546 Great Families Learn About Him!

    "Mom!" Sophia hugged her mom tightly and said, "I have found him!"

    "Found who?"

    Katherine was startled by her daughter's behavior. She has never seen her so excited and so happy.

    Oh, wait.

    She did recall the times Sophia used to be so excited. It was when she spoke of her time in Desolate Blood Forest.

    As she thought of this, her eyes caught the sight of the virtual screen floating above the bed. She focused on the zoomed picture and the corresponding news article.

    "Mom! Isn't he amazing?!" Sophia asked with sparkling eyes.

    Katherine scanned the picture of the youth whom the article referred to as Zed. She knew it wasn't his handsome face that her daughter found amazing. Rather, it was the content of the article, and by the time Katherine read it, she agreed with her daughter!

    And how could she not?

    Zed has contributed over $1.2 billion dollars to support the victims of recent tragedy!

    If the article was to be trusted, this was just an initial contribution! He was in the middle of selling his properties to generate more money to contribute!

    Except for his home, he was selling everything!

    Based on the article, Katherine believed his contributions were meant to be anonymous, but it was an impossible thing to do given the amount involved. After all, such big transactions would be noticed by banks, charity representatives, authorities, etc. The mention of "sources" pretty much confirmed her theory.

    On her side, Sophia smiled cheerfully and said, "He is as kind as I remember!"

    Katherine brought her eyes back on her daughter and replied, "I know!"

    Ever since Sophia returned from Desolate Blood Forest, all Katherine listened to was tales of two persons who left a strong impression on her.

    One was a shameless scoundrel whose slyness would make even the greatest villain feel ashamed.

    The other was Zed - the most selfless and kindest person in existence.

    Katherine agreed with her daughter's impression of Zed.

    She knew how he helped people in situations when others would have either run or tried to take advantage!

    What's more, he showed kindness to even those with whom he didn't share friendly relationships!

    "Launcelot and Carmen. Those two kids are from great families, and they loved each other in ways the society despises! They hated Zed, but when they were caught in action, it was Zed who made others understand the love they share with each other! He helped them gain acceptance![1]"

    Katherine couldn't help but have a good impression of Zed. She has always told her daughter to respect relationships she couldn't understand, but it was actually Zed who taught her.

    When she thought of how Sophia repeatedly consoled Carmen after he lost Launcelot, Katherine felt proud.

    "Zed even protected hen-like creatures in one of the trials! Everyone targetted them for points and rewards, but not him! He was ready to become everyone's enemy for their sake!"

    Katherine was stunned by tales of his kindness and selflessness.


    Katherine's attention was pulled back to reality as she heard the sound of steps. She turned around and noticed her husband - Alan- entering the room, followed by the personal servant of Sophia - Aileen.

    "Dad!" Sophia smiled and pointed at the screen. "Zed is in Delta City! I will soon leave to meet him!"

    Alan has come to wish the apple of his eyes goodnight, but just as he entered, his body turned stiff.

    His daughter has found that kid named Zed?! And she's leaving to meet him!?

    Alan instantly hated Zed.

    He has heard the stories of his kindness, but to him, that didn't matter! He was her father and he couldn't handle her leaving him for some guy!

    Not to mention, she was young! There was no need for her to be interested in the opposite sex at this age!

    "Zed! Young Miss, it is really him!" Aileen exclaimed as she checked the screen. "And he hasn't changed!"

    "So what?" Alan snorted coldly.

    "Sir, he is The Zed! The one who skipped the trials!" Aileen stressed on the last part.

    The moment she completed, Katherine's and Alan's expressions turned grave.

    How could they forget that?!

    "He might be kind and selfless... but he's very strong for his age! That's hardly shocking when we consider the one he is acquainted with!

    "The entity that governs Hall of Legacies!


    "In the middle of trials, she personally came to meet him! And gave him artifacts that could be used to not only skip the remaining trials, but also choose any treasure he wants from the treasure vault!"

    As Katherine and Alan thought of this, their eyes flashed with awe, shock, and horror.

    Over 90% of those who entered the core region had died, and only a few survivors who participated in the trails knew about this.

    When Katherine and Alan learned of this story, they were in a state of disbelief.

    And how could they not?

    Enchantia was someone even the Nine Great Sovereigns would have to be respectful! The present rulers of the Nine Great Families would need to spend a lot of effort to get an opportunity to meet her!

    But Zed?!

    Not only she came to meet him, but she also spoke with him as if they were friends! If it was others, they would flatter her with artifacts and treasures, but in Zed's case, it was her who gifted him!

    This turned the anger inside Alan into dread.

    He swallowed forcefully and glanced at the picture of Zed. As he observed the picture, he felt something strange.

    "He looks a bit familiar..." Alan wondered aloud.

    "Yeah, I also thought that..." Katherine joined in.

    "You two find him familiar as well?!" Sophia clapped her hands and said. "I thought it was only me who felt he shares features with Lady Rebecca of Hestia Family!"


    Alan's and Katherine's face fell. They then thought of something they had heard long ago, and their eyes constricted in further shock.

    "But he has never been to the State of Avalon so I'm sure it is just a coincidence!" Sophia concluded.

    In one of the trials, she has seen pieces of his memories from the slums so she was sure. After all, no member of an aristocrat family could ever face poverty, not even after banishment!

    Alan and Katherine weren't in a condition to speak. Their minds had crashed with the realization of who Zed was.

    Sophia didn't notice the change in the demeanor of her parents, but Aileen did. She hasn't met Rebecca nor seen her pictures so she didn't recognize the familiarity she shared with Zed.

    But based on Alan and Katherine's reactions, Aileen knew it wasn't a coincidence!

    "That kid... he's connected to House of Hestia! No wonder he was a freak!!"


    House of Hestia.

    In the conference room, the echelons of the family discussed the events at Delta City.

    "We have lost the chance to acquire the Cosmic Spark!" Xalion slammed his fist on the table. "If only we have taken action!"

    "And died of foolishness," Lord Harley interjected coldly. "Have you forgotten what the satellites captured towards the end?!"

    Xalion stopped, his face turning ashen. There was no way he could forget the readings from that mysterious woman. It was far too horrifying.

    The others in the room either listened to the discussion or analyzed reports from the World Government agents.

    ~beep~ beep~


    Everyone looked at the end of the room where a servant was standing. He seemed to be an old-man in mid-sixties, but the vitality he emanated was powerful.

    The beeping sounds were from the tablet in his hand.

    "Apologies," The servant named Ralph bowed his head. "Someone from House of Neville has called on the secure line reserved for the echelons of our family. Since everyone is here, the call has been transferred to me."

    "You can take it," Lord Harley told him to go ahead.

    As the head of the family, he knew the other aristocrat families wouldn't use the secure line unless it was important. While the meeting was far more important, they could spare a minute.

    Ralph nodded and tapped on the screen. A digital holographic projection flashed up, displaying Katherine and Alan.

    Everyone in the room knew Katherine and Alan as they were counted among the echelons of Neville Family. While the relationship they shared with Hestia Family wasn't deep, it was cordial enough.

    "We wish to have a private conversation with Lady Rebecca," Alan said as the call started. "It is urgent."

    Ralph glanced in the direction of Rebecca.

    "What is it about?" Rebecca tossed the report and looked at the projection.

    Katherine and Alan eyed each other before the latter replied, "Can we answer that in private?"

    "I'm in a meeting," Rebecca said, her tone emotionless. "So you can answer here."

    Alan's eyebrows knotted. Her response was too arrogant, but then he remembered she has the power and influence to back that attitude.

    "It is about your son," Katherine replied before Alan could make a decision.

    "My son?! What happened to him!?" Kurtis jumped to his feet and demanded loudly.

    Yesterday, Steve has gone on a trip to wild mountains. Could he have faced some calamity there? This question made his skirt squirm.

    "Not your son, Kurtis," Katherine answered politely. "But Lady Rebecca's son..."


    The entire room turned pin-drop silent. Some members eyed Kurtis and noticed his face turning unsightly. They couldn't help but snicker in silence.

    Rebecca's pupils constricted in disbelief. She rose to her feet, and asked, "You mean Zed?!"

    Katherine nodded.

    "What about him?" Lord Harley joined the conversation.

    "Well..." Katherine turned silent.

    "Sooner or later, we all would learn," Lord Harley knew her dilemma so he continued. "Trust me, we all have our means. The knowledge you have would be ours even if you had a private conversation from the start."

    Katherine didn't reply to him. She obviously knew he would learn in an hour or so. After all, each family had spies among other families, and unless it was some top-secret information, everything else would become common knowledge.

    What she wanted to share was already informed to the head of Neville Family. And she knew when anything was known to more than one person, it would never be a secret! Never!

    Rebecca didn't refute Lord Harley. She didn't care about anything other than learning what Katherine and Alan have to share.

    "We have heard that Lady Rebecca has been searching for her son," Katherine answered after a long pause. "And we believe we know where he is."

    Rebecca's heart skipped a beat. She has a feeling that was what Katherine wanted to share, but hearing from Katherine's mouth was like a clap of thunder.

    Her hands trembled and she held the table tightly before asking, "Where?"

    This was a question whose answer she has been looking for over two decades. Now reaching so close, she started trembling, from both excitement and nervousness.

    Excited because she could meet her son finally. Nervous because the answer could be another dead end.

    "Delta City!" Katherine answered.

    Simultaneous to her words, the news article about Zed's contributions appeared.

    Everyone in the room stared at the picture of Zed. He has striking blue eyes, sharp facial features, and refined black hair.

    "Well... he does share some similarities!"

    Lord Harley remarked while narrowing his eyes.

    "But let's make sure before we reach any conclusion."

    He made a gentle motion with his elderly hand and the photo of Zed turned into a virtual hologram.

    [[Analysing physical similarities.]] A mechanical voice of AI ringed out.

    Alongside the hologram, two pictures flashed up on either side; labeled Subject A \u0026 B. One was of Rebecca and the other was of a man.

    It was the same man whom the warden in Stormseal Island whipped for laughing nonstop! The one who declared the beginning of the end has started!

    AI scanned the three pictures; from shape to complexion, nothing was spared. It took two seconds for AI to complete the task.

    [[The target shares over 80% similarities with Subject A \u0026 B. As such, it would be safe to assume the target is their son.]]

    "!!" Lord Harley and everyone else was stunned. Unless the picture was doctored, the youth on the screen was Rebecca's son!

    The one who has been missing soon after his birth!

    "It seems luck is on our side," Lord Harley said with a smile.

    Rebecca didn't listen to AI's assessment nor Lord Harley's words. From the time she saw the picture of Zed, she entered a trance-like state.

    One glance at the picture was enough for her to know he was her blood and flesh. The one she was forced to part with due to events at Solitary Snow Island.

    Her eyes flashed with flames. Now was not the time to waste.

    She turned towards Ralph and ordered, "Fire up the jet now! I will bring him to where he belongs!"

    Lord Harley: "..."

    No one in the room was surprised by her decision. It was something obvious to them with all they knew about her and the events that unfolded long ago. While their moods did change, almost all of them hid it well.

    Except for Kurtis!

    If earlier his face was ugly, now it turned unsightly to such an extent that it couldn't be described.

    "This **ing bitch! She wants to bring that bastard here!"

    He cursed Rebecca in his heart.

    "And showcase the sign of my shame to the world!"

    [1] Chapter 354-355. Zed sneakily used lust-inducing hormone pills on them... and when they were caught, Zed gave a great speech about acceptance!

    [2] Chapter 400
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