561 Sweet Revenge I

    The sea grew restless as a bloody glow erupted through it, like an exploding volcano. The glow transformed the ordinary sea into a sea of blood, and then at the command of Madison, it curled up in waves, shooting straight to the skies.

    Crimson blood joined the earth and the sky! It was truly a sight to behold!

    But Dracon's face fell at this awe-inspiring scene.

    The bloody waves had wrapped the perimeter of the sea, turning into a boundless cage! Even the sky was shrouded by the waves, leaving no point of escape!

    "Dammit! This is the manifestation of the blood laws and not Domain!"

    Dracon's heart sank as he sensed unfathomable power from the cage. Every Alpha could use a Domain but not everyone could manifest the laws related to their abilities!

    Breaking laws were countless times harder than breaking the domain! Because they were the representation of nature!

    "Evil uncle, why are you only giving attention to my younger sister!?" Lillian asked with a sad expression. "Are you trying to drive a wedge between us sisters!?"

    His eyes constricted as she vanished from his sight and then appeared right behind him. The energy in the world turned chaotic as she gently flicked a finger on his back.


    Dracon felt like he was brutally smashed by a hammer. His extraordinary defense broke and he shot into the sea below.

    Winds rippled out of him, stopping him from falling in the sea. He then looked at Lillian who waved at him with a kind smile.

    "Shiet! She's even more dangerous than her sister! She could control energy!"

    Dracon couldn't believe this was happening to him.

    He was an Alpha so he didn't fear other Alphas, but the twins were different. They were crazy, unpredictable, and evil!

    Their stories were very common among the echelons of the world. So he knew they didn't even care for their lives when they target something!

    Facing one such opponent was nothing less than mutual destruction and now he was facing two!

    As for why they targeted him, he didn't bother asking about their reason because he knew they would have no reason! They would target anyone they please; hospitals, towns, and even World Fragments!


    Blazing winds wildly surged out of him, shooting explosively at Lillian and Madison, like the scythe of the grim reaper.

    "Evil uncle! First, you target our daddy and then attack his lil' girls! You are very cruel!" Madison said as a curtain of blood appeared in front of her, blocking the winds.

    "Daddy?! Lil' girls!? What is this crazy woman talking about?!"

    He knew their screws were loose so he wondered if they were having some mental hallucinations.

    Alas, he didn't know that they had been in the city for the last four days, secretly observing their daddy from a distance.

    Their daddy might be in a different form, but they knew him for they had a droplet of his Source Blood!


    In the mansion, Zed sat across Sophia.

    He didn't establish contact with Claudia since there was a risk of interception by Katherine or her family.

    While he trusted Sophia, it wasn't the same for her mother and others.

    After all, he had met her mother only a few days ago. She might have been kind to him, but then again, that might be an act. Even if she was truly kind, what was to say she might not be greedy just like others?

    It was hard to resist the temptation of knowledge, power, and immortality! The temptation can make even the kindest of people into demons!

    And his actions in the forest had tempted many!

    Furthermore, he knew it better than anyone else how people manipulated others. Some used threats as a means and other kindness!

    It was even possible that Dracon was a part of the plan by Katherine's family to make him trust her.

    "I'm being far too cynical!" Zed thought with an amused expression.

    "What are you thinking?" Sophia asked.

    "Nothing much," Zed answered. "Just thinking about recent events."

    Sophia nodded.


    The next two days passed without any noticeable events, at least not for him. He did have a conversation with Felicity, but other than that he made no outside contact.


    Zed was in the middle of breakfast with Sophia and Katherine when his body suddenly shook. The ladies were startled, and a bit worried, but Zed was happy!

    The link he shared with the Cosmic Spark had turned stronger, emanating dazzling power. He knew what that signified.

    "I have fully recovered!"

    Flames flashed in his eyes and a smile appeared on his face.

    "You have recovered?!" Katherine was stunned.

    Whenever she examined his body, she felt him extremely weak, his cells on the brink of collapse. Yet, he now recovered all of a sudden?!

    Zed nodded, without explaining.

    He didn't stay in the form of his alter ego after the day he took the strain from Hope so that the cells won't be stressed from the constant borrowing of power Cosmic.

    With the help of Claudia, he had injected his cells with recovery genetic particles. Those particles slowly laid the foundation of recovery before erupting with their full powers when everything was ready.

    This was why Katherine felt he suddenly recovered.

    "Thank you for the hospitality," Zed politely expressed his gratitude as left the chair. "I have to leave now."

    Sophia was shocked.

    Even if he had recovered, it wouldn't make a difference if an enemy like Dracon appeared. Much less an Alpha, even if strong Betas appear, he would be as good as dead!

    "Don't worry," Zed said to her. "Now that I have recovered, I can use the preparations I made long ago."


    Sophia instantly thought of what he did during the trails. That made her flinch as his preparations had killed many strong opponents[1]!

    "See you later."


    Zed borrowed a hovercar from Katherine and drove into the city.

    He confirmed there was no spy equipment in the car, but then again, the technology was so advanced that spy gadgets could be nano-size, making it impossible to detect. Not to mention, he might be secretly observed from a distance. It doesn't necessarily have to be from Sophia's family!

    "Oh well..."

    He arrived at Central District.

    It was pretty much razed to the ground with many spatial cracks. The shockwaves from his alter ego's battle with Hyperion had broken the fabric of space, turning this area into an eternal graveyard.

    As Zed stepped out of the car, he was in the middle of the remnant energy particles. They were beautiful like snowflakes but lethal, emanating a terrifying power.

    He carefully walked between them, knowing well that if there was any spy gadget on him, it wouldn't emit a signal in this area.

    After walking for almost an hour, he arrived before the depthless crater. Without even looking at the crater, he spread his arms and jumped into it!


    "That kid jumped into the crater!?"

    "Has he lost his mind?!"

    "Obviously! He is committing suicide!"

    "[email protected]$%"

    "Stop him!"

    Exclaimed gasps erupted from the distance. Multiple figures rushed forward, avoiding the energy particles. Sadly, by the time they arrived before the crater, Zed had long jumped into the crater...

    The energy fluctuations made it difficult for them to scan the crater with their powers so they had no choice but to see it with their eyes. Not only check his dead body, but also to acquire any item Zed had on him.

    Had they known he was here to commit suicide, they would have grabbed him before. Sadly they didn't as they believed he was here to retrieve some treasure or artifact. So they all secretly followed... now regretting their decision.


    As everyone arrived before the crater, an overbearing attraction force grabbed them.


    A mutant from a powerful faction wondered as the force violently pulled him into the crater.

    He didn't get time to think through as his body turned into a trail of shadows, smashing into the end of the crater.


    The brutal impact turned him into a bloody paste!

    "Well, I wasn't committing suicide, but it seems you all are!"

    A golden-haired figure remarked as other mutants too turned into pastes.

    Obviously, he was none other than Kiba!

    "Were your lives so bad for you to take such a drastic step?"

    Kiba asked as he floated above the suicidal mutants. They had strong bodies so they hadn't yet died, but it was just a matter of a minute or two.

    Their body state made it impossible for them to see the figure above them, but they could hear his question. This made those in a better condition cough up arrows of blood.

    Damn you!

    Our lives were good until we followed you!

    "No matter how bad your lives were, suicide is not the answer," Kiba said as a matter of factly. "We should never give up on life!"

    Alas, they didn't appreciate his words of wisdom. They internally cursed him before dying...

    Kiba let out a sigh. He prayed for their departed souls before enveloping himself with rays of light.

    "I guess this crater would become a popular suicide spot!"

    Kiba thought as he teleported away...

    [1] Chapter 390
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