565 Orgy I/II


    With a wave of Kiba's hand, a king-size bed materialized in the air and dropped on the floor, shocking everyone at the party.

    Kiba continued to slam his cock into Courtney while moving towards the bed. She now eagerly responded to his strokes by bouncing up and down, no longer caring about countless voyeurs in the hall.

    Her husband had begged her to be **ed by Kiba... so she would fulfill his fantasy by enjoying this moment!

    Kiba dropped her on the bed so that her ass was on the edge. Standing before the bed, he grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs, positioning himself against her cunt.

    "Ohhh yesss!"

    Courtney let out an enticing moan as he slammed into her. He was now **ing her in earnest and she felt herself approaching another orgasm.

    As this happened, her vision was shrouded by white ass cheeks. Sandra had lowered herself on Courtney's face, straddling it!

    "Lick me, bitch!" Sandra commanded.

    Courtney never had made out with another woman, much less lick a pussy. She wanted to refuse as the delicious pussy lips approached her mouth, and just then, Kiba spoke.

    "Eat her nice, otherwise we stop now!" Kiba threatened while hammering into her. "I have no time for a selfish woman!"


    The threat made her pussy constrict around his cock. She didn't want the most sexually satisfying moment of her life to end so soon!

    So she stretched her tongue out to lick the first pussy of her life. Brushing her tongue against the glistening, soft flesh, she tasted a sweet yet bitter taste. It was twistingly delicious, and she eagerly started tasting it.

    "She has potential!" Sandra remarked while leaning her face closer to Kiba.

    They kissed, swirled their tongues while enjoying the tongue and pussy of their common woman.

    At the same time, Beth sat on the bed, next to the **ing threesome. Extending a thumb, she brought it on Courtney's clit, rubbing it.


    Courtney felt a jolt into her pussy. It made her pussy muscles spams with ripples of pleasure, and Kiba felt her tightening around him, jamming his cock.


    She gasped with her mouth locked to another woman's cunt as she climaxed. Her toes curled and the fine hair on her neck stood up.

    It was the most intense orgasm of her life!

    Kiba didn't stop though. He continued to hammer her sensitive pussy, enjoying the feel of her shuddering soft flesh against him.

    She approached another climax and this time her vision darkened as pleasure erupted into her very being.

    "Oh yessss!"

    She shuddered with pure ecstasy...

    Kiba pulled out and Sandra jumped up.

    "We have no time to waste!" Sandra grabbed Courtney by the back of her head and pushed her face towards Kiba's glistening cock!

    Courtney was startled. She was a high-class lady, never having engaged in acts like blow job, even with her husband.

    Yet she couldn't bring herself to say no. The cock in front of her made her lips open on her own and take it in her mouth.

    She sucked the precum mixed with her juices, and as she started the first blowjob of her life, her fevered cunt turned hot.

    Subconsciously, she extended a hand down her cunt, rubbing it.

    Her skills were nonexistent as she sucked him, but just her actions alone would have not only aroused any man, but also made him incomparably happy.

    Not Kiba though. He was disappointed!

    "Wives in Delta City always suck in blowjobs!"

    Kiba remarked as he grabbed the side of her face and slammed into her mouth. He then turned towards her dumbstruck husband and said, "This was why I refused! It takes so much effort to make them good **!"

    Courtney was stunned.

    But she couldn't speak as her mouth was stuffed with his cock.

    He started treating her mouth like it was her cunt, hammering his cock back and forth, enjoying the slippery sensation.

    With every stroke into her mouth, his balls slapped against her chin.

    Meanwhile, Isla, Katy, and Anika arrived on the bed, sitting next to Courtney. They started making out with each other; kissing lips, cupping breasts, and rubbing pussies.

    Their husbands were beyond shocked as the wives gave a hot show to please Kiba.

    "You are the best!" Kiba nodded appreciatively at the hot lesbian action. He continued to ** Courntye's mouth while extending a hand to grab Isla's tits. They were small, but a handful, and he squeezed one of them, enjoying the soft, delicate flesh.

    "Come here!"

    Kiba ordered.

    Isla crawled to him and brushed her tits on his face. He opened his lips and took her left nipple into his mouth, making it stiff from arousal.


    Courtney gagged as he planted his cock on the back of her throat as he started enjoying Isla's tits. She wanted to pull her head back to slip him out but Sandra stopped her. She pushed her face further on his crotch, making his cock jammed into her throat!

    "Deep throat him, bitch!" Sandra commanded. "Make him cum!"

    Courtney followed her instructions. She closed her lips tight and deep throated him, providing him intense pleasure.

    His balls tightened and he shot out thick ropes of cum.

    "!" Courtney was amazed by the amount of cum he shot, it filled her mouth. Some of it she swallowed unconsciously as he shot straight into her throat.

    As he finally let go of her, threads of cum dripped out of her mouth.

    "Don't waste it!" Sandra extended her tongue and licked the cum. She then wiped the cum off Courtney's lips by kissing her, before spitting into her mouth, making her swallow every droplet.

    Kiba stretched his hands and lied down on the bed. He was still stiff hard and allowed the other wives to nurse his cock.

    Isla, Beth, Katy, and Anika jumped into action. One of them licked his balls, showering it with her saliva, while two kissed the shaft from the sides while the last one pressed her tongue into the head of his cock.

    There was not enough space, but the four acted well, pleasuring him. In less than a minute, he turned rock-hard, returning back to his former size.

    The orgy started...
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