549 Legacy of Cosmic Emperor II/II - End of Vol. 2

    Paradox: A seemingly absurd or contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well-founded or true.

    The definition was neither frightening nor threatening. That was only true when it concerned ordinary phenomenons that didn't threaten the very existence.

    The paradox Cosmic Emperor created didn't fit this criterion. Because it actually put the entire plane of existence in danger!

    And how could it not?!

    He had influenced spacetime!

    In every plane of existence, time served the role of providing direction. What was considered as past, present, and future were just relative directions depending on the position in space.

    And there was a catch. Time could only move forward!

    Thinking logically, that made sense as moving backward would result in contradictions and consistency issues.

    It would result in what we consider as a paradox.

    Did it sound frightening? Not yet.

    But consider this: When a future event was the cause of a past event, which in turn was the cause of the future event.

    What problem would arise from such a scenario?

    A loop!

    Time loop!

    It would trap everyone on the plane of existence into a reiterating time stream, that too without them realizing!

    [[You have created a temporal paradox!]] Enchantia screamed at him, her voice filled with both dread and anger.

    "So? What about it?" Cosmic Emperor replied without any emotion.


    Enchantia was gobsmacked.

    His reckless actions have put reality at risk! And yet, he was so casual about it, like what he did wasn't worth mentioning!

    [[Could he have turned insane?! Yes! That's a possibility! He created thousands of alternate realities to save his daughter's life, failing every time! There's no way he could maintain sanity after all this!]]

    Enchantia violently trembled as she thought of this.

    "Insane? You could say so!"

    Cosmic Emperor could easily perceive her thoughts. He raised his head and started laughing.

    "But everything in this universe is relative, including what you refer to as insanity!"

    Cosmic Emperor grabbed the Legacy Orb tightly. It wasn't still complete as so far it only recorded the memories of his life.

    The most important part remained: His legacy!

    The very reason he arrived in this dimension.

    As he started adding his legacy to the orb, Enchantia gazed into the orb once again. Till now, she scanned the memories in a hurry so she missed the details.

    One scene caught her attention, something that happened a few years from the present time:


    Kiba was coronated as the Emperor of Earth!

    The day he became Emperor, everything changed on the cultural, religious, and social levels. So much that if someone from the present time saw those changes, they would find them absurd and impossible to believe!

    Every union between a man and a woman was conducted in the branches of Holy Church; founded by the devoted followers of Emperor.

    The absurd part was that the couples wouldn't be considered married until Emperor bedded the bride!

    Furthermore, no groom dared kiss his bride, much less consummate the relationship, before Emperor used his lawful right to turn them into a cuckold!

    So every year, millions of grooms would beg Emperor to complete the most important part of the wedding ceremony.

    Alas, it would often take years for Emperor to respond. After all, every day, thousands of single, gorgeous women begged for his affections.

    It was difficult for him to find time for weddings!

    Still, Emperor was fair to his subjects. He believed in equality and hated discrimination.

    So he sent his clones to fulfill the requests of grooms, in their homes!

    With happy smiles, the grooms would serve him delicious food and rich wines as he started the process of officiating marriage!

    Sadly for many new husbands, Emperor would become fond of their wives after experiencing their soft lips, pliant breasts, and tight holes!

    And to the joy of these lucky wives, he would reward their dedication by allowing them to become a part of his special category of harem!

    The men would remain husbands, without ever tasting the benefits of marriage! Thankfully Emperor was just, and to make them feel they have contributed to the well beings of their wives, he levied a special tax on them!

    Wife Happiness Tax!



    As Cosmic Emperor continued to complete the Legacy Orb, Enchantia stared at him with a speechless look.

    [[He really fulfilled his greatest dream! And this was only a scene from a few years now...!! I dread seeing what he had done decades later to continue fulfilling his greatest dream!]]

    Enchantia thought absentmindedly. She was so dumbstruck by what she saw that it took her a while to remember her earlier terror.

    [[You have a vast harem! Furthermore, you have love from thousands of women whom you grew attached romantically! And there's the boundless power you possess that I can't even imagine!]]


    [[You have achieved more than you ever wanted from the time you were a poor kid trying to survive!]]


    [[So why would you threaten everything you have achieved for someone... who barely occupied a moment of your life that has lasted for millions of years?!]] Enchantia asked.

    "Because I can!" Cosmic Emperor answered. "What's the use of having everything if I can't risk them to have what I want?"

    [[!!]] Enchantia was frightened by his attitude. [[You have turned crazy!]]

    "Maybe I have."

    Cosmic Emperor nodded.

    "But I still won't allow the onslaught of reality to harm her!"


    Piercing beams of dark light swirled out of the orb as it condensed completely.

    "Enchantia... you know the function of this Legacy Orb."

    Cosmic Emperor brought his vision back to her.

    "And you also know what you have to do unless..."

    Enchantia gulped down. She didn't need to hear his threat to do what he wanted.

    The twinkling stars on her ethereal face dulled as she imagined the changes butterfly effect would create, sooner or later.

    Cosmic Emperor let the orb float away.

    "My time on this plane of existence...is near end."


    Dream Rise House.

    In the bedroom, Agatha's body entwined with Kiba.

    After the strain he took a few hours ago, he was weaker than an ordinary human, but when Agatha kissed him, his body forgot the weakness...

    "I love you too!"

    Agatha whispered as his lips stopped sensuously attacking her ears and neck.

    "I have always known that! And I'm sorry for confessing so late!"

    Kiba said while lifting her skirt and tossing it away. Underneath, her gorgeous curves were wrapped by her bra, her milky cleavage spilling out.

    "Let me make up for the delay!"

    He zeroed his lips to her cleavage, kissing it, planting soft kisses. She braced her hands on his shoulders, enjoying the feel of his lips on her soft skin.


    A moan escaped her lips as he started kissing her breasts through the thin fabric of her bra. Her chest heaved up and down as he moved between one breast to another, kissing her hotly, making her flush with excitement.

    She could imagine just how great his lips would feel on her direct skin.

    She slipped her hands on her back to unfasten her bra. She then slowly lowered her bra strap off her shoulders, seductively exposing her breasts, letting the bra fall.

    His eyes feasted on her breasts before he cupped them in his hands. He massaged them gently, enjoying their soft firmness.

    "You were always a breast man!"

    Agatha remarked as he squeezed her breasts and kneaded her nipples, savoring the sensation of goosebumps erupting on her sweet skin.

    She could feel her nipples swelling from excitement and this made her flush further.

    A droplet of milk escaped her left nipple and Kiba clamped his mouth on it.

    "Ohhh god!"

    Agatha arched her head back as he wrapped his lips around her nipple. He was suckling her breast milk, sending a tantalizing current throughout her body.

    At the same time, his hands moved on her back, slowly tracing her backbone, slipping past her tailbone, and stopping when he found the fabric of her panties. He tucked them down, his hands now squeezing her smooth ass.

    Agatha dropped on the bed. Her entire body was on fire and she felt a wet sensation erupting between her thighs.

    Kiba lifted his head and once again sealed her lips with his. She felt the sweet taste of her breast milk, and as the kiss turned intimate, he darted his tongue into her mouth.

    Her light body crushed under his, her breasts pressing tightly into his chest.


    As the kiss continued, she used her powers to isolate his clothes. She then ran her hands on the sides of his sculpted chest before moving on his back, feeling his hard muscles.

    He was her man! The love of her life!

    Kiba broke the kiss and slipped down, brushing his lips throughout her body, planting soft kisses. He stopped when he reached between her thighs.

    Agatha felt embarrassed as he stared at her vaginal foldings. She knew he could see her juices tickling down, glistening her foldings with shining wetness.

    She clamped her thighs tight but he stopped her.

    "Don't hide the beauty of your essence from me!"

    Kiba requested as he pushed her thighs away and pressed his lips on her thigh. Agatha relaxed under his kisses and anticipated more of his passion.

    He kissed every portion of her smooth thigh, slowly moving to the inside of her thigh.


    Agatha gasped as his lips arrived on her clit. He took it directly between his lips, slowly sucking on it.

    His thumb traced her wet foldings, teasing them with his light touches before gently licking over them. He then licked along her slit, feeling her flesh quiver against his tongue.

    Her hips began to rotate on their own and as she squirmed, he shoved his tongue between her excited, pink flesh, twisting into it. He was unpredictable, wild, and yet, gentle, making her feel her pussy overheat with pleasure.


    Agatha grabbed the bedsheet tightly. She was no longer able to keep her eyes open as a delightful, orgasmic sensation began exploding in her.

    Her pussy trembled and flooded out with her warm juices...


    Agatha's breathing turned heavy. It took her a while to settle her heartbeats and open her eyes.

    "I love your way of making up!" Agatha said while taking long breaths.

    Kiba didn't reply as he leaned up to kiss her. She was surprised by the taste of her juices and as she savored them from his lips, she felt his hard flesh aiming at her entrance.

    She slid a hand down to guide him.

    As she held his thick, hard flesh, she felt the pulsing heat. It throbbed, making her shiver from the anticipation of being inside her.

    She pressed it against her pussy, making him rub up and down her slit. The sensation was too much for both of them, and they knew what they wanted.

    He pressed into her.

    Her head jerked back as he slipped inside her. She quickly wrapped her arms around him as he filled her completely and stopped.

    "I'm ready, my love!"

    Agatha whispered in his ear.

    She kissed the side of his face as he started making love to her; slow and gentle.

    He enjoyed the slippery, warm sensation of her as he stroked into her. Agatha was the same as she enjoyed the feeling of his throbbing flesh in her, making her breath slow.

    As minutes passed and they swapped position, she sent her hips forward with his every thrust, feeling scorching flames of ecstasy waiting to erupt inside her.

    Kiba took her right nipple in his mouth and suckled on it, milking her.

    "It feels great!"

    Agatha exclaimed as she enjoyed dual pleasures, pushing her to the edge.

    "For me as well!" Kiba felt her tightening around him. She moaned loudly with every thrust, her body shaking.

    "Faster my love!"

    She begged him to increase his pace, and he did by hammering into her. His long, thick cock stretched her, and in no time, she started gripping him, her pussy squeezing with delicious feeling.

    "Ooohhh yesss!!"

    Agatha yelped with orgasmic delight. She nuzzled into his hair as intense pleasure exploded in every corner of her body.

    Her eyes glazed over and she dropped on him.

    Kiba felt her shuddering as the climax hit her. He didn't hold back and allowed himself to erupt inside her...


    Half an hour later.

    Agatha rested her head on his chest. She ran a finger on his strong abs, feeling their tightness.

    "Are you awake?" Agatha asked.

    "Yes," Kiba answered.

    "How are you feeling?"

    "Like in heaven!"

    Agatha giggled at his response.

    She turned her face towards his, and, in a serious voice, said, "I mean like in real..."

    Kiba didn't reply but she felt him tense up under her.

    "Is it that bad?" She asked.

    Claudia has informed her about the condition of his body.

    As per her, every cell of his body has taken a very heavy toll. They were now trying to ease the tension and in no condition to generate power.

    "It is," Kiba replied with a sigh. "But trust me, I will recover in less than a week!"

    Agatha nodded. She knew how strong his recovery ability was.

    "You know... when you recover enough... you should resume your mission of making every woman happy!" Agatha suggested with a teasing smile.


    "Why are you looking at me like that?! I'm serious! Believe me! You don't?! That devoted follower of yours... what was his name? Erone, right? Well, just today, he claimed that you would bring salvation on Earth!"


    "And I only know one way you bring salvation! Holy Mission!"


    Outside the room, Eva shook her head and smiled.

    "Oh well, they both are happy! And that's what matters!"


    The State of Avalon.

    On the runway of a private airport, a modified military aircraft fired up. Its boosters emanated flash of red flames.

    "Lady Rebecca, we are ready to leave!" A butler rushed to Rebecca and informed her.

    Rebecca nodded before glancing at her wheelchair-bound daughter.

    "Mom! I would be fine!" Kirstie assured her with a smile. "Go and reunite with brother!"

    Rebecca rubbed her head and said, "I will return in no time."

    "I know! And I will get to meet brother as well!" Kirstie wrapped her arms around her mother for a hug. She then naively asked, "He would bring me gifts, right?"

    Rebecca nodded and replied, "Yes, he would."

    After hugging her daughter, she turned around and stepped into the aircraft. A minute later, the aircraft took off, disappearing between the layers of clouds.

    On the ground, Lord Harley brought his eyes from the clouds to a file in his hands.

    "That kid is sure interesting!"

    Lord Harley's eyes glinted with an icy glow as he read the content of the files.
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