556 The Man of The House Is Sick So...!

    Outside the villa.

    There were many forms of humiliation, but nothing as bad as the one suffered by Sylvan. His body was defiled in the worst possible way, giving him unbearable pain.

    Something he didn't dare imagine even in his worst nightmares!

    Yet it was happening. That too not by one, but two mutants!

    Just when he thought the situation couldn't get any worse, he noticed a dozen of people observing what was happening with him.

    This made him infuriated. He was a man of high ranking, and yet, people had seen him being humiliated.

    While his face was masked, he knew there were chances of someone realizing his identity. This made him think about how they might share this story with others. Furthermore, he can imagine how the story would be propagated with various extra, juicy details!

    The future was far worse than the present!

    "No! I won't let it happen!"

    The temperature in his eyes reached scorching hot as they shot out yellow beams of light. No matter what happens, he couldn't let details of today spread! Otherwise, he would never be able to show his face to anyone, especially his family!

    The sense of crisis helped him in exploiting his untapped powers, amplifying his strength! He evolved directly to the peak of Level V!


    The beams smashed into Mountain-head Wong, blasting him back. He collided into a tree, destroying it.

    At the same time, columns of yellow light surged out of Sylvan's palms, crashing into Marlon. The latter was sent flying high in the air.

    Sylvan swiftly turned towards the direction where others who observed him were hiding. Those people were startled by his gaze, and before they could react, he shot out destructive beams at them.


    They were all caught off-guard as beams pierced into many of them, breaking their bodies into a shower of blood and gore.

    "Fuck! First that bastard ruins our memories with his grotesque activities and now even attacks us!"

    A mutant shouted angrily while dodging beams.

    "Could that shameless bastard be attacking us because he was caught?!"

    "If he is, then he shouldn't be engaging in those unspeakable acts in open!" Another mutant added while creating an energy shield to block the beams.

    "He should do it in the comfort of his home!"

    "Fucking loser! The world is open-minded, so why the hell is he trying to kill us?!"

    "Maybe so that he can continue to stay in the closet!?"

    The area might be filled with multiple explosions that dazzled like firecrackers, but their voices were clear to Sylvan. His expression turned unsightly and he blasted far more powerful beams.

    Meanwhile, the effect of the pills continued to work on Mountain-head Wong and Marlon. They ignored the damage they took and once again, charged at Sylvan.


    Sylvan's heart sank for he knew if they caught him, he would be reduced to a sorry state. So he ran outside the villa while attacking those who survived his beams so far.

    Even though he has got a power boost by his recent evolution, his body hurt like hell, especially a certain part that made it painful to run.

    "Everything is that kid's fault!"


    Living Hall.

    The goggles Zed had put on blocked his vision from areas where there was a high amount of body heat. This prevented him from seeing anything that might stain his memories.

    With Sylvan and his two companions gone, he turned towards Amora.

    "Ah! The capsules didn't work on you!" Zed exclaimed in surprise.

    He was sure she didn't escape the moistures, unlike Yose.

    Amora and Yose flinched. His statement pretty much confirmed he expected this to happen!

    "Claudia and I made them as a variation of hormone pills in a hurry... can they be defective because the target and subject were of the opposite sex?"

    Zed placed a hand over his chin to contemplate.

    Amora's face twisted.

    This kid!

    Does he sees her and her companions as some guinea pigs to test his pills?!

    "You just lost the right to live!" Amora shouted as she charged at him.

    Till a few days ago, she and Marlon held special positions in World Government. But after Anti-Cosmic Field fiasco and the change of President, they fell from grace and lost their influence. This was why they had to resort to joining Sylvan in a mission like robbing.

    Something that was supposed to a chid's play turned into a living nightmare!

    "And don't think I will fall for more of your tricks!"

    Amora declared as she thrust her palm at him. It swirled with currents of malevolent energy, turning into the shape of a monster that was ready to devour him.

    With Zed's present condition, this was more than enough to kill him. The palm smashed into his chest.


    Amora's expression drastically changed. The attack should have sucked Zed into her palm, shredding him to pieces.

    Yet nothing like this happened despite landing on him.

    Even as she wondered why, her stretched hand phased through his chest and emerged from his back.


    She was shocked.

    He had such an ability!?


    Even if he had, he should be in no condition to use it, especially to resist her attacks. No, even if he was, it shouldn't make a difference. The currents on her palm should surge through his intangible body and attack him.

    After all, she was a peak Level V mutant! Her attacks can't be resisted by an early-stage Level IV Zed!

    No matter how powerful one's ability, its effectiveness on the target depended on both one's level and that of the target.

    This was especially true when there was a gap in level.

    So why?!

    Suddenly, she felt something and turned towards the fireplace. Yose was the same as his smoke body jerked back.

    The fireplace distorted as a beautiful woman emerged from it.


    "The man of the house isn't healthy enough to welcome you," Agatha said as she arrived in the hall. "So I will be taking his place."

    Yose's eyes constricted.

    Not because of her sudden arrival, but because of the changes her presence did.

    He could disintegrate his smoke body into molecular level and rush at lightning speed, thereby giving him an ability similar to teleportation.

    With him being a mid-stage Level V mutant, this ability made it possible for him to go anywhere as he pleases, and carry others with him.

    Now, he felt that ability losing its use as a strange force isolated space!

    Through her stitched eyes, Amora perceived the energy fluctuations from Agatha.

    A cruel smile appeared on her face as she said, "A peak Level IV? And you want to face two of us?! You must have been tired of living!"

    Agatha stepped forward with a smile.

    "Trust me, I haven't," Agatha replied. "Rather, only now I gained interest in living."


    A frightening power surged out of her, breaking through the void, and directly wrapping both Amora and Yose.

    "Let us start."



    Sylvan ran in one direction, firing beams. In another direction, there was a group of six people who weren't noticed by him. They were stunned by his actions but didn't leave their position. Their job was to observe the villa and act when a chance arrives.

    They took out spy gadgets to scan the living hall where the window was broken. Just as they began, shadows underneath their bodies rapidly crawled up, like sticky liquid.


    They were shocked as, by the time they noticed, the shadows tightened up on their bodies like nets.

    "Let me get out!"

    They tried to protest as the shadows started squeezing their throats. Their faces turned pale and they broke out in sweat due to the pressure on their windpipes.

    "Screw off!"

    A cyan-haired man named Lazeer growled. Dazzling bolts of electricity unleashed out of his body, slashing through the shadows.


    Explosive crackling sounds ringed out, and the shadows on him exploded in a splash of darkness. He didn't wait to catch a breath as he discharged more currents to help his companions.


    The electricity slashed apart the shadows.


    Lazeer's face turned ugly as he realized he was too late. Three of his companions had already died by strangulation.

    "Who the hell did this?!" Lazeer demanded. "Come out if you dare!"


    A stunning woman stepped out of the darkness and appeared in front of him. She adjusted her glasses, and smiled, her smile both innocent yet seductive.
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