562 Sweet Revenge II

    In the lab, Agatha played with her daughter.

    Hope had awakened in the morning, almost at the same time as her father recovered.

    As she played, her nascent eyes suddenly moved to the side. Agatha's lips curved up for she knew why.

    The love of her life had appeared!

    The instant he appeared, Hope stretched her little hands.

    Kiba quickly crouched before her, allowing her to run her soft hands on his face.

    Her touches made his eyes misty, reminding him how he almost lost this boundless source of joy.

    He hugged her.

    "I'm sorry... I swear, never again would I let you experience any agony!"

    Hope was bewildered as she felt his tears drop on her. Since his words were spoken to her through the telepathic bond, she could understand the meaning of his words.

    This made her confused.

    She had never experienced any agony so why he would cry.

    Nevertheless, she couldn't allow him to cry. Her little fingers wiped his tears and she smiled.

    It was the most pleasing smile he ever saw.

    "Thank you..." Kiba kissed her on the forehead. "You are the best!"

    Hope clapped her hands at his remark of being the best. She then conveyed him the scene of the explosion she created not so long ago, and wondered if he was talking about that.


    Kiba answered with a smile.

    From her sparkling eyes, he could see she was looking forward to defeating him in creating explosions.

    "I'm sure you would easily win this time!" Kiba added.

    Hope nodded as if it was obvious.

    "?!" Agatha was dumbstruck by the excitement shown by her daughter. Since she didn't have the telepathic power, she couldn't know her daughter's thoughts like Kiba.

    "What are you two discussing?" Agatha asked.

    "Just that how lucky we are to have you!" Kiba answered with a smile.

    In the corner of the lab, Eva couldn't help but smile.

    "This isn't a bad way to live."


    Around 8 PM.

    After putting Hope to sleep, Kiba and others sat on the examination table.

    "We have lost our home," Agatha started with a bitter look. "And we can't stay in the underground facilities forever."

    "Actually, we can't stay in the city for long," Eva corrected her.

    Agatha nodded while glancing at Kiba.

    The city was more than half destroyed and lost most of its charm. They could live with that, but not after the recent attention Zed attracted.

    "Then we will live in a new city... somewhere far away."

    Kiba said as teleportation force enveloped him.

    "Have rest."

    Agatha and Sophia did as he asked. Before he recovered, they were always on the guard, worried nonstop, barely sleeping.

    Now that he had recovered, all their worries disappeared.


    Kiba teleported thousands of meters above. He sat on the ruined ground where his home used to be.

    [[Nothing remains of our home, sir.]]

    Claudia said sullenly.

    If anyone felt his pain at the destruction of the villa, it was her. They had built it together, nurturing till it became their home.

    "Claudia... our home will remain as long as we exist! It is there in our hearts, in our dreams... as long as we can rise, the home would exist!"

    [[You are right, sir.]]

    Claudia agreed but her sadness wouldn't disappear. Building a new home can't make up for the loss.

    Kiba grabbed a handful of darkened soil and clenched it tightly.

    "Those who burned our home... we will burn them in their homes!"


    "Those responsible for this mess... they would die in the flames of our fury!"


    As the night descended, a party started in the corner of Delta City. It was hosted in a fancy six-storied building, charmed with vanity.

    Many rich and powerful of the city had survived, and they arrived here to relax after the close encounter with death.

    The waiters served lavish drinks while soul-stirring women danced and sung on the stage. Everything for the benefit of corporate chiefs, media tycoons, politicians, mutants, and their romantic partners.

    Sandra - the widow of Lager Kestone - sat on one table, her mood bitter. Across her, sat her cheerful step sons-in-law and their better halves. [1]

    Before the crisis that fell on the city, the situation was the opposite.

    Sadly, after the crisis, Kiba was not seen. This naturally made rumors of his death appear as many powerful had died from the shockwaves. That, in turn, made the four sons of Lager Kestone very happy!

    They no longer felt threatened so they corned Sandra to give up her claim on Kestone Fashion Company and the family estate.

    "Kiba... I pray you are happy in the heavens."

    Sandra whispered to herself.

    Some distance away from her table, on another table, sat the most important government officer of the city.


    He was accompanied by his pretty wife, Courtney. She looked stunning in her backless black floor-length halterneck dress, hiding her svelte legs.

    Courtney glanced at her grumpy husband. In the last few days, he wasn't the man she had married.

    "That night... after he went out saying it would change their lives for better... he had been acting strange! Just what happened to him?!"

    She wondered to herself. He has lost interest in everything, especially her. Whenever she tried to tease him sexually, his face would turn resentful, as if she had touched a sore topic.

    She let out a barely audible sigh and grabbed a glass of wine. She didn't want to ruin her night due to her husband's grumpiness.

    Sylvan knew his wife was pissed, but so was he, though not at her.

    "I have evolved to the higher-stage of Level V! I should be happy!"

    Sylvan tried to brighten his mood.

    As a smile appeared on his face, his smartphone vibrated with a notification popup. He took it out and clicked on the notification that was a message.

    A video, without any audio, flashed up.


    Despite his extraordinary might, his shoulders slumped and his expression turned incredibly gloomy.

    His body broke out into cold sweat and he closed the video. As he put the phone down, it vibrated again.

    Sylvan didn't want to but he checked the notification. This time he sighed in relief knowing it was a text message, but when he read the text, his heart almost exploded from rage and terror.

    "Hmm?" Courtney noticed his unsightly expression. She opened her lips to ask when she felt the hall turning pin-drop silent.

    If there was any sound, it was from the entrance of the hall.

    A tall, handsome man slowly stepped in. He was dressed elegantly, but everyone's attention was on his stunning face.


    "He's alive!?"

    "The shockwaves didn't kill him!"

    Sandra's eyes instantly brightened. Contrastingly, the hearts of her step sons-in-law sank.

    At the end of the hall, Sarah and Daniel sat with other media tycoons. When they noticed Kiba stepping in, emotions erupted in their hearts.

    Daniel felt disappointment and terror.

    Sarah also felt what her husband did, along with an unspeakable excitement that she had forever tried to suppress for her husband's sake. This excitement made a wet, warm sensation flood in her cunt and her ass shiver.

    Kiba greeted a few acquaintances with a smile before taking a glass of drink.

    He then leisurely walked to a free table, much to the relief of many men...

    As everyone started enjoying the party again, they were taken aback when they noticed Chief Supervising Officer of the city walking towards Kiba.

    Courtney was also surprised by her husband's actions. They weren't acquainted with Kiba though they knew about him due to his infamy.

    Kiba took a mouthful of drink when Sylvan arrived in front of him. Startled, he said, "Mr. Sylvan?"

    Almost everyone was observing him and Sylvan.

    Why would the representative of the World Government walk towards the infamous rake?

    Sylvan swallowed forcefully before saying, "Kiba... can you do me... a favor?"

    Kiba was stunned and so were everyone else.


    What help can Kiba provide that others couldn't?! Could it be some government mission!?

    Regardless, it must be something important for Sylvan to seek a favor here, in front of so many people.

    Kiba thought for a moment before replying, "Well, Mr. Sylvan, it would depend on what it is."

    Courtney and others agreed with him. No one would agree for a favor without knowing what it was.

    "Would you please ** my wife?"

    Sylvan asked.

    [1] In Chapter 500, Kiba consoled the widow of Lager and his four daughters-in-law.
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