced to act!

    They violently broke through the restrictions of the Cosmic Spark and established a direct link with Extermination!

    "I have helped him in gaining the ability to wield the Cosmic Spark!"

    At he thought this, Hyperion's chest moved up and down sharply.

    "I must calm down! Blaming myself would serve no use!"

    He tried to calm himself, by thinking the situation couldn't turn any worse, but then the reality gave him the shock of a lifetime.

    Above the raised arms of Atlas, a bizarre expanse of chaotic mist appeared.

    This mist swirled into a circular motion, and slowly, it solidified. At the same time, from the Cosmic Spark, rays of gray cosmic energy swept out and surged into the solidified mist.


    The mist turned into what appeared to be the phantom of a gigantic wheel!

    "This is...!"

    Hyperion felt suffocated as world-shaking rumbling sounds echoed.

    "Wheel of Chaos!"

    Not even in his worst nightmare he expected to see this here. He glanced it only for a moment, and by then, he felt the cyclicality of all life, matter, existence!

    "The endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth... something that's personified in Wheel of Chaos!"

    Hyperion thought as he recalled what was carved on the wheel: discarnate souls, hellish spirits, and suffering living beings!

    "Billions of years ago, in a world that has long ceased to exist.... the evil gods were bound to a never-ending wheel!"

    "It was in that world the contaminated Genesis was first seen!"

    "And Genesis means the start!"

    "The beginning of a life that has no end!"

    "Something those souls, spirits, and living beings perfectly represent!"

    Even as he thought all this at light speed, the wheel pressed down on Atlas' broad shoulders.


    Atlas lifted the wheel up, his muscles bulging out. This resulted in the eruption of shocking airwaves.

    Hyperion's body flickered and he appeared hundreds of kilometers away. Despite such a gap, he could feel a heavy smell of blood, mixed with the scent of greed and avarice.

    Extermination flew before the wheel and looked at Hyperion.

    "This is bad!"

    Hyperion's heart sank for he knew he was facing a crisis that for him, was no worse than the end of Celestial Elysian Plane!
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