537 Beauty Is Delusion

    In the final moments, as Hyperion merged with the chaos, he repeatedly remembered how Extermination used Wheel of Chaos to kill him.

    Perhaps the chaos wanted to toy with him to make him remember this as it sucked him into the everlasting prison of resentment.

    "Extermination... his method was not only genuine but also extremely cruel and sadistic! Something no previous host of Genesis ever used... at least as far as the legends I know of!"

    "He might have become a different persona... but this sadistic nature....it was just like that kid Enchantia spoke of!!"

    Hyperion's soul flashed with sudden realization.

    A few weeks ago, he has sent his Astral Projection to the World Fragment known as BSE79 meteorite and met Enchantia.

    When he demanded information about the Cosmic Spark, she was vague and showed him the visuals of what happened in the World Fragment a few years ago. The only problem was that the main character in the visuals was blurred by Enchantia... to hide his identity!

    "Enchantia spoke of the title he was bestowed upon... the title he took as name after the events in that World Fragment!"

    Dream Seeker!

    In the old tongue, that was termed as Kiba!

    "He's that kid!!!!!"

    As if completing its objective, the feeling of resentment once again became active in the chaos. Like flames of madness, resentment enveloped Hyperion, torturing his body and spirit.


    His final thought before he screamed was:

    "Enchantia...She was trying to warn me about this kid! I have unleashed the dark side of a monster!"

    Sadly, he realized the warning far too late. If not for the chaos, maybe he would never have connected the dots... Now all he could do was regret and suffer for eternity.


    As Hyperion became a part of Genesis, the grayness in the area flared up wildly. The presence emanated by it turned stronger, radiating more ominousness.

    If one looked carefully, they could see the vague outline of Hyperion in it. In body and spirit, he has become one with the grayness!

    Just like before, this grayness wildly spread around, re-occupying the areas it had previously.


    Some streams of grayness poured into the restaurant that was independent of space and time. Obviously this wouldn't have happened if not for the will of Cosmic Emperor.

    The streams of grayness whirled before the ethereal Hope.

    Cosmic Emperor made a hand gesture and the grayness wrapped on her body. But unlike what happened to those who were wrapped by the grayness, her body didn't disintegrate into motes of light nor lose color.

    Instead, she turned more life-like. It was almost like that for her, this grayness was some potent medicine.

    As she absorbed these streams of grayness, the allover strength of the grayness drastically fell.

    Extermination didn't notice though.

    Perhaps because he didn't bother about the strength gained from killing Hyperion or maybe for another reason.

    Regardless, the ethereal Hope smiled happily and moved towards Cosmic Emperor. He let out a soft sigh and took her in his arms.

    "A titan with the power of Light can act as a great tonic."

    Cosmic Emperor said as she again started running her transparent hands over his face.

    "But it couldn't substitute for what you need... the nourishment of time. Just wait some more."

    Hope didn't understand what he said nor she was mature enough to care. She let out a cute yawn and fell asleep.


    His eyes brightened at this. It was almost like he was remembering something similar from very long ago... the time when he used to be carefree.


    At the same time.

    High in the sky, Wheel of Chaos rapidly spun behind Extermination, almost like a divine halo.

    Brilliant gray glow gushed out of it; filled with phantoms of souls, ghosts, monsters, and living beings that were free from the cycle of life.

    When Hyperion completely vanished from existence, they cried and howled from excitement.

    Extermination ignored them and burst out into laughter.


    His laughter was filled with both joy and madness. His eyes glinted sharply for he has just started!


    Meanwhile, some hundred kilometers away.

    From under a collapsing building, Carole rushed out. She carefully avoided the debris and the wreckages of vehicles that were floating in the air.

    "What on Earth is going on?!"

    She demanded as a figure joined her.

    The only thing that could be said of this figure was that it belonged to a male. Otherwise, it was hard to tell anything as he was wrapped in a dark hood and robe, completely hiding his body. Not even his eyes were visible. When one looks under the hood, all they see would be plain darkness.

    "Something very bad," The figure replied. "Let's quickly leave this city."

    "I know that much!"

    Carole was no longer her usual self. There was no more self-restraint, calmness, or respectful attitude.

    After her clone was destroyed by Kiba in White Angel Corporation, from far away, she patiently waited to see how developments unfolded.

    She was surprised when Hank pulled out his trump card - The White Angel and then further astonished by the ease with which Kiba destroyed it.

    Just as she thought everything was over, the golden lightning phenomenon began, and then everything went crazy. If that wasn't enough, just after half an hour, the world started losing color; turning gray.

    The apocalyptic battle that followed frightened her to the core.

    Only she knew how tough it was to escape from all the explosive shockwaves. She glanced at the hooded figure and sighed. If not for his help, the shockwaves would have killed her a hundred times.

    "My apologies for being rude," Carole said respectfully. "You have held your part of the deal so I'm thankful."

    "...." The hooded figure didn't reply.

    Carole shook her head. She always felt he was too mysterious.

    Around six to seven months ago, after Kiba broke his ties with Hank, she resolved to have a backup plan. She decided to do so as she felt Kiba must have a reason why he refused to accept Hank's suggestion.

    So when she secretly started looking for options, she was contacted by this hooded figure. He offered her a great deal according to which all she had to do was supply her information about Kiba, the plans Hank has for Kiba, and everything related. Additionally, she was to participate in the plans he has for both Kiba and White Angel Corporation.

    In return, he would amplify her strength through genetic experiments and give her a body clone.

    Cloning was difficult enough, and to create a clone that was completely life-alike, with no difference, was more than difficult, even for scientists above Rank VI.

    Yet he was able to do so.

    This solidified her resolve in making a deal with him. And how could she not when he promised more benefits when his plans succeeded?

    "Plans which epically failed..."

    Carole bitterly thought.

    As per him, the plan - which he didn't share with her - would start shortly after Hank fell. But the sudden interference of the titan ruined everything.

    "He wasn't surprised by White Angel's appearance so the plan has to be connected with her... But how would he know something even I didn't?"

    Carole wondered as she ran while avoiding all the blockades: smashed buildings, craters, roads on fire, etc.

    She and the hooded figure arrived on the perimeter of the city and jumped on the bridge that spanned over the river.

    Just as they landed on the bridge, the water below surged up in gigantic waves, crashing directly on Carole and the hooded figure.

    "Watch out!"

    Carole leaped out of the waves, fully wet. She didn't stop and further backed away till she left the bridge.


    Carole let out a soft sigh while drying the water that has fallen into her eyes and ears.

    "What just happened?"

    She was startled by this development, and just as she asked the hooded figure, the water on the bridge evaporated into a menacing gray mist.


    Her heart began to pound and her knees grew weak. She desperately pleaded the appearance of mist didn't signify the worst.


    With rumbling sounds, the bridge that has lasted for decades sank before turning into motes of gray light.

    These motes fused with the mist and concentrated together, transforming into Extermination!

    Carole started trembling inwardly.

    The hooded figure rapidly retreated, ignoring his crestfallen partner. Despite his quick actions and lightning speed, all he could cross was one meter before he froze!

    He grunted and lifted his sleeves up.


    Fierce winds stirred up and rippled outwards, and through them, five cyan spears emerged. Like divine arrows, they shot forward, carrying immense destructive power.

    Even a peak Beta-rank mutant wouldn't be able to evade them. But the hooded figure had no expectation of these spears working on the one who has shocked the world!


    He shouted to detonate the spears into a violent blast.

    He had no fantasy of harming Extermination. All he wanted was to buy himself some time and use the force from the blast to propel himself back!

    Perhaps, if there was no grayness, the blast would have been intensely bright, colorful, and frightening. But the blast that actually occurred resulted in nothing more than a few sparks! Even a defective firecracker would have created a far imposing sight!


    The instant this dull blast occurred, the hooded figure cried out terribly. His hood and robe turned gray, fading into thin air.

    Carole's eyes went wide.

    There was nothing under the hood or the robe! It was like there was only air that supported the hood and robe till now! With their existence destroyed, the presence inside vanished!

    "That couldn't be possible!"

    If it was, then who has she partnered with? A ghost?

    She was gobsmacked for only a moment because by then Extermination was in front of her. The grayness spread around, without touching her. Even as everything else turned monochromatic, she continued to be her colorful self, unaffected.

    But this didn't make her relived! Instead, it frightened her more, especially when she saw the blurred phantoms in the grayness, vicious and thirsty for blood!

    She lowered her head, her body shaking nonstop. The thought of attacking didn't even flashed in her mind!

    Extermination placed his right index finger under her chin and lifted it up, bringing her eyes on his. Coldness rose deep within her heart as she looked into his eyes, full of chaotic evil.

    It made her very soul tremble.

    He moved his finger from her chin to the side of her face, tracing it slowly. The water droplets and wetness disappeared, allowing him to directly feel her soft and smooth skin.

    Carole swallowed forcefully. Her creamy gorgeous complexion made a strange contrast against his gray finger.

    "Colors... The beginning of the universe started monochromatically. So don't you think it is strange that humans develop their sense of aesthetics based on colors, especially that of skin?"

    Extermination asked as he tucked a strand of wet hair behind her ear.

    Carole didn't answer. It wasn't that she wanted to offend him by not replying... it was just that her body couldn't muster any strength to open her cherry-red lips!

    "What's even stranger is that humans forget their true selves for the flesh donned by beautiful skin."

    Extermination said as his finger slid past her wet neck, chest, and stopped on the navel. The fabric covering her bellybutton dissipated into motes of gray light, displaying her enchanting navel.

    The sight of her navel between her wet clothes was erotic. Something that could make even the sages salivate.

    "You can take my false self as the prime example. One of his dreams was founded on the very pleasures the flesh could offer."

    He pressed the fingertip into her navel.

    "And you would know that, right, Carole?"


    Her expression dramatically changed as the realization hit her.


    Before she could react, the flesh behind her navel contracted.

    From the sternum, she bent inwards and collapsed to the ground. Her flesh shredded off to pieces, turning into motes of gray light.


    She let out heart-wrenching screams.

    "Beauty is just a delusion, just like everything in this world," Extermination said as she became one with the grayness. "And a deluded world doesn't deserve to exist!"
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