545 Mom! I Have Found Him!

    "So many people died for no fault of theirs... all due to me."

    Kiba laid down on the terrace.

    He absentmindedly stared at the night sky while wondering about the countless families destroyed by him.

    "There are also lakhs of indirect victims. They would have to face the drastic consequences of losing homes and source of livelihood... poverty is worse than death."

    Claudia listened to his bitter words. He was angry, not at others but himself... for becoming a disaster in others' lives.

    "Claudia... I have become a monster."

    [[...Sir, you had lost sanity and your powers took advantage of that. Don't blame yourself for something you had no control on.]]

    Kiba smiled bitterly.

    "Insanity defense... yeah, if I was on a trial, the jury would set me free. But Claudia, the jury here is me... and I can't free myself for this."


    Kiba jumped back to his feet. If there was anyone who didn't deserve self-pity, it was him.

    His eyes flashed with a golden glow and his vision crossed miles in an instant, arriving in a relief camp. Many there were injured and hungry, getting no help from authorities. The same applied to other relief camps.

    Even if the World Government sent money to help them, a great part of it would be lost in between, thanks to the corrupt nature of humans. Crisis were always the breeding ground of corrupt...



    "Use all our financial resources to help people I have destroyed. Do it now."


    Claudia was startled.

    His bank balance was over 1.2 billion dollars and then there were his properties in multiple cities. If combined together, his contribution would be enough to not only help the people of Delta City but also in other cities that faced gray asteroids.

    "Claudia, you don't have to worry about me. If I need anything, I can always borrow."


    If Claudia has a humane form, she would have rolled her eyes. Unlike others, she knew his definition of borrowing meant looting.


    A few minutes later.

    Rays of white light enveloped Kiba and he teleported away.


    He teleported inside a broken building.

    The building was damaged beyond recognition but he knew it like the back of his hand. It was the first property he brought after creating his house!

    He walked on the crushed staircase and stopped when he saw a pamphlet under a stone. He leaned down to pick it up.

    The pamphlet was covered with dust and he has to clean it to read the text.

    {{ Congrats, lucky husband! Your wife has been chosen by Wife Pleasuring Service Pvt Ltd. to enjoy the best service the industry has to offer, and that too for free! Isn't that exciting?!

    {{ What's more, Chairman Kiba would personally serve your wife! All you have to do is sit back and relax, while your wife experiences the ultimate happiness!

    Kiba shook his head. He tossed the pamphlet away and continued walking.

    Long before the disaster struck here, his employees had escaped. And since almost half the city was safe, they weren't harmed or injured.

    Still, looking at the condition of this building, he couldn't help but feel sad. This was where his greatest dream started...

    He stepped into what used to be his office room. There were sofas, couch, and office desk, and looking at them, his lips curved up as it was on them that so many women gained happiness.

    The building might be destroyed, but the happiness he has provided remained.

    His legacy lived in the hearts of satisfied wives and lucky husbands...

    A destroyed building couldn't change that.

    "Life is all about losses and gains..."

    With a smile on his face, he left the remains of Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd.

    Kiba teleported to his other properties.

    Most of them were in a similar state, damaged beyond recognition. Only Mistress Massage Center remained intact without any harm.

    Kiba stepped his naked feet on the pebbles leading to the massage center. Walking on these pebbles was far more beneficial than most massages as they were specially created to relax both body and mind. Furthermore, the greenery on either side provided a soothing effect.

    Kiba lifted his head towards the sky while stepping forward.



    "Do you remember the sense of crisis I felt when Hank told me his plan to carry out a heist on Sky Fiend Group?"[1]

    [[I do, sir.]]

    "I believe we both misunderstood what that sense of crisis meant.]]

    Claudia was astonished.

    Back then, they had assumed the warning was about the threat possessed by Sky Fiend Group. Based on what she knew now, it would mean Hyperion.

    "The warning was never about Hyperion or anyone else... it was about the threat I carry for myself."



    The state of Avalon.

    House of Neville.

    With her chin resting on her hand, Sophia checked the latest news from Delta City. Just like others, she was also blown away by the events there.

    "Nothing new. Everyone is clueless."

    Sophia let out a yawn and lied down on the bed. She moved a finger in the air to close the virtual screen when her eyes constricted by a new image.


    She somersaulted and jumped on her feet. She then zoomed the image and stared at the image.

    "It is really him!"

    Her misty blue eyes sparkled as she read the wall of text next to the image. By the time she completed, her lips flashed into a mesmerizing smile.

    "No doubt! Just like mom said, only a person like him could do such a thing! Mom is always right!"

    As she exclaimed aloud, an absolutely gorgeous woman stepped in. She was in her late thirties, her features radiating maturity and wisdom.

    No matter if it was her slender frame, the incredible busts, and the looks of a sultry vixen, she was a true beauty through and through!

    "I'm right about what?" The woman asked.

    "Mom!" Sophia hugged her. "I have found him!"

    [1] Chapter 22. Kiba felt an intense sense of deadly crisis.
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