563 Prelude to Orgy

    "Would you please ** my wife?"

    As Sylvan stated the favor he wanted, the jaws of everyone in the party dropped. Even the beautiful female singers on the stage stopped, their ears ringing by his words.

    None of them could believe what he just requested to Kiba.

    Asking his wife to be **ed?!

    Surely they must have heard it wrong! There was no way Chief Supervising Officer would ask for such a thing, at least not in front of so many people!

    Courtney was dumbstruck for a few moments before exploding in anger.

    "Sylvan! How dare you say such a thing?!"

    She was his wife and not some slut that he could give to anyone! So how dare he make such a preposition, that too without discussing with her?!

    Had his gain in powers and status turned him senile?!

    Sylvan clenched his fists tightly. Just like his wife, he hated himself for asking her to be **ed by someone else.

    But he had no choice!

    Just a minute before Kiba arrived, he had received a video.

    The video contained his most horrifying nightmare... something that happened a few days. Mostly due to his carelessness when he grabbed the capsules in Dream Rise House.

    The video was of crystal-clear quality, full high-definition. It showed everything that was done to him by two of his companions!

    Sylvan was obviously terrified to see his worst-nightmare in the video form. So he hastily closed it.

    But he then received a text message! That message was far worse than the video if that was even possible! It pretty much stated the demands of the blackmailer and what would happen in case the demands were not met!

    Unless he had his wife **ed by Kiba in the party, the video would be made viral!


    He didn't fear a mortal enemy, not even a strong mutant. But he did fear his secret being exposed!

    After all, killing an opponent was easy!

    But how was he supposed to stop the internet?!

    Once a video was viral, there was no scope of him doing anything! Sure he had the government machinery, but by the time he could take action, the video would be already seen by thousands! And who knows how many would share the details with others!

    He didn't want to become a laughing stock in the world! He didn't want everyone to gossip about him, making fun of him, taking pleasure in his misfortune!

    So his only choice to keep the secret safe was to request Kiba to ** his wife.

    "Daamit! This is equally bad!" Sylvan thought. "But I have to choose between the lesser evil!"

    He swore he would kill Kiba after this was over. It was obvious to him the blackmailer was Kiba... or at least, someone connected to Kiba!

    Controlling his anger, he turned towards his wife, and said, "Courtney, if you love me, you would fulfill my wish!"

    Courtney was shocked, her expression twisting in disbelief.

    He was using the love she had as a bargaining chip?! Just to have her **ed by Kiba!?

    "Could he be having the fantasy of becoming a cuckold?! Yes, he must have! That's why he wants me to be **ed by Kiba!"

    Courtney thought to herself.

    Sarah, Daniel, Sandra, and pretty much everyone else was similarly shocked.

    What was wrong with Sylvan?!

    How could he request for his wife to be **ed by Kiba!?

    Was he out of his minds!?

    Sure, Kiba was the right person to request for such a thing... as **ing wives was natural to him as breathing was to living beings.

    But still!

    Sylvan shouldn't show his cuckold fascination at the party! He was ruining his reputation!

    "Or maybe it was his fantasy to see his wife screwed in front of others!" A singer wondered.

    She had heard people from higher society have strange fetishes, and today, she felt she would witness one!

    As everyone entered a state of shock, Kiba put the glass on the table and placed a hand below his chin to contemplate.

    After thinking for a few moments, he replied, "I'm sorry, Mr. Sylvan, but I would politely decline your request."


    Everyone gasped.

    Kiba was refusing?!

    Had something happened to our hearing!?

    If not, how could this be?!

    How can Kiba decline a free pussy!?

    That was impossible!

    A few in the party had former spouses/girlfriends **ed by Kiba so they refused to believe this. Daniel was still married to his wife, but even he agreed with others.

    The Kiba they knew wouldn't let go of any opportunity to ** a pretty woman, especially a hot wife!

    And Courtney was more than pretty and hot!

    That was why she was the wife of an influential government officer!

    "!" Courtney was stunned by Kiba's refusal.

    It should be her who should refuse! Not the other way!

    Yet he was refusing a chance to sleep with her!


    Was something wrong with her!?

    She had stories about him so she knew he didn't care about status. In fact, he loved to screw the wives of powerful corporate chiefs and officers!

    So just why?! Did he not found her attractive enough!?

    Sylvan was also astonished.

    When he received the message, he was sure Kiba would readily agree. After all, it was obvious that Kiba was the part of blackmail circle!

    But now seeing him refuse, Sylvan wondered if Kiba was innocent!

    Regardless, Kiba had to ** his wife otherwise he would be ruined! Being cuckold was still better than what the video could do to him!

    Sylvan opened his mouth to request again, but before he could, Kiba rose to his feet. Ignoring Sylvan, he walked to the table where Sandra sat with her step sons-in-law and step daughters-in-law.

    "I didn't get a chance to fully console you after Lager left us," [1]Kiba said as he arrived behind Sandra. "I apologize for that."


    The four sons of Lager gritted their teeth.

    Console and you?!


    It was because of you that our father died! If you hadn't screwed his trophy wife, he wouldn't have got a heart attack!

    They didn't dare voice out their thoughts though.

    "I missed you!" Sandra said as she rose and leaned into Kiba.

    "I know!"

    Kiba pressed her body against his, kissing her firmly on the lips. She eagerly responded to the kiss, her lips melting into his.

    Everyone at the party was dumbstruck.

    The young widow of Lager Kestone was making out with Kiba, that too so openly?!

    And didn't Kiba just refuse Sylvan's wife?! So why was he making out with a widow?!

    Kiba took her lower lip between his lips, sucking it, finding her taste that of strawberries.

    Soft and sweet just like caramel, with a hint of spices.

    Sandra slid a hand down, reaching his pants. She felt his raging hard-on, and as she rubbed it through the fabric, she felt it pulsate, grow.

    The day he saved her, she had sworn her pussy was only for him, and him alone. Now that they started making out, she knew he would soon fill her needy pussy.

    It was months since she had him and just the thought made her dripping wet.

    Kiba grabbed her by the arms and spun her around, planting his lips on her neck. Sandra exclaimed as his hands then moved to her breasts, squeezing them.

    The sons of Lager were dumbstruck, too shocked to even react. The same was for their wives.

    Kiba glanced at their wives and said, "I'm leaving the city permanently, and before I leave, shouldn't we remove all the misunderstandings between you ladies?"

    Everyone in the hall was astonished by the first half of his sentence!

    The men were pleasantly surprised, glad that the infamous rake was leaving! Most wives and girlfriends, on the other hand, were disappointed.

    "!" Daniel noticed his wife's face sinking.

    "What's wrong?" Daniel asked, startled.

    Surely she wouldn't be missing him, right!?

    "Ah! N-nothing!" Sarah answered hastily.

    She didn't want her husband to worry about her fidelity... even though she had given Kiba her anal cherry after she reconciled with her husband!

    Meanwhile, the four husbands were terrified by Kiba's question to their wives.

    Remove misunderstanding?!

    Surely he couldn't mean...

    Even as they wondered, a teasing smile appeared on Sandra's face.

    She eyed her step daughters-in-law and said, "Kiba is right! For the well-being of our family, we ladies need to unite so that no one can take advantage of our family!"

    While saying so she pulled her eldest step daughter-in-law, Katy. She had seen Katy **ed by Kiba so there was zero resistance.

    "I agree!" Katy replied with a smile.

    She pulled Sandra's blouse down, helping Kiba in squeezing those lovely, wonderful breasts. She then locked her lips with Sandra while rubbing Kiba's pants.

    Katy's husband was crestfallen by the development.

    He had seen stepfamily members practicing various methods to become close... but nothing like this! This wasn't the type of unity he wanted between his wife and his step-mother! At least, not with Kiba as the sign of unity!

    His brothers smirked, but before they could engage in schadenfreude, their wives joined Kiba.

    "What the hell?!"

    Their faces turned unsightly. They knew their wives might be potential gold-diggers, but they didn't expect them to do this!

    One wife planted her lips on Kiba for an intimate kiss while the other two dropped to their knees, opening his pants!

    "Brother, don't!" The youngest brother charged at his wife but his other brothers stopped him.

    "This is the only way!" The second brother added, his voice filled with sadness. "Besides, it isn't like we could stop them!"

    "!!" The youngest brother's face fell.

    He could only bitterly stare as his stunning wife put her mouth on Kiba's underwear, kissing it, breathing the intoxicating, manly scent.


    Throughout the hall, the women took long breaths as they sighted the outline of the bulge in the underwear. It was enormous and thick...

    [1] Chapter 501. Kiba wasn't fully able to console Sandra and her step daughters-in-law as Hope was about to be born.
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