536 Becoming A Part of The Chaos!

    As the Wheel of Chaos condensed, its sinister presence sliced through the curtain of night, bringing back the light.

    Alas, the return of light didn't bring back colors. The sky was now dyed with the color of deathly gray, just like the wheel itself.

    Around the globe, people peered at the sky. Earlier there were angelic musical notes from the sky, but now they were replaced with cries of anguish and howls of sorrow.

    As they heard these ominous sounds, they sensed a feeling of decimation. This feeling resonated with their hearts, and they felt the world was full of suffering and dissatisfaction.

    The weaker living beings even experienced the cycle of life; birth, life, death, and rebirth. They realized there was neither salvation nor nirvana, and if they wanted relief from this neverending cycle, there was only one choice:

    Become a part of the chaos... of the gray that was in the sky!

    "Isn't that gray so beautiful? So tempting?"

    "Yes! I have never seen anything more beautiful than that!"

    "Me too! I have watched Eden from far away and even that paradise wasn't this beautiful!"

    "Unlike this ugly life, I want to become a part of this gray!"

    The world might have been tempted by the gray, but not Hyperion. The scene in front of him made his heart twist.

    Still, he suppressed his emotions and concentrated on surviving. From the center of his body, a bloody glow erupted and enveloped his entire body.


    The strength of his aura amplified countless times. The radiance from his body dazzled the world.

    Earlier, his body of light was white, but now it carried a tint of crimson!

    To extract more power, he had burned his lifeblood - the very essence of his being!

    Now he almost recovered 20% of his strength!

    Of course, this was only a temporary gain. Furthermore, the strength came with serious side effects.

    Something that would take decades to recover!


    The radiance from his body collided with the new grayness, releasing seething sounds. As this happened, Hyperion eyed Atlas.

    "So you had fallen under Genesis and became a part of it!" Hyperion grimly noted.

    Atlas didn't reply, though, in his gray eyes, there was a neverending sadness.

    "My brother, don't you worry, I would do my best to free you! No proud child of Mother Ternity would ever be a slave!"

    Hyperion promised as a vibrant halo appeared behind him.

    And then he attacked!

    Brilliant divine light flooded out, carrying a never-ending devastating force. Above the light, the halo followed, and inside it, the mouth of a bloody dragon emerged.


    The dragon let out a world-piercing roar. It awakened the tranced living beings around the world and sent them in shock.


    Hyperion shouted.

    Extermination's lips curved up into a smile.

    Everything so far occurred in less than the fraction of a millisecond, and as this majestic attack swept at him, Atlas spun the wheel above his head and threw it out.

    The spinning Wheel of Chaos rotated through the air and smashed right into the divine light.


    Sparks flew out and rumbling sounds filled the world. The ground trembled and the sky twisted in swirling moments.


    The bloody dragon gushed out and bit down on the wheel. Its presence was that of an emperor and it inspired both awe and fear, but when it bit down, the spinning wheel crushed through its mouth!

    There was nothing the dragon could other than fade away!

    The momentum of the wheel didn't slow down and it slashed into the divine light. The light surged forward, trying to break the wheel.


    The brutal collision turned into a powerful explosion. Detonating shockwaves swept out, so terrifying that they penetrated the fabrics of space and emerged directly in cities far away!

    Delta City might be saved from being eradicated but the world paid the price!

    Even before people could notice them, the shockwaves razed them and the buildings to pulp. No one got time to scream or react!

    As such dreadful shockwaves continued to spread further, more buildings split from the ground and rolled into the air.

    In one such city, the people were almost pulverized when a masculine mutant appeared. He simply lifted a finger as buildings around him collapsed.


    Pulses of cyan force rippled out and crashed into the incoming shockwaves.


    The terrifying shockwaves that could rip through space simply disappeared in a flash without inflicting any damage.

    By now, the buildings around him almost slammed on the ground. He traced the finger in the air and more pulses rippled out.

    To the pleasant surprise of the people, the buildings stopped where they were, without crashing. It was like space was tightened, locking everything.

    The entire city started cheering loudly.

    "Sir Ozir!"

    "Thank you for saving us!"

    "We love you!"

    Not only everyone in the city knew him, but they also worshipped him!

    And how could they not?!

    He was an Alpha! Their god!

    Ozir ignored the cheers.

    "The shockwaves were very powerful... those two must be almost at the peak of Level VIII!"

    Ozir thought with a heavy expression.

    "If one of them doesn't die soon, the world would pay a heavy price."


    In Delta City, the time came to a standstill as the wheel and light clashed. The light caved in and splashed outward, and through it, the wheel crushed forward.

    Hyperion's expression changed.

    At light speed, he crossed his claws on his chest. The instant he did, the divine light split, and the wheel appeared before him, smashing on his claws.

    "Argh!" Hyperion cried.

    His body might be made of light with no bones or flesh, but when the wheel smashed on the claws, they reverted to their original form!

    With the crisp sound of bones fracturing, they burst open!

    The ghosts and spirits engraved on the wheel turned excited.




    They swirled out with expressions of insatiable greed and pulled the flesh from the broken claws. They hadn't eaten in countless years and now having such a tasty feast before their eyes, they rapidly devoured everything.

    The sensation was far more agonizing than being skinned alive! Something Hyperion not only hated but found deeply embarrassing!

    He was a titan! Someone who guarded Celestial Elysian Plane! And yet his flesh was used as the food by these starved ghosts and spirits!


    From the moment he launched an attack to the moment the wheel consumed flesh, it seemed a lot of time has passed, but in truth, not even a second passed!

    Hyperion retreated back at an impossible speed and even as he did, the wheel spun towards him.

    "Just as I expected! The wheel is the perfect manifestation of boundless weight, unimaginable speed, and limitless power!"

    Millions of years ago, Hyperion has witnessed Wheel of Chaos.

    Back then, the wheel was too long, as vast as the solar system. As it spun, it crushed countless worlds under its weight, behaving no differently than a grinding wheel.

    The wheel in front of him might be smaller, but Hyperion knew, for him, its weight and power were no different.

    "I need to block it!"

    His claws regenerated back, and he created a thick screen of light around him.


    The wheel violently smacked on the screen. Cracks emerged and the screen shook like an earthquake, but Hyperion poured more strength in it, ensuring it didn't crumble down!

    A few miles away, Atlas stepped forward. Extermination lifted a hand to block him.

    "No need," Extermination said in a menacing tone. "I would end this myself."

    He thrust his palm out and the space distorted.

    Perhaps it was his imagination, but Hyperion felt the wheel pressed by a gargantuan gray palm. The rotation of the wheel increased and it ripped into the screen.


    The screen exploded into countless shards, turning into an energy storm.

    "Bloody hell!"

    Hyperion shifted his body back. While doing so, he blasted out the enormous spikes on his body.

    Like piercing beams of light, they penetrated the void and bombarded directly on the Wheel of Chaos.



    Hyperion was astonished.

    The wheel swayed under the bombardment of the spikes and then vanished!

    Where did the wheel go?!

    He refused to believe the attack destroyed the wheel. Even if that happened by some good stroke of fate, there would have been the detonation of chaotic energy!

    "What the hell happened?"

    Hyperion was alarmed by this situation. He rapidly brought his eyes on Extermination and noticed the smile changing to a smirk!

    "You helped me achieve freedom from my self," Extermination said coldly. "But you have also done something that I could never forgive!"

    He lifted the hand holding the Cosmic Spark.

    "You have proved that not only this world, but the entire cosmos doesn't deserve to exist!"

    Cosmic energy crawled out of the Cosmic Spark and wrapped his other palm.


    The Wheel of Chaos appeared behind him, spinning non-stop. The dread this scene created was far too horrifying. It was like he was the epitome of evil, wielding countless vicious spirits.


    Hyperion felt his mind crash with an ominous feeling.

    Even though the distance between him and the wheel has increased multifold, the very fact that Extermination brought the wheel back frightened him.

    It made his heart stir with an intense sensation of deadly crisis.

    Extermination pointed his palm at Hyperion's chest.

    "No way!"

    Hyperion saw the wheel vanishing again. But this time, it didn't really disappear.

    Instead, it overlapped with a different space.

    Space where he was!

    The vanished Wheel of Chaos directly emerged inside his body!

    This was an unimaginable scene to behold.

    A titan and wheel as one!

    Something that no one has ever witnessed!

    In a way, it could be said, what Extermination achieved was impossible by merging two different spaces.


    Something that even peak Level VIII Alphas would have a hard time achieving!

    Alas, Hyperion was in no condition to be astonished or awe-inspired.

    The instant the wheel emerged inside him, his body quivered. The chaotic powers from the wheel made him revert back to his fleshly form!


    Crackling sounds erupted from his insides as the wheel spun, slashing through his organs, bones, and scales!

    "NOOO! URGHH!"

    Hyperion screamed.

    Had he been capable of complaining, he would shout: 'This wasn't how the Wheel of Chaos was supposed to be used!'

    Throughout history, not once had the previous hosts of Genesis used the Wheel of Chaos in such a manner!

    Overlapping it directly with the space of the enemy!

    That not only defied all logic, but it was also extremely cruel!

    Hyperion almost felt cheated.

    His body was neither able to handle the pain nor the load of the wheel inside him. He was on the brink of explosion!


    And without any surprise, he exploded in a dazzling shower of blood, flesh, and bones.

    "More food!"

    "So juicy!"

    The vicious spirits, ghosts, and living beings on the wheel threw themselves at the lavish feast.

    For better or worse, Hyperion has the incredible ability of divine regeneration and recovery. As long as even a droplet of his blood remained, he wouldn't die!

    He could recover almost instantly!

    Sadly, this caused him a pain that no one could ever imagine.

    Every time he healed, the grinding wheel tore through him and the hellish spirits started feeding again. They only stopped when a droplet of blood remained so that he could regenerate and provide them more food!

    It was a vicious cycle!

    Perhaps Hyperion could accept this agony, but what he couldn't accept was that he was becoming a part of the grayness... the chaos!

    Inside the chaos, he felt indescribable resentment; full of anger and hatred. He sensed their suffering, torture, and helplessness.

    This resentment was the accumulation of everyone who has fallen under Genesis!


    Hyperion wailed.

    The chaos brought his worst nightmares: The death of his homeworld, the slaughter of the Cosmic Emperor, and the torture of Mother Ternity by Eternal Darkness.

    "Just kill me! Please!"

    Hyperion begged.

    He could no longer afford to behave in the way his dignity as the titan demanded.

    Everything that made him feel despair, he experienced it again. Not only his nightmares but also the lives of others in the chaos.


    He continued to become a part of the chaos... forever living in this everlasting prison of resentment.
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