547 I Came Here to Verify!

    Seven hours earlier.

    Section IV - The Divine Shrine, Dream Rise House.

    Violet streams of energy whipped forward as Kiba arrived in front of the casket. He held Hope tightly as the violet energy burst at him.

    Both of them had donned advanced, high-tech spatial suits. Despite the protection from suits and his own powers, Kiba felt suffocated. Perhaps if he was alone, he could resist the pressure from the violet energy, but with him protecting Hope, he was under heavy strain. Not to mention, he hasn't recovered from his recent usage of powers.

    The energy streams brushed past him and moved forward, sweeping at the dazzling objects that resembled planets and stars. Most of the energy disappeared by the time it reached the end of this dark dimension that formed Section IV.

    Kiba ignored the danger possessed by the dimension and focused on the casket.


    An innumerable amount of violet rays erupted from the casket and concentrated together, transforming into the ethereal projection of Princess Scarlet Leila De Rose.

    "I needed a favor," Kiba said while holding Hope in his front.

    Princess Scarlet Leila De Rose didn't seem surprised. She almost seemed to expect this.

    With a gentle nod, she replied, "There's a way to achieve what you want."

    Kiba hasn't stated what he wanted, but he knew, for someone like her, everything would be obvious. Hearing her response, he sighed in relief, and requested, "Please do it. I would repay you in the future."

    She looked at him for a moment before focusing on Hope.

    "The only way to shorten the time period required for fusion of energies inside her is for someone else to handle the resulting stress and strain," Princess Scarlet Leila De Rose explained.

    Kiba nodded in understanding. Since Hope was only a month old, the rate by which she can absorb the energy or handle them was obviously limited, and not to mention, very slow.

    "And since my body is in slumber, I can't do that," Princess Scarlet Leila De Rose concluded.

    Kiba's lips spread into a smile. He kissed Hope on her forehead and said, "You already know what my response would be."

    Princess Scarlet Leila De Rose nodded before replying, "Of course. Still, let me explain to you the consequences. As your body is in a terrible state, the moment you take the stress from your daughter, your condition would deteriorate further. At the very least, for a week or so, you would be in no condition to use your powers."

    "It doesn't matter," Kiba replied. "Compare to what I could have lost, this would be nothing."

    Princess Scarlet Leila De Rose let out a barely audible sigh.

    "You had lost... but in a different timeline."

    She thought to herself...

    Without wasting time, her ethereal hands touched the forehead of Kiba and Hope. Violet flash ripped out.


    An hour later, in the lab.

    After leaving Section IV, Kiba quickly rushed to the cryogenic chamber. Before Agatha or Eva could ask him anything, he placed Hope in the chamber and said, "Make her enter cryosleep for a week... the end her cryosleep would coincide with her awakening!"


    After saying this, he dropped unconsciousness on the floor.

    "Kiba!" Agatha and Eva were shocked. They quickly grabbed him and brought him to the examination table.

    Claudia, in the meantime, did what Kiba commanded and also sent medical droids to treat him.

    "Would he be alright?" Agatha asked with concern.



    A few hours later.

    Simultaneous to the time Sophia gained information about the kindest person she knew, the shameless scoundrel she wanted to teach a lesson regained consciousness.

    "You scared all of us!"

    A sweet voice greeted him as he opened his eyes. He looked around and found himself in the bedroom, close to someone he truly cared about.


    She smiled and sat down on his lap. He didn't have any strength left to lift his head from the pillow and have a proper conversation with her.

    "Claudia told me you have no strength left."

    Agatha brought his hands to her hips and then leaned down, bringing her lips dangerously close to his.

    "But I told her that's impossible! You will always have strength for the Holy Mission!"

    Kiba was startled by her words.

    "And I'm here to verify my claim!"

    She pressed her lips on his, initiating a passionate kiss. Her lips were soft, and they pressed with a burning warmness that melted through his icy exhaustion.

    She felt his breathing turning heavy but she didn't stop. Instead, she kicked it up a notch by pushing her tongue between his lips, forcing him to open his mouth.

    Her tongue delved into his mouth, starting a dance of seduction.

    As she further explored his mouth, a shiver ran through her as she felt something hard stirring up between her thighs.

    He was turning excited and she knew it!

    His hands drifted to her waist and he pulled her closer to him.

    "I was right!"

    This thought barely registered in her mind when her eyelids started fluttering in amazement. Her tongue was in his mouth and he began sucking on it!


    Agatha gasped.

    She might be seriously lacking in experience but she refused to let him win. She darted her tongue to the side and wrapped it with his, initiating a battle of lust.

    Their lips slid back and forth...


    After a long time, the kiss broke and their mouths drifted back.


    Agatha rested enough to take a deep breath when his fingertips slipped down her hips and moved to the expanse of her thighs, reaching to the hem of her skirt!

    Her heartbeat quickened and she felt her excited body on fire.

    At the same time, he slid his lips close to her ear, playfully licking her earlobe. She arched her back from the resulting tantalizing sensation.

    As waves of pleasure erupted in her body, he whispered something she wanted to hear from long ago:

    "I love you!"


    The sudden declaration of love made her feel as if her heart was going to escape her chest. He didn't give her a chance to react though as he started nibbling on her neck.

    "Oooh god!"

    Agatha squirmed on his lap.

    "I consider that as - I love you too!"

    Kiba said as he moved his lips further down her neck.

    Agatha barely managed to nod. She has never been this happy...
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