564 Prelude to Orgy II/II

    From behind, Kiba jiggled Sandra's firm breasts as Katy sealed her lips with Sandra.

    At the same time, Beth and Isla, the step daughters-in-law of Sandra, pulled Kiba's pants down. Another step daughter-in-law, Anika, lifted her head, and kissed Kiba. Her lips tasted of mint and as their tongues sought each other, the women in the hall exclaimed.

    The bulge in the underwear had grew as his tongue wrapped with Anika's!

    Its dimensions were impressive just from the outline alone, and the women wondered, how it would look in the flesh.

    Beth slowly kissed the bulge, tracing the entire outline of the shaft. She felt the intoxicating, powerful manly scent, something that made her pussy lips involuntarily tremble.

    Isla kissed from the other side. Just like Beth, she eagerly waited to taste what her young stepmother-in-law had!

    After a few minutes of teasing, she tucked his underwear down, freeing his manhood. Her mouth watered as she got the close-view of the hard, swollen cock.

    It was very thick and long!

    Its sight alone made her squirm from giddy anticipation of what it would feel like inside. A part of her felt it would break her little pussy, but the other part wanted it to rip her, stretch her as no one could.

    A few tables away, Courtney was dumbstruck by the sight of the awe-inspiring cock. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen or heard of, and she wondered how a woman could even take that monster!

    Even at this distance, she could feel its pulsating heat. It was enough to make her weak in the knees.

    At the end of the hall, Sarah gripped the hem of her cocktail dress. Seeing Kiba's manhood again made her remember how it penetrated her tight ass, and this caused spasms to ripple throughout her body.

    The males, on the other hand, cowered.

    They felt ashamed of their inferior manhoods as they saw five women serving one man!

    That too so openly in the middle of the party!

    Ordinary men would feel nervous in the presence of even a small group of strangers, making it impossible for them to even get an erection! But not Kiba! His long cock stood straight, not at all affected by the stares!

    What's more, as two women started kissing his cock, his hands continue to fondle Sandra's breasts while making out with both Katy and Anamika. His kisses would move from one woman to another, tasting their lips, exploring their sweet mouths!

    "No wonder my wife cheated!" A long-divorced corporate chief exclaimed. "How are we supposed to compete with a monster like him?!"


    Sylvan was dumbstruck.

    How can Kiba have the guts to start a mini-orgy in the middle of the party?!

    As he tried to process the new development, his phone vibrated, notifying him of a new message. It made his heart constrict and by the time he read the message, his face twisted with rage.

    The message stated that if in the next few minutes his wife wasn't in the arms of Kiba, the video would be made viral!


    Kiba had already refused his request!

    So what he supposed to do?! Force Kiba to ** his wife!?

    "I need to calm down!"

    Sylvan suppressed his emotions and turned towards his wife. He didn't have the guts to explain to his wife to explain about the blackmail as it concerned his worst nightmare.

    Something that would ruin her image of him far worse than his request!

    Forcing a smile, he took his wife's hand and said, "Please Courtney... if you love me, please do it! Please! I never asked you anything before!"


    Courtney was once again shocked.

    Till now, she never even made out in the open, much less had sex. Now she was begged to do the most brazen act.

    Just from when he had this fantasy of getting cucked?!

    And how could she not know about it until now?!

    "No wonder they say the wife is the last to know about the thoughts of the husband!"

    Courtney wanted to refuse, but she then noticed the desperation in her husband's eyes. It made her terrified.

    It was almost like he would get a heart attack if she didn't fulfill his fantasy!

    "If I don't, he might do something! I can't let that happen!"

    She had felt humiliated when Kiba refused her. But now there was no choice.

    So she joined her husband and stepped towards Kiba.

    In the meantime, Beth swirled her tongue around the mushroom head of his cock before taking it between her glossy lips, slowly sucking on it.

    Her lips moved back and forth on the head, emanating the enticing sucking sound.

    Isla stroked the base of the cock to help her sister-in-law while pressing her tongue against the underside.

    Her wet, nimble tongue felt pleasant against his warm, hard flesh, and this pleasant feeling only grew stronger with Beth's sucking.

    "You two are good!" Kiba praised as he squeezed the stiff nipples of Sandra and moved to kiss Katy.

    It was then that Sylvan arrived with his wife.

    "Kiba! Please, ** my wife!" Sylvan almost begged. His guts twisted from humiliation and anger, but he forced himself to request again.


    Kiba broke the kiss and let out a soft sigh. With a look of resignation, he turned towards the couple and said, "Since you are requesting, again and again, it would be evil to refuse again. Fine, I will ** your wife."


    Everyone in the hall was stunned.

    Not because he accepted the request, but the way he did. It was almost like he was forcing himself to ** a hot wife!

    Bloody hell!

    He's getting a golden chance to explore a pretty woman and he is feeling forced!

    If this is forced, please force us as well to ** another man's woman!

    Despite their thoughts, none dared say it aloud. Nor anyone had guts to stop the hot development.

    "!" Courtney felt insulted.

    Did he not found her attractive at all for him to speak like this?!

    She eyed Isla who slithered her tongue on the cock, licking it like it was ice cream. She then glanced at Beth who sucked the start of the cock, showing her blowjob skills.

    Surely, she was as beautiful as Isla and Beth, if not more!

    Even as she thought, Kiba issued a command, "Mr. Sylvan, as you can see I'm rather occupied, so why don't you undress your wife and send her to me."

    "!!!" Sylvan almost coughed up blood.

    For a husband to undress his wife and send her to another man was far more degrading than begging her to be **ed! It was the ultimate act of a cuckold!

    His mouth opened to roar in fury, but before the roar could leave his throat, his cellphone vibrated. The roar died and his mouth shut.

    He controlled himself and moved behind his wife to halterneck dress. He didn't need to check the message to know what it would say...

    Courtney felt strange. She was humiliated, yet somewhat excited.

    This baffled her.

    How could the act of undressing in open excite her? Surely she wasn't an exhibitionist!


    As her dress dropped to the floor, she was in nothing but a matching pair of black bra and panties. To her surprise, the very next moment, she felt a gust of wind as Kiba took her in his arms and pinned her against the wall, leaving behind her shocked husband.

    Kiba locked his lips with hers, kissing her, savoring her lips.

    The kiss surpassed any kiss she ever had, even the most romantic and intimate ones!

    It was filled with lust and passion, sending pleasure down her body.

    A current passed through her spine as his tongue separated her lips and dived in, exploring her little mouth.

    The act was not only pleasant but also arousing. It made her forget the strangeness of the situation.

    Slowly, she responded.

    Her tongue swirled around his, clashing in a battle of lust. His hands wandered on her slim body, enjoying the feel of her pliant skin.

    Soft moans escaped her throat but settled in her mouth as her lips were sealed with his.

    Sandra arrived behind Kiba with her step daughters-in-law. She pushed Anika on her knees and made her get underneath Kiba, commanding her to lick Kiba's balls.

    She then signaled Katy and Isla to be on standby.

    Meanwhile, Beth tucked down Courtney's panties, much to the shock of the latter. She couldn't say anything though as Kiba's kiss turned more aggressive, making her melt in ecstasy.

    "Let's give everyone the show of a lifetime!" Sandra whispered in his ear.

    Kiba broke the kiss and smirked.


    Courtney gasped as at the same time he lifted her above his head. With his hands holding her ass, her legs dropped over his shoulders, falling behind his back.

    It was the first time she found herself in this position.

    She hastily wrapped her hands around his head just as he planted his face between her pussy.

    "Oh, my god!" Courtney exclaimed.

    In front of so many people, especially her husband, her pussy was about to be eaten! Just the thought made her adrenalin surge!

    She was never so turned on in her life!

    Kiba placed his mouth over her sweet entrance, feeling the delicious warmth from her pink flesh. Her scent was appetizing especially with the glistening juices leaking out of her lips.

    Without wasting any time, he dived into her, tasting the amazing pussy.

    Courtney felt firecrackers ready to explode before her eyes. A mind-blowing orgasm was waiting to erupt!

    Underneath Kiba, Anika swirled her tongue around his balls before taking one of them in her mouth. Katy and Isla slid their lips on the shaft from either side, giving his cock the most wonderful open kisses.

    Sandra traced his masculine back, feeling his well-sculpted muscles.

    "Make him ready!" Sandra ordered Beth.


    Beth readily dropped to her knees and opened her mouth. Katy and Isla leaned back, shoving the cock in her mouth. Beth then sealed her lips around the cock and started bobbing up and down, blowing him.

    It was heaven for Kiba.

    He was eating pussy while multiple women worshipped his cock and balls.

    In no time, Courtney orgasmed. She held Kiba tightly and erupted her juices into his mouth.

    "I never felt this amazing before!"

    Courtney thought as she caught her breath. She felt liberated and calm, something that was difficult to believe with how she acted like a slut in front of so many!

    Kiba lowered her body as she enjoyed the euphoric sensation.

    Her eyes turned wide as she felt something hard pressing against her cunt. She quickly looked down just in time to see Beth guiding the well-lubricated cock between her pussy lips.

    "No! It won't fit!" Courtney shouted. "You would tear me apart!"

    "Don't underestimate your potential!" Kiba assured her.

    Courtney couldn't respond as the head of his cock slipped into her.

    "Oh, godddddd!"

    She dropped her head back and moaned. He was penetrating inch by inch, stretching her pussy muscles, making her erupt with more juices to lubricate her tight tunnel.


    Courtney wrapped her legs around him tightly.

    Sylvan was terrified by his wife's screams. He thought of acting but then he noticed most of Kiba's cock disappearing into his wife's cunt! It was like her cunt was a magician's hat!

    "See? I told you, don't underestimate yourself!" Kiba said as he slowly started **ing her. "I have more confidence in you than your husband!"

    Courtney couldn't say anything. He had reach depths she never knew even existed!

    It made her eyes glaze from ecstasy, and slowly, she started grinding her hips.

    Underneath them, Anika licked Kiba's balls before moving up, swirling her tongue between his stroking cock and Courtney's cunt. This increased the ecstatic pleasure of both, and Courtney screamed like there was no tomorrow...

    Some distance away, as Sylvan noticed his wife's actions, he realized he had made the worst decision of his life.

    In the corner of the hall, Sarah began rubbing herself all over. Her chest rose and her breathing turned heavy.

    "Sarah!" Daniel shouted.

    "Ahh!" Sarah broke out of the trance-like state. She pulled her hand that had slipped between her thighs.

    "I'm sorry!"
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